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Arrest in Beating of Gay Arts Journalist

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Police sought "Hispanic," but arrested a "black male"; Charles V. Pittman, diversity advocate, to retire in march; race missing from president's diagnosis of inequality; Egypt to try 20 from Al Jazeera on terrorism charges; Sochi coverage overlooks Russian human rights abuses; in a snowy N'awlins, northern critics get cold shoulder; FCC shift could nix Armstrong Williams' station purchase; Hispanic team anchors English-language newscast; stand-alone Unity convention ruled out for 2016 (1/29/14)


Joy Reid to Host Own Show on MSNBC

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Grio to stay, despite fate of NBC Latino; Morrie Turner, pioneer comic strip creator, dies at 90; hate crimes unit investigates beating of arts journalist; individual racism, not systemic, gets media's attention; Fusion network covering State of Union with puppets; imprisoned journalist says Egypt wants to stifle dissent; reporter barely escapes alive after posing as sex worker (1/27/14)


City Lends Black Community Paper $100,000

Friday, January 24, 2014

Some say accepting government aid crosses ethical line; . . . Bay State Banner says Globe wants to write its obit; report from free Morocco trip: Nation "travels within you"; J-student's response to "MLK Black Party" a hit in Arizona; AP says Zimmerman painting directly copies one of its photos; Affordable Care Act could be boon for local TV ad revenue (1/25/13)


Is "Thug" the Same as the "N-Word"?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Player's comments prompt debate over "T-Word"; Ex-NBC Latino writer questions NBC's commitment; Twitter to capitalize on large user base of people of color; News reports tip us to people to avoid on the King holiday; . . . editor apologizes for photo of black woman as chair; Asian Journalists board committed to a Unity alliance; transgender snafu said to argue for more diversity; insult to Indians escapes outrage of non-Native journalists; Asian Americans represent in Bay Area (1/22/13)


NABJ Executive Director Resigns

Monday, January 20, 2014

Interim successor led medical association, Alpha Phi Alpha; black media outlets petition for share of anti-tobacco ads ; essayists took notes at star-studded Baraka funeral; Obama concedes some don't like idea of a black president; ImpreMedia weekly in Orlando lays off editorial staff; black students suspended over gestures in "goofy" photo; Aristide supporters charged in 2000 killing of journalist (1/20/14)


NABJ Rejects Free Tickets From Morocco

Friday, January 17, 2014

Royal Air Maroc, national airline carrier of Morocco, is based in Casablanca andBoard decides ethical issues are not worth it; screenwriter Ridley defends brutality in "12 Years a Slave"; CNN drops midday show co-anchored by Suzanne Malveaux; Texas stations won't spell out "Martin Luther Coon" gaffe; Blogosphere: Did Vanity Fair lighten Nyong'o's skin? (1/17/13)


Black-Press Visitors to Morocco Called Pawns

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Envoy from occupied "last colony in Africa" sees politics; in milestone, Rob King to head ESPN's news operations; evening news shows ignore landmark Internet ruling; BET, HuffPost BlackVoices top black Internet sites in 2013; Survey: Public cared more about cold snap than Christie; even Africans absorb Western misreporting of the continent; a click supports jailed journalist needing medical attention (1/16/14)


Black Press Takes Free Trip to Morocco

Monday, January 13, 2014

Arab government reaches out to African Americans; . . . news groups' policies on expenses-paid trips; Armond White expelled from New York film critics group; in light of massacre, media portrait of Sharon questioned; "a black man" did it in West Virginia; Kevin Lewis leaving White House for Justice Department; Medsger details reporting early inklings of COINTELPRO; Boston's Bay State Banner unable to repay city for bailout (1/13/14)


Tamron Hall Bares Pain of Sister's Slaying

Friday, January 10, 2014

Critic gets comeuppance at television writers conference; Christie scandal a fift: "The fat man sang," Geraldo says; coverage of Baraka's death ranges from front page to none; media did "real disservice" in making Blair saga about race; CNN Pentagon correspondent moving to local D.C. station; . . . Russ Mitchell: You can have incredible impact; . . Leon Harris: Moving to local brings a special reward; new FCC chair plans scrutiny of media consolidation tactic (1/10/13)


Why "Scandal" Ranks No. 1 With Black Viewers

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Passion, angst and pride that a black woman is the star; Hispanics choose novelas over English-language shows; sharp-tongued film critic denies heckling filmmaker; Janice Min adds Billboard to her Hollywood Reporter portfolio; 10 key areas for journalists in the digital age; Tamron Hall sometimes feels "a bit of resentment" on hair; Mindy Kaling has no problem with Elle cover (1/8/13)

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