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N.Y. Times Vet Keller Calls Diversity a Must at His Startup

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bill Keller in 2011, as New York Times executive editor (Credit: CUNY Grad Schoo"Clear journalistic advantage" in writing about justice; on Ukraine's fringe is forgotten figure — David Duke; Obama administration censoring files more than ever; L.A. earthquake leaves anchors all shook up; defiant Pacifica leader won't allow "coup" to proceed; Tiffany Wu to lead Reuters America desk; reporting on Asian Americans better explains racism (3/17/14)


Diversity Protests Get Startups' Attention

Friday, March 14, 2014

Alarm sounded at expansion of young white male network; after "a couple" of layoffs, Essence adds editors; Lemon one of four to try Out Piers Morgan's CNN slot; ex-Politico writer finds working retail nasty, brutish; harassment of journalists continues in Crimea; NAHJ appeals for aid to member widowed by blast; Clyburn seeks compromise on joint service agreements; Bert Medley, online journalism pioneer, dies at 69 (3/14/14)


Ex-Vibe Editor Out at Essence

Monday, March 10, 2014

Emil Wilbekin's exit confirmed after companywide layoffs; Aaron McGruder's latest, "Black Jesus," picked up for TV; how civil rights movement expanded freedom of the press; journalists facing harassment, intimidation in Crimea; Juan Williams defends Armstrong Williams' station ownership; are entertainment reporters forgetting the journalism? (3/10/14)


Bill Whitaker to Join "60 Minutes"

Friday, March 7, 2014

30-Year correspondent follows Ed Bradley, Byron Pitts; Guatemalan says he was mislabeled as immigration agent; CNN gives Don Lemon 5-week run in prime time; digital divide aided by lack of parental savvy; Dallas anchor signs off before national audience; RTDNA director, NABJ leader differ on "shared services"; "12 Years a Slave," N-word continue to feed commentary; Oregonian editor Peter Bhatia leaving to teach in Arizona (3/7/14)


Abu-Jamal Roars Back Into the Headlines

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Senate nixes Obama pick, citing work for jailed journalist; political writer sought for "user's guide to the news"; Peter Goodman, who sought diversity at HuffPost, to exit; "critically important" for blacks to Cover Ukraine crisis; journalists say Egypt tortured them, denied medical care; blacks lead in viewing TV; Asians in Internet-connected devices; "Black Zapruder" film documents Malcolm X killing; black college opposes end of deals with TV stations; writing beyond "a bunch of immigrants dancing on stage" (3/5/14)


Blacks, Latinos Find Much to Like in Oscar

Monday, March 3, 2014

Biggest audience for an entertainment show Since '04; On the N-word, is it John Ridley vs. John Ridley?; firefighters rescue reporter stuck in mud after stand-up; lack of blacks covering Ukraine, and perhaps that's OK; Venezuela releases journalist as others urge attention; Angelo Henderson family says cause of death misdiagnosed; Lateef Mungin, CNN reporter "who brought the funny," 41; young Latinos don't want separate dialogue, TV exec says. (3/3/14)


Did Obama Just Become "The Black President"?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Reaction to plans for young men: "at last," "not so fast"; under fire, FCC drops study on barriers to media entry; columnist fired, top editor reportedly out in El Diario; words from black mothers who lost sons to violence; . . in U.K.: "Look around, all the camera people are white"; Detroit outlets partner to report from "grass roots"; worldwide protest urges Egypt to free journalists; desperate African migrants feel brunt of police in Morocco; learn how to become an opinion writer (2/28/14)


Defending N-Word Use in NFL Puts Writers in Awkward Posture

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Newsrooms don't allow words for which athletes get a pass; in anti-LBGT climate, Uganda paper names "200 top" gays; Hong Kong editor slashed by attacker with meat cleaver; FCC member denies attempt to chill journalists' speech; NAHJ president urges protection of Mexican journalists; Latino leader faults foreign owners of El Diario; "16 women journalists to watch in the Middle East"; "12 Years a Slave" author's kin saw ending on his 3rd try. (2/26/14)


Angelo Henderson Praised as a "Doer"

Monday, February 24, 2014

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., told mourners at Angelo Henderson's funeral Monday t Journalism wasn't producing change fast enough; Tamron Hall named co-host for third hour of "Today"; MSNBC shuffles chairs to prepare for new shows; is Don Lemon a possibility for the Piers Morgan slot?; Justice Dept. revises rules for seizures in leak probes; paid summer internships found to be cut nearly by half; NAHJ president scores attacks on journalists in Venezuela; opinion writers debate bigots' letters, rebel symbols; Thomas Picou dies, longtime exec at Chicago Defender. (2/24/14)


Gregory Kane, Conservative Voice, Dies at 62

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gregory KaneEx-Baltimore Sun writer went against the grain; Brian Williams apologizes to Arsenio Hall; Moroccan editor temporarily free, faces terrorism charges; count for women of color shows "extreme fluctuations"; Sharpe, Marino out, Gonzalez in at "NFL Today" (2/19/14)

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