The Maynard Institute invites program alumni to join the Maynard 200 Challenge. All alumni who recruit an eligible candidate for the 2022 Maynard 200 fellowship program will receive a special thanks and invitation to the kick-off festivities and plenaries this summer. The Maynard Institute’s network of media professionals of color is unparalleled. There’s no better way to grow the Maynard Family than with alumni referrals.

About the Maynard Alumni Challenge

In the spirit of growing the Maynard Family tree, alumni are invited to recruit one eligible applicant for the 2022 Maynard 200 fellowship program. We challenge our program alumni to recruit media professionals interested in developing their careers in one of the four Maynard 200 curriculum tracks: investigative reporting, executive leadership, media entrepreneurship, and frontline editing and management.

The alumni who refer a Maynard 200 applicant selected for the fellowship program will receive special thanks and online access to the plenary sessions scheduled for the week of June 27 and October 24.

When submitting their online application, alumni recruits must select “Maynard Alumni” as their referral source. The deadline to apply for Maynard 200 was March 28, 2022. Applications are now closed.

After the candidate selection process closes in late April, alumni who referred successful applicants will be contacted by the Maynard Institute with special thanks and details on how to virtually join the Maynard 200 plenary sessions.

Share this link with your recruits:

Alumni with questions can contact Maynard 200 Program Director, Odette Alcazaren-Keeley at okeeley(at)

Building relationships you can depend on

We recently caught up with alumni Amanda Barrett to congratulate her on her promotion to Vice President and Head of News Audience at The Associated Press. Previously AP’s Deputy Managing Editor, Barrett first joined AP in New York in 2007 as a content coordinator and over the next decade she was promoted to critical news editor roles, directing AP’s award-winning coverage of Hurricane Sandy. By 2017, Barrett had a position in leadership.

Barrett first joined the Maynard Family in 2009 through the Media Academy Program.

“I learned so much about being a manager: how to have difficult conversations, how to solve complex business challenges. And I built friendships that I still depend on.” Amanda Barrett, Vice President and Head of News Audience, The Associated Press

“I first encountered the Maynard Institute when I attended the Media Academy in 2009. Little did I know the profound effect Dori, Evelyn, Martin, and the program would have on my life. I learned so much about being a manager: how to have difficult conversations, how to solve complex business challenges. And I built friendships that I still depend on,” Barrett said.

She also participated in the Maynard 200 Fellowship program in 2018.

“Over the years, the Maynard mentorship never ended. Eventually, Evelyn asked me if I would be interested in a program that would help propel my career to another level and that turned out to be the Maynard 200. Executive coaches Virgil Smith and Caroline Ceniza-Levine were phenomenal, in addition to my mentor Susan Leath. I am so blessed to be a part of the Maynard family,” she added.

Find out what’s new with Maynard 200

Interested in the Maynard 200 fellowship program but have questions? Watch Maynard 200 Program Director, Odette Alcazaren-Keeley and alumni guest speakers as they gave a special FAQs webinar (Passcode: 81%PueT1) to learn more about the fellowship program.

Maynard 200 is the cornerstone program advancing the Maynard Institute’s efforts to expand the diversity pipeline in news media and dismantle structural racism in its newsrooms. Since 2018, the Maynard Institute has trained over 90 media leaders, storytellers, and entrepreneurs through the fellowship program.

Watch the webinar to get key information about this year’s program and insights to make your application competitive. Hear directly from alumni about their fellowship experience, which they consider transformative in their media careers and entrepreneurial ventures.

This webinar was designed for investigative reporters, executive leaders, media entrepreneurs, and frontline editors and managers, who are interested in applying to the Maynard 200 Fellowship program.

The webinar covered:

  • Program eligibility requirements
  • Tips for a successful application
  • Curriculum and 1:1 mentorship benefits
  • Networking opportunities and more!