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OV correspondents win SPJ community journalism award

Four Oakland Voices correspondents were awarded the prestigious Society of Professional Journalists’ community journalism award for radio/audio for a series of articles about East Oakland artists. The program, called The Sights and Sounds of East Oakland, was produced in collaboration with KALW public radio station.

Angela Scott won for a piece about Eastside Arts Alliance’s program to train young graffiti artists; Sabah Williams won for a story about Yaelisa, a Flamenco dancer, and her East Oakland studio; Aqueila Lewis won for a piece that used her talent as a performance artist to tell the story of her grandmother’s displacement from East Oakland and Bill Joyce won for his story about  Laila Espinoza and her project to create art outdoors — a mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe depicted as a mermaid at a tennis court.

The correspondents worked with KALW journalists and editors to create their radio stories, including Hannah Kingsley-Ma, Liza Veale, Jeremy Dalmas and Holly McDede.

The stories  can be heard here: http://kalw.org/term/sights-sounds-east-oakland#stream/0. The stories also ran in print versions published on the Oakland Voices website oaklandvoices.us.

Oakland Voices is a community journalism program that trains community residents to find and tell the stories of their neighborhoods, which are posted on the Oakland Voices website oaklandvoices.us. The program is largely funded by The California Endowment and is affiliated with the Maynard Institute of Journalism Education and the East Bay Times.


Meet Our New Voices Correspondents

Oakland Voices is a community journalism program that gives East Oakland residents basic journalism skills and training to tell the stories of their communities from their perspectives. The stories are posted on the Oakland Voices website oaklandvoices.us and sometimes run in the East Bay Times. This is the fifth year of the program and we’ve just chosen our next group of community correspondents. In addition to the training, they will hear veteran journalists talk about their careers, they will cover a range of stories about the organizations and individuals that make up their communities - from small businesses to non-profit community organizations to local heroes. This group has the opportunity to cover local candidates and issues in the November election. In addition, they will organize two forums on issues of interest to their community. But most of all they will uncover stories that are generally ignored or unseen. - Brenda Payton, Oakland Voices Coordinator

Voices is supported by a grant from The California Endowment.

Marabet  Morales, 21, student, administrative assistant American Indian Model Schools

“It is my hope that I finish community college in May with my Associate’s and transfer to SF State to get my Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. To be honest if I could get a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing, Latin American Studies, and Music, I think I would be the happiest person on earth. I myself acknowledge that writing and music are a constant evolution of life.“

“I would like to write about immigrants from all over Latin America who are educated professionals but are unable to be successful here in the U.S. I would interview people who are close to me and would be willing to venture out to meet more people. For example, my mother is a doctor, yet money, time, and the formal examinations in another language can prove difficult.”

Kat Ferreira, 39, marketing and communications consultant

“When I’m not working, I try to stay active in the community by supporting local nonprofit organizations and neighborhood groups. Most recently, I volunteered for the 2016 Eastlake Music Festival.”

“What is the news media’s ethical responsibility when reporting about perpetrators and victims of sex crimes?  In 2016, two high profile crime stories presented the Bay Area news media with an ethics test and most failed miserably.”

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UNT Mayborn Journalism School earns AEJMC 2016 Equity and Diversity Award

The UNT Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism and the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism has earned the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication's 2016 Equity and Diversity Award. Dorothy Bland, a graduate of the Maynard Institute's Editing Program, is dean of the Mayborn School of Journalism and Graduate Institute Director. Bland credits the great team - faculty and staff - at the school for the award.