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ASNE releases newsroom diversity details: numbers show who works where

Diversity percentages from 733 newsrooms across the United States have been released by the American Society of News Editors. For the first time, the numbers provide newsroom diversity details in every state and community.

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Book Review: New York Civil War history highlights journalism scoundrels, heroes

By R.E. Graswich

Two days after the Civil War battle of Antietam, as the bodies of more than 23,000 men lay rotting in the late September sun, a photographer named Alexander Gardner arrived at the Maryland battleground to make photojournalistic history.

Gardner and an assistant worked among the dead for four days, making 70 photographs on glass plates to document the carnage. They transported the plates to New York, where Gardner's partner, Matthew Brady, created albumen prints. Several weeks later, Brady opened a photographic exhibition called "The Dead of Antietam" at his studio on Broadway.

With an eye for financial opportunity that surpassed Gardner's photo-journalistic genius, Brady created a new art form. He sold the horrific images in various formats, from postcards to large prints bound in leather. For the first time in history, he brought the explicit human devastation of war home to the public.

Brady shared no credit with Gardner -- the photographer's name was absent from Brady's prints and displays -- but the exhibition established the power and authority of battlefield photography and photojournalism.

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UNT Mayborn Journalism School earns AEJMC 2016 Equity and Diversity Award

The UNT Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism and the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism has earned the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication's 2016 Equity and Diversity Award. Dorothy Bland, a graduate of the Maynard Institute's Editing Program, is dean of the Mayborn School of Journalism and Graduate Institute Director. Bland credits the great team - faculty and staff - at the school for the award.