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Monday, June 15, 2015

Media can affect a community's confidence in itself; Kierna Mayo, Kyra Kyles named to top Ebony jobs; Rachel Dolezal says she's identified as black since 5 (6/15/15)


How a "Black" White Woman Became a Story

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pacific Northwest outlets made public record requests; Whitlock ousted as editor before his site debuts; at issue: News diversity issues in age of Obama; 61% of mixed-race people don't say "multiracial"; Mirror Awards reflect an industry out of step on diversity; Boodhoo out as Chicago Public Media cancels show; Lyons laid Off from SunSentinel editorial page; APME awards emphasize community engagement; in death, Tamir Rice could be Man of the Year (6/12/15)


Barkley to Give $1 Million to Morehouse

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NBA Hall of Famer aids Journalism and Sports Program; . . . sports journalists get a "D" on diversity hiring; judge upholds firing of cop in infamous photo; student video gives voice to outrage over McKinney; 5 reasons women are underrepresented in media ; writers fault authorities for "cruelty" that led to suicide; project links female Latin American journalists, tech; columnist sees "plain ignorance" about Latino politicians; African journalists welcome whistleblowing platform (6/10/15)


Warning on McKinney: "This Time We Got Lucky"

Monday, June 8, 2015

Dallas paper thankful pool incident didn't end tragically; videotaped ex-cop indicted in N. Charleston shooting; Baltimore Sun uses "riot" — only for April 27 events; use of "illegal immigrants" said to be rising again; in survey, 51 percent of blacks oppose same-sex marriage; Bhatia to direct Reynolds Center for Business Journalism; innovative local journalist rewrites the story of her city; S. Dakota Newspaper Association challenged on race; drones offer Africans new perspectives on old problems (6/8/15)


Media "Negative" on Black, Arab, Latino Boys

Friday, June 5, 2015

ASNE offers "community-based engagement" as remedy; journalists meet to discuss lack of access to Clinton; Baltimore's Mosby wants autopsy report kept under wraps; grand juror in Ferguson case presses court on going public; mourners honor slain reporter as killer remains at large; study: women generate 37.3% of news to men's 62.1%; Al Jazeera spotlights unsafe water in Black Belt; Maynard helps train storytellers on community, politics; a dissent on Univision acquisition of The Root; Boston Herald hires Zuri Berry as deputy M.E. (6/5/15)


Half Billion Raised for Haiti; 6 Homes Result

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Red Cross slammed in NPR-ProPublica investigation; inmate to be freed after stories on "dirty cop"; journalists have proved fickle in reporting on Obama; Huffington Post future uncertain after AOL sale to Verizon; story of mystery photo was hiding in plain sight; app would reveal how many women lead product's parent; Cubans learn U.S.-style journalism, risk wrath; Vernon Jordan urges black journalists to "stay on the case"; Stephanie Rochon, Va. breast cancer advocate, dies at 50 (6/3/15)


Journalists Bear Down on Killings by Police

Monday, June 1, 2015

Washington Post counts 385 fatally shot this year; new photo contradicts Fla. police account of shooting; "Wear Orange" honors teen who wanted to be a journalist; new Williams role could mean Holt gets "Nightly News"; Raleigh editor hits xenophobia, hysteria on immigration; local stations called key to public radio diversity; "cultural fit" used to justify hiring the same old, same old; "fall guy" in U.K. scandal gets suspended sentence; vigil planned to honor slain D.C. community reporter (6/1/15)


Reporter Killed in Community She Loved

Friday, May 29, 2015

Charnice Milton slain in D.C. while used as human shield; Bettinger to step down as director of Knight fellowships; N.C., Texas schools confront Confederate iconography; . . . Monuments "inseparable from Jim Crow, white supremacy"; he might have been first Chinese American journalist; 19 news organizations challenge gag order in Baltimore; Clinton's pick for Latino outreach leaves some unimpressed; Dallas anchor gets a doctorate at 61, just because; columnist Bob Ray Sanders retires in Fort Worth; Don Haney dies at 80, helped break Detroit color barrier (5/29/15)


NAHJ Parts With Executive Director, Board Member

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

President taking leave of absence to fill staffing void; on L.A. TV news, not enough Latino victims, officers; N.Y. Times stakeout pays off in arrests of soccer officials; Sun-Times runs a photo that police didn't want seen; Waco columnist calls shootout a "brawl" lacking "legs"; Charleston paper finds faulty oversight of police shootings; why sale of The Root to Univision matters to advertisers; Eric Newton to become innovation chief at Cronkite school; radio journalist Sunni Khalid acquitted, a nightmare ends (5/27/15)


Forgot Press Pass at Protest, Editor Arrested

Sunday, May 24, 2015

71 held in demonstrations after Cleveland cop's acquittal (5/24/15); news outlets want Eric Garner documents; reader comments demonize black bikers, praise whites; Claudia Puig, USA Today film critic, takes buyout; photographer's passion makes every day Memorial Day; website picks its "50 sexiest in national TV news"; editorial page editor: If this is liberal agenda, so be it; Asian Americans urged to reject "Model Minority" hype; Angola drops defamation charges against muckraker (5/22/15)

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