People of color will participate in every aspect of our society. If newspapers are going to remain relevant to the lives of our communities, we must become inclusive instead of exclusive. It's the way to attract the consumers of today. Also the readers of tomorrow, those we know we are now losing and those we have already lost. — Robert C. Maynard

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Fault Lines Newsroom Training

Fault Lines®: Sessions

Our patented Fault Lines program offers a series of virtual or in-person sessions for newsrooms of all sizes to analyze the question: How can you be a dismantler of systemic racism and othering in your organization?

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Other Training Programs

University Curriculum

The Maynard Institute used the Fault Lines framework in collaboration with the University of Arizona Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication to pilot a new training program, curriculum and multiplatform toolkit to improve cultural competency among journalism and mass communications students.

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Table Stakes

The Maynard Institute is a partner in Table Stakes, a local news leadership development program managed by the American Press Institute. The program assists news organizations in advancing innovations in local journalism through change-management training.

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