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Blacks Weren't Writing the B.B. King Story

Friday, May 15, 2015

Cultural, generational reasons offered as theories; Obama, Coates defend stances on scolding black men; . . . Obama says poverty is down 40% since 1967; 4 U.S. journalists of color chosen as Nieman fellows; Blackistone joining Washington Post as sports columnist; Michael McCarter named interim editor in Cincinnati; 2 cops in fatal Tamir Rice shooting still not interviewed; Geraldo says ABC fired him but not Stephanopoulos; why so few are covering the war in Yemen (5/15/15)


Journalists Shaken but Safe After Derailment

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cheung of AAJA, NBC producer Janelle Richards aboard train; Baltimore Sun says mayor hasn't been uip to the job; Native Americans have a stake in "Black Lives Matter"; some in media missed point of Michelle Obama speech; ASNE to meet public in Newark to discuss urban coverage; low-income news consumers need reporting on "systems"; nominate a J-educator who has helped diversity (5/13/15)


"Price of Nice Nails" Is Abuse, Wage Theft

Monday, May 11, 2015

Governor acts after N.Y. Times series on abused immigrants; first lady had to tune out negative "noise" about her; Latinos blast Bloomberg's Halperin over questions to Cruz; N.Y. Times cites century-long assault on Baltimore's blacks; Latinos with disabilities treated more harshly, paper finds; film celebrating Caribbean WWII heroes seeks U.S. outlet; Muslims say their condemnations often go unreported; haunted by plight of boys trapped in smuggling scheme (5/11/15)


Race a Factor in Chicago DUI Checkpoints

Friday, May 8, 2015

Post-Trayvon, media outlets look harder at police; Americans have own visual taboos, cartoonist says; U.S. labeled reporter a suspected terrorist; Google says it's spending $150 million on diversity this year; Darrin Bell wins RFK award for cartoons on police; Mark S. Luckie leaves Twitter, NABJ candidacy; "Fresh Off the Boat" renewed for second season; Chicago radio veteran Ty Wansley dies at 63 (5/8/15)


To Show Muhammad Cartoons or Not?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dallas readers had to opt in to see provocative images; Mei-Mei Chan, Rodney Brooks taking Gannett retirements; suddenly, photographer is "the next Gordon Parks"; Ric Harris named general manager of NBC stations in Philly; NABJ contest underway; Drew Berry drops out; "Warmth of Other Suns" to be adapted as limited series; Al Jazeera America CEO dismissed amid turmoil; Dianne White Clatto dies at 77, first black weathercaster (5/5/15)


Dori Maynard Kept the Faith

Monday, May 4, 2015

Knight Foundation funds award honoring diversity leader; AP reporter interviews freed Boko Haram prisoners; in killings by cops, consider whiteness of legal profession; Glover, Lowe certified to run for NABJ president; Unity goes to Pine Ridge Reservation; Mark Hinojosa laid off at Detroit News (5/4/15)


That *@#$ Media! Oh, Wait . . .

Friday, May 1, 2015

Baltimore shows need for care in discussing "the media"; blacks are quarter of the poor but half of poverty images; historians group opposes "Redskins" and gives 10 reasons; Bryan Monroe named to Temple U. communications faculty; D.C. service Monday for Dori Maynard to be livestreamed; Unity visits Pine Ridge reservation on Saturday; D.C.'s NBC station breaks mold, plans two white anchors; HBO film tracks slayings of more than 100 black women; Bossip launches podcast, breaking news unit; Overseas Press Club honors coverage of foreign tragedies (5/1/15)


All Eyes on Baltimore

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Some outlets strive to counterbalance sensationalism; . . . Sun editorials assail use of "thug," lack of leadership; . . mom who struck her son, 16, becomes day's hero; good news for mobile, podcasts in latest industry survey; after quake, Nepalese newsroom moves to editor's lawn; Navarrette dropped by CNN, signs with Fox; judge rules law aimed at Abu-Jamal violates free speech; series on New York Police Dept. among SPJ winners; African migrant deaths rarely front page on continent (4/29/15)


"Ghettoization" of Latin American News?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Also undercovered, diplomat says: Afro-Latinos, Indians; riots, looting follow efforts to show a peaceful face; 8 blacks, Latinas named Stanford, Michigan fellows; N.Y. Times declares 1.5 million black men "missing"; Abu-Jamal worsening, visitors barred from prison; Dyson's attack ran "because I work here" now; 6 writers won't honor Charlie Hebdo; Obama really meant it with "rhymes with bucket"; consolidation to continue, despite failure of cable merger (4/27/15)


Gates, Affleck Issue Regrets in Slaveowner Flap

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Station: Gates' cut "unacceptable" if based on actor's urging (4/22/15); Post-Dispatch wins Pulitzer for Ferguson photos; Tampa Bay Times finds "bicycling while black" targeting; can Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger proposal be saved?; Iran charges Washington Post journalist with espionage; in Iraq, Islamic State exacts heavy toll on journalists; Michael Eric Dyson takedown of Cornel West is personal; half of whites see no racial disparity in death penalty; NPR Ebola stories, "Latino USA," Afropop win Peabodys; nominate a J-educator who has helped diversity (4/20/15)


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