OAKLAND, CA (May 25, 2022): The Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding diversity in the news media and dismantling structural racism in newsrooms, announced today the recipients of its 2022 Maynard 200 Fellowship. The fellowship is on track to meet its 2023 goal of cultivating 200 media leaders dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in journalism. The program is supported by the Google News Initiative, the Craig Newmark Philanthropies, The Hearthland Foundation, and The McClatchy Foundation. The Fox Corporation is a sponsor for the 2022 program.

“We look forward to welcoming the Maynard 200 class of 2022, especially as we return to in-person training at our university host site– the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism,” said Odette Alcazaren-Keeley, Maynard 200 director. “Our customized curriculum across four tracks, propels the professional acumen of storytellers, frontline editors and managers, newsroom leaders and entrepreneurs, amplifies their diverse voices, and builds allyship grounded in equity and belonging. This is pivotal especially now, in chronicling the crises of our time.”

The expanded 2022 cohort will bring together 57 journalists for two weeks of in-person training, plus additional virtual webinars throughout the summer. In the fall, fellows will be paired with industry experts in relevant disciplines in their area of interest, to receive one year of one-to-one mentorship through October 2023.

“Earlier generations of Maynard Institute program alumni have ascended to the highest levels of American journalism. We have great hopes that graduates of Maynard 200 will have similar accomplishments,” said Evelyn Hsu, co-executive director of the institute.

Fellows are affiliated with a mix of mainstream, ethnic, local community and niche media, as well as entrepreneurial ventures. The 2022 Maynard 200 cohort includes:

Investigative Storytelling Fellows pictured (clockwise from top left) include Lenn Almadin-Thornhill, P. Kenneth Burns, Iridian Casarez, Stefanos Chen, Jessica Chou, Paresh Dave, Emily Elena Dugdale, Amber Ferguson, William J. Ford, Tekendra Parmar, Alison Saldanha, Romita Saluja, TaMaryn Waters, Aallyah Wright.

Investigative Storytelling

  • Lenn Almadin-Thornhill - Assignment Editor, CourtTV / Correspondent, The Filipino Channel TV-ABS-CBN News
  • P. Kenneth Burns - South Jersey Reporter, WHYY-FM
  • Iridian Casarez - Staff Writer, North Coast Journal
  • Stefanos Chen - Reporter, The New York Times
  • Jessica Chou - Supervising Producer, Insider
  • Anthony Daquipa - Writer, Oakland Voices
  • Paresh Dave - Technology Correspondent, Reuters
  • Emily Elena Dugdale - Criminal Justice Reporter, KPCC/LAist, Southern California Public Radio
  • Amber Ferguson - Senior Video Editor, The Washington Post
  • William J. Ford - Staff Writer, The Washington Informer
  • Tekendra Parmar - Tech Editor, Business Insider
  • Alison Saldanha - Graphics Reporter, The Seattle Times
  • Romita Saluja - Independent Journalist and Writer, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Ms Magazine, BBC
  • TaMaryn Waters - Economic Development Reporter, Tallahassee Democrat/USA TODAY Network
  • Aallyah Wright - National Rural Issues Reporter, Capital B News

Editors and Managers Fellows pictured (clockwise from top left) include Kristin Bender, Jasmine Brown, Corinne Chin, Michael Cruz, Brandon T. Harden, Alexandria Hasenstab, Bourree Lam, Yuri Nagano, Ngoc Nguyen, Patricia Peart, Beena Raghavendran, Joe Ruiz, Brianna Tucker, Neeti Upadhye, Denise Watson, Christina Yao Lee.

Frontline Editors and Managers

  • Kristin Bender - News Writer, KTVU Fox 2
  • Jasmine Brown - Senior Producer, Race & Culture, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir
  • Corinne Chin - Director of News Talent for Recruitment, The Associated Press
  • Michael Cruz - Arizona Editor. The Arizona Republic / Gannett
  • Brandon T. Harden - Senior Editor, Insider, Inc.
  • Alexandria Hasenstab - Breaking News Editor, Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • Bourree Lam - Deputy Coverage Chief, Life & Work, The Wall Street Journal
  • Yuri Nagano - West Coast Editor, Bloomberg Industry Group
  • Ngoc Nguyen - CA Partnerships and Ethnic Media Editor, Kaiser Health News
  • Patricia Peart - Vice President, Weekend Booking, Fox News Media
  • Beena Raghavendran - Editor, Digital Storytelling & Training, The New York Times
  • Joe Ruiz - Senior Editor, CNN Politics
  • Brianna Tucker - Deputy Editor, 202 Newsletters, The Washington Post
  • Neeti Upadhye - Supervising Producer, The Washington Post
  • Denise Watson - Features Editor, The Virginian-Pilot/Daily Press
  • Christina Yao Lee - Executive Producer of Enterprise Journalism, Houston Public Media

