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Diversity Champs Bring Outside Help to Unity

Friday, April 10, 2015

2 would-be NABJ presidents join discussion; NPR rebukes "Latino USA" on Chicago election report; Jeb Bush order found to have reduced black enrollment; journalists debate coverage of killings by police; investigation finds rapes could have been prevented; Don Lemon glad he's stirring "passion and debate" (4/10/15)


NBC Snares Witness Who Filmed Cop Killing Civilian

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Video responsible for quick firing of S.C. policeman; Ferguson's historic election might not be all it seemed; Postal Service says it won't reissue Angelou stamp; 80% of black women say they must alter identity for career; photos show toll of diabetes on Abu-Jamal — neglect feared; The Nation magazine slowly adding young staffers of color; Kanye West settles with photographer he assaulted; Comcast rallies beneficiaries in bid to buy Time Warner Cable; ESPN's Hill wants more women in key on-air roles (4/8/15)


What "The Help" Saw at the White House

Monday, April 6, 2015

Reporter persuades staff to dish on life in the mansion; Obamas visit black church: Who reported it right?; some stunned by lack of punishment at Rolling Stone; 147 slaughtered in Kenya, 12 in Paris — which resonates? Racism kept innocent man on death row 30 years; 70% of whites could approve of police striking people; Unity holding second "Diversity Caucus" Friday; teenage basketball players part of human trafficking; nominate a J-educator who has helped diversity (4/6/15)


Flawed Racism Claims Miss Another Problem

Friday, April 3, 2015

Should media use mug shots as the "best available photo"?; when Selena died in 1995, newsroom diversity mattered; . . . Selena's death helped launch People en Español; Seattle sports columnist Brewer joining Washington Post; nearly 90 percent of baseball announcers still white men; IRE honors joint effort on "The Real Death Valley"; in New York, Imhotep Gary Byrd loses a radio show; HHS sets up media call Tuesday on minority health; nominate a J-educator who has Helped diversity (4/3/15)


Comedy Central Stands Behind Trevor Noah

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

S. African says not to judge him "by a handful of jokes"; Indy Star makes splash with front-page editorial; N.Y. Times Magazine hires Hannah-Jones in diversity effort; Star-Ledger urges indicted Sen. Menendez to resign; Nigerian vote was its largest to play out on social media; AP stylebook committee to take up "Redskin"; relatives visit Abu-Jamal, suffering from diabetic shock; photography led Chinese-American to embrace identity; Rick Ramirez dies at 40, Phoenix TV photojournalist (4/1/15)


Biracial South African to Host "Daily Show"

Monday, March 30, 2015

Trevor Noah could puncture one-dimensional view of Africa; CBS colleague says Bill O'Reilly didn't rescue him; part-time newsroom employee promoted Ferguson protest; . . . paper wants an end to Ferguson, other municipalities; editor sorry for article opposing multicultural TV casting; budding Oakland journalists graduate, told the untold; author says diverse leadership begins at the bottom; despite naysayers, could Cruz be "the one" for Latinos?; "All the elements came together" when Bush 41 pivoted. (3/30/15)


Why Obama Liked "The Wire"

Friday, March 27, 2015

President: Emulate "humanizing" of drug criminals; ex-N.Y. Times "race beat" reporter leaves for CNN; Dori Maynard service scheduled May 4 in D.C.; "60 Minutes," critic of Africa coverage in standoff; Chicago radio hosts apologize for tweets about breasts; John Shurr dies, A.P. bureau chief, FOI hero, Cherokee; Gail Woolley dies, helped finance Newhouse students; blackout on child sex abuse by U.S. troops in Colombia?; newspaper offices sacked, employees kidnapped in Yemen; Nigeria holding two Al Jazeera journalists (3/27/15)


CBS Called on Showing "Africa Without Africans"

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

150 protest "60 Minutes" pieces with no blacks in view; Vietnam's most publicized atrocity had racial dimension; time to blow up the journalist of color associations?; writer: diversity pendulum "might have swung too far"; coalition of 39 groups wants Latinos on Sunday talk shows; video journalist arrested in Ferguson wants a trial; journalists urged to dig deeper on athletes' poor academics; Al Jazeera America leader wins McGruder diversity award; Roland Martin special beats CNN and Fox News; AP team finds slavery in Asian fishing industry (3/25/15)


Black Suspects Covered Disproportionately

Monday, March 23, 2015

Media Matters surveys New York's late-night newscasts; Texas dailies say keep Confederate flag off plates; new NPR news chief calls diversity "a real problem"; N.Y. Times public editor rethinks Ferguson critique; The Nation issues "blockbuster" 150th anniversary edition; 300 attend joint D.C. journalism job fair;  Harris Faulkner might be busiest presence on Fox News; Unity to meet on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation; time to tell readers, viewers to get tested (3/23/15)


USA Today, Starbucks Hope to Defy Haters

Friday, March 20, 2015

Update: Starbucks stops writing on customer cups (3/22/15); newspaper joins coffee shops in "Race Together" project; L.A. Times names 3rd journalist of color to key post; Latino journalists slightly more optimistic; white reporter recalls covering bloodbath in S. Africa; Danny Schechter dies, chronicled anti-apartheid struggle; "Empire" season finale expected to reach 27 million; Ebony advertising revenue reported down 24% last year; outlets failed to cover gains in Latino health coverage; 8 compete for seed money from black consortium; when a cartoonist was told to 'lighten up' a character (3/20/15)

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