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New Rules: No Criminalizing Journalists

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Optimism after revised rules from Justice Dept.; noted thinkers write about race in newspaper series; station airs mock Asian names of pilots in crash; MSNBC briefly shows Trayvon Martin's dead body; two Egyptian journalists killed covering protests; ABC spotlights group seeking missing women of color; "The Power of Southern Blacks Has Been Dissipated"; Layhmond Robinson Jr., pioneer black journalist, dies at 88; winning photographer sees spirit shining through decay (7/12/13)


Roland Martin to Host Morning TV Show

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Roland Martin on the set on "Washington Watch With Roland Martin" in March 2011,TV One program succeeds Sunday's "Washington Watch"; Black Enterprise ad dollars plummet after cutback; social-media debate not influencing Zimmerman jury; "racist" goes undefined, but poll results generate buzz; Asian American at Sun-Times weighs in on headline; AP approves "coup" to describe overthrow in Egypt; ABC News veteran named news V.P.for Fusion; company creates "Al" mannequin for target practice (7/10/13)


Blacks Lead Whites in Naming TV as Top News Source

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Internet is second choice for all groups, Gallup says; reporter finds Calif. forcibly sterilized female inmates; Sun-Times editor sorry "if anybody was offended"; leader of "secret Supreme Court" hid in plain sight; Raymond Rodriguez, 87, revealed Latino deportations; is "Caucasian" a polite euphemism whose time has passed?; Egyptian crowd targets CNN after mistaken identification; police horsewhip Nigerian journalist delivering letter (7/8/13)


"The Lone Ranger" Flopping at Box Office

Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Train wreck" mutes discussion of portrayal of Indians; staff at Egypt's largest paper said to detain editor; American reporter wouldn't venture into Tahrir Square; Blackmon offered new role as N.Y. station cancels newscast; black teen dropouts have 5% chance of landing a job; "economic affirmative action" has its drawbacks; CNN's "The N Word" special sparks rebuttals; cuts in store for groups providing diversity to public TV; Nigerian "Oprah" launches Africa-wide network (7/5/13)


First, Egypt's Army Went for the News Media

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to  Cairo's Tahrir Square celebrating thStation employees arrested before Morsi's overthrow; press-freedom group urges Europe to protect Snowden; blacks more engaged with top news stories than whites; Zimmerman trial not the meditation on race some expected; "The N Word" special boosts CNN ratings by 90%; public editor: Calling people "mutts" wasn't best idea; Tribune Co. deal speeds television industry consolidation; 7.7 million watch, 10 million tweet BET Awards (7/3/13)


Black Journalists Awed, Moved by '63 March

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Few blacks in white media, but they reported it elsewhere; media's indifference to Africa said to be costly; local television news salaries fell last year; gay flap said to expose inconsistent ESPN journalism; leaks renew question of "Who is a journalist?"; Soledad O'Brien signs deal with Al Jazeera America; Ann Curry special beats all competition; Texas publisher Kilpatrick dies, honored by Hispanics (7/1/13)


Trayvon's Friend Ignites Social Media

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rachel Jeantel watches defense attorney Don West while on the stand during GeorgRachel Jeantel personifies race, class, culture clash; Paula Deen story should really be about the workplace; gay people "all over the airwaves" on Wednesday; voting rights challenges likely across the nation; declines in black enrollment followed affirmative action curbs; the Root, Black America Web seeking editors; Kenneth Noble, former N.Y. Times writer, seriously ill; Charles Pugh, broadcaster-turned-pol, stripped of salary; D.C. anchor shakes nerves, throws out first pitch (6/28/13)


Swimming Against the Demographics

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ASNE diversity figures at odds with population trends; coverage helped speed legalization of same-sex marriage; voting rights decision "devastating but not definitive"; Obama's trip to Africa called money well spent; though rare, African war photographers shape opinions; slain victim's brother asks media, "Where is the healing?" (6/26/13)


Networks Wait, Get Affirmative Action Ruling Right

Sunday, June 23, 2013

CNN, blasted for past mistakes, takes its time; reporters fly from Moscow to Cuba — without Snowden; Armstrong Williams, Juan Williams wrote Mandela's letters; Hispanics oppose 10-year wait for permanent residency; "Dark Girls" showing on OWN a hit on social media; Britain gets 1st nonwhite editor of modern national paper; NPR's "Snap Judgment" becoming the next big thing; Haynes Johnson recalled for affinity with civil rights (6/24/13)


John Dotson Jr. Dies at 76, Industry Leader, Diversity Champion

Friday, June 21, 2013

Former Akron publisher co-founded Maynard Institute (6/22/13); Food Network drops Paula Deen over N-word; 35 in newsroom laid off in Oregonian transition; 25 journalists attacked or detained in Brazil protests; Heat-Spurs finale is Miami's highest-rated NBA game ever; Sree Sreenivasan leaves Columbia U. for the Met; Pacifica's N.Y. station WBAI to lay off entire staff; in Birmingham papers in '63, civil rights wasn't front page; a quiet conversation about a hat that screams (6/21/13)


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