Executive Leadership Fellows pictured (clockwise from top left) include Christine Brouwer, Laura Janelle Downey, Larry Graham, Renée Mendoza Haran, Miranda Kennedy, Victor Lim, Marla Jones-Newman, Manuel McDonell Smith, Ben Trefny, Marcus Vanderberg, Jill Van Why, Stephanie Wu.

Executive Leadership

  • Christine Brouwer - Executive Broadcast Producer, Good Morning America/ABC News
  • Laura Janelle Downey - Executive Editor, WebMD Magazine and Senior Managing Editor, WebMD
  • Larry Graham - Founder/ED, The Diversity Pledge Institute
  • Renée Mendoza Haran - Leader, Digital Content Strategy, Global Demo Engineering, Cisco
  • Miranda Kennedy - Supervising Senior Editor, NPR’s Morning Edition
  • Victor Lim - Director of Growth Marketing, Chicago Public Media
  • Marla Jones-Newman - VP, People and Culture, Mother Jones
  • Manuel McDonnell Smith - Managing Editor, CBS News Philadelphia
  • Ben Trefny - Interim Executive Director, KALW Public Media
  • Marcus Vanderberg - Sr. NBA Editor, ESPN
  • Jill Van Why - Senior Vice President, Programming Operations, Fox News Media
  • Stephanie Wu - Editor-in-Chief, Eater/Vox Media

Media Entrepreneurship Fellows pictured (clockwise from top left) include Liz Alesse, Quinton R. Arthur, Angelica Cabral, Arcynta Childs, Priya David Clemens, Nancy Flores, Melba Newsome, Emilya “Eming” Piansay, Shaneen Quarles, Mariela Santos-Muñiz, Rasheed Shabazz, Corey Takahashi, Michael Tennant, Lisa D. Tinsley.

Media Entrepreneurship

  • Liz Alesse - Vice President, ABC Audio, ABC News
  • Quinton R. Arthur - President/CEO, QRamone Media
  • Angelica Cabral - Founder, What’s Next website and magazine / Reporter, East Bay Times
  • Arcynta Childs - Founder, Homegirl Media
  • Priya David Clemens - Host and Co-Producer, KQED Newsroom, KQED PBS TV
  • Nancy Flores - Editor and Publisher, Austin Vida
  • Melba Newsome - Creator/Founder, Coastal Plains Environmental Advocate/Independent Journalist
  • Emilya “Eming” Piansay - Co-Founder and Managing Editor, Kwest On Media
  • Shaneen Quarles - Media Personality and Entrepreneur, Shaneenspeaks: Divine Communications & Connections Inc.
  • Mariela Santos-Muñiz - Founder, BoriMás/MSM Media LLC, Freelance Journalist, Database Coordinator, Center for Cooperative Media
  • Rasheed Shabazz - Co-Director, Oakland Voices
  • Corey Takahashi - Professor, Journalist, Multimedia Producer, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University
  • Michael Tennant - CEO, Curiosity Lab / Actually Curious
  • Lisa D. Tinsley - Founder/Program Director, KISA Public Radio

Read the bios for the 2022 Maynard 200 Fellows.

The Maynard 200 program continues to strengthen the institute’s long-standing partnership with USC Annenberg, bound by a shared commitment to accelerate the career advancement of the next generation of media professionals.

About The Maynard Institute for Journalism Education

For more than 40 years, the Maynard Institute has fought to push back against the systemic lack of diversity in the news industry through training, collaborations and convenings. Founded by Robert C. Maynard, the Institute promotes diversity and antiracism in the news media through improved coverage, hiring and business practices. We are creating better representation in America’s newsrooms through our Maynard 200 fellowship program, which gives media professionals of color the tools to become skilled storytellers, empowered executives and inspired entrepreneurs. Visit Maynard Institute to learn more.


For more information about the Maynard 200 Fellowship, please reach out to: Maynard 200 Director, Odette Alcazaren-Keeley at okeeley@mije.org.