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Black Greeks Winning War Against Reality Show

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

VH1 says "No mas" on "Sