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"The Butler" Tops Box Office for 3rd Weekend

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Companion book debuts as N.Y. Times best seller; Balta, Navarrette go at it over NAHJ panel snafu; skeptics cautious on source of Syrian chemical weapons; jailed Liberian editor blasts Sirleaf in N.Y. Times op-ed; Egypt releases, deports 3 from Al Jazeera English; Snowden papers show NSA spying on Al Jazeera, 2 presidents; West calls Sharpton "house Negro of Obama plantation"; Kennedy counters anti-affirmative action arguments; MediaTakeOut: "Basically a creative writing assignment" (9/2/13)


Have Black Journalists Overcome?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coverage of march anniversary shows progress, setbacks; . . . O'Reilly apologizes for not doing his reporting; . . . Dreamers remember journalist Salazar in L.A. Tribute; Murdoch's U.S. papers beat war drums on Syria; black reporter calls on white nationalist — mind game?; Miley Cyrus called everything but a child of God; slain Australian buried amid debate over role of race; GM woos Hispanic journalists at Detroit HQ; Al Jazeera America draws fraction of potential audience (8/30/13)


Black Journalists Dodge Slings, Arrows

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Calvin StovallGannett removes Stovall as editor at Binghamton, N.Y.; . . Mark Russell lands as M.E. at Commercial Appeal; . . . Burney transferred from Inquirer editorial page; . . . newscast dumped, Blackmon leaving N.J. for Nashville; NAHJ: "Mistakes were made" in organizing political panel; "a day as important as any in our history" (8/28/13)


NABJ, NAHJ Leaders Discuss Joint Convention

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Addressing his members about the Unity coalition, Hugo Balta, president of the NBalta indicts Unity as "handcuffing" Latino group; Toyota pledges $100,000 to underwrite NAHJ conference; accent on timidity blamed for slow Latino progress; Deggans' "Reliable Sources" is departure from the same-old (8/26/13)


NAHJ Re-Evaluating Membership in Unity

Friday, August 23, 2013

Concerns similar to reasons NABJ left two years ago; Curry: I wanted to create a space for Asian journos; N.Y. Times agrees with NLGJA on identifying Manning (8/24/13); NBC's paid internships bring more diversity — Journalists of color miss out on mid-management jobs; in wake of gaffes, ESPN begins sensitivity sessions; how should journalist groups interact with communities?; new ESPN site aims to develop black sportswriters (8/23/13)



NBC's Paid Internships Bring More Diversity

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Journalists of color miss out on mid-management jobs; in wake of gaffes, ESPN begins sensitivity sessions; how should journalist groups interact with communities?; new ESPN site aims to develop black sportswriters (8/23/13)


Black Optimism Fades Since Obama '08

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Only 45% of Americans see "substantial progress" since '63; Bradley Manning sentenced, asks pardon from Obama; John X. Miller gets top newsroom job in Winston-Salem; Africa Price resigns as editor in Shreveport, La.; more than 900 registered for AAJA convention in N.Y.; Al Jazeera America sues AT&T after opening-day dis; "Black in America" returns with "education gap" show; "Google Translate" makes the switch to "undocumented" (8/22/13)


Awash in the March on Washington

Sunday, August 18, 2013

"The poverty rate among African-American children is especially alarming, as it Stage-setters began a month ago, building to Aug. 28; NPR CEO Gary Knell leaving for National Geographic; Egyptian military lashes out at foreign news media; Ellsworth Davis, 86, first black photog at Washington Post; "The Butler" opening nearly recoups its production costs; Al Jazeera America debuts, but advertisers still skittish; PBS three-part "Latino Americans" seeks a wide audience (8/19/13)


Journalists Can't Heed U.S. Warnings to Flee

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Washington Post reported that the violence in Egypt involved the security foDespite Egypt's danger, "There's a story going on, after all"; J-grads of color continue to lag in finding work; Univision may win in GOP boycott of NBC, CNN; Teshima Walker, NPR producer and "sistergirl,"dies at 44; advice on diversity from a middle-aged white guy: Do it; Pitts: Superficial coverage of race amounts to silence; Fusion network will be "very loud voice" on immigration; "The Butler" moving to top weekend box office; Knight Fellows describe "re-engineering journalism"; C-SPAN plans week of eyewitness accounts on civil rights. (8/16/13)


Journalists Killed in Egypt Violence

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hundreds die as authorities target Morsi backers; Egyptian press battered by repressive tactics; Whitlock returns to ESPN after six years with; Hugh Douglas out at ESPN — a  writer says good riddance; will Washington Post now hire Native Americans?; ethnic groups vary on how much should be secret; "as long as I'm ghostwriting your book . . . "; Jackson Jr. sentenced, but leaves unanswered questions; Va. editor designs "Evening Pilot," her paper's iPad app (8/14/13)

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