Will Capitol Street Improvement Project Deliver?

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Mukesh Kumar
July 6, 2013

One of the projects underway in downtown Jackson that is expected to revitalize and develop retail business converts the 0.7 miles segment of Capitol Street between Gallatin and State streets to a two-way street.

This conversion goes beyond restriping and includes roundabouts, landscaping, sharrows (lanes shared by motorists and bicyclists), and more parking. The underlying logic is that in the 1970s the conversion of Capitol Street to one-way was aimed at getting people in and out of downtown quickly, which led to decline in retail; now we might reverse that decline by converting back to a two-way street.

There has been a national shift in discussions on street design. Some of the more recent trends influencing this conversion of Capitol Street bring up usefulness of the traffic-calming feature of roundabouts, making allowance for bicyclists, and an overall shift in thinking about what should downtown look like.

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