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Obama Takes Swipes at Fox News

Friday, October 3, 2014

President underscores his animus on Twitter; BuzzFeed, Columbia plan fellowship for journalists of color; Post-Dispatch backs redress for "driving while black"; Boston Herald's gaffe coincides with scant diversity; NAACP lawyer succeeds David Honig at MMTC; NBC cameraman with Ebola virus heads back to U.S.; "comics journalism" can be more memorable than words (10/3/14)


Baquet Seeks More Diverse N.Y. Times Readership

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Honored by N.Y. black journalists, editor urges outreach; public TV boards dominated by corporate interests; feds urged to investigate treatment of journalists in Ferguson; 3 FCC commissioners say "Redskins" term is offensive; readers weigh in on "Top 10 House Negroes in America"; Boston Herald columnist apologizes for Obama cartoon; Sharpton offers "preacher status" to donors; Jeter website to enable athletes to bypass reporters (10/1/14)


J-Group Sees Future in Techno-Color

Monday, September 29, 2014

Online news assn. conference makes strides in diversity; "Segregation Now" series wins twice at ONA awards; Holder seen as the "race man" Obama didn't want to be; Knight Foundation gives CUNY $1.2 million for diversity; Calif. media not editorializing on Confederate flag curb; MSNBC, contributor Goldie Taylor part company; sports editors seek applications for management candidates (9/29/14)


Baquet Responds to "Angry Black Woman" Storm

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alessandra Stanley tried "to make a profound point"; Google seeks to address employees' hidden biases; fans still love NFL games, but not Goodell, recent events; writer Brill questions why NFL gives money to NABJ; ProPublica offers primer on status of voting rights; bilingual interview too much for Laura Ingraham; restraining order against pro-marijuana TV reporter (9/24/14)


Racial "Blind Spots" Acknowledged at N.Y. Times

Monday, September 22, 2014

Public editor responds on "Angry Black Woman" story; reporter drops F-word on air, quits to push pot business; overlooked: TMZ's elevator video was "smoothed out"; William Drummond wins diversity award for J-educators; Will Lee named editor of People magazine website; XXL magazine to be sold, end print edition; reporters banned from Ferguson "town hall" meetings; takedown of NFL team name in the fourth quarter; 59 black media figures reaching back to classrooms Friday (9/22/14)


An "Angry Black Woman" Firestorm

Friday, September 19, 2014

Questionable framing of story on "Scandal" creator; 3 journalists among 8 killed by Ebola-frightened villagers; Goodell promises to punish players who commit abuse; Latino group ranks NBC first among networks on inclusion; lighter Asian Americans, Latinos more likely to back GOP; Islamic State video features kidnapped journalist; solution offered to off-the-record White House briefings; Whitaker didn't ask Cosby about sexual assault accusations (9/19/14)


Web Fails Blacks, Latinos on Coverage

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Their communities not paid much attention in the news"; new Washington Post blog focuses on visual narratives; whites catching Ebola virus gives disease visibility; Fareed Zakaria denies accusation of serial plagiarism; younger Latinos said to be less assimilationist in mindset; too many sports writers too cozy with the NFL?; fan of black papers creates only site linking to them (9/17/14)


"Why Was Michael Brown's Body Left There for Hours?"

Monday, September 15, 2014

St. Louis paper compiles "most comprehensive" account; whites, blacks split on whether shooting was justified; Movement veteran says organizing doesn't get its due; Peterson case prompts discussion of black discipline; lead sentence of column on Ray Rice gets a "WTF?"; hires Jenée Desmond-Harris of The Root; Michel Martin to host forums in N.Y., Charlotte, Dallas, Miami. (9/15/14)


Reassigned Columnist Quits Abruptly

Friday, September 12, 2014

Wendi C. Thomas leaves Memphis Commercial Appeal; families of slain journalists not following official line; Atlanta Hawks GM takes indefinite leave; 6 networks to curb showings of Rice elevator video; . . . ombudsman says ESPN needs more transparency; why hiring 3 black journalists is still newsworthy; some find Vogue-anointed trend hard to get behind (9/12/14)


Killing of Journalists Buoys Support for U.S. Strikes

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In prime time, Obama declares campaign against Sunni militants; no bleeps: owners folding Vibe's print edition to publish online only; offended Tyson curses interviewer on live show; BuzzFeed hires three black journalists; AP says NFL exec received Rice video months ago; . . . Smith delivers "bizarre and furious rant at NOW"; SPJ critic, president agree: It needs more diversity; St. Louis County police to wear tiny video cameras (9/10/14)

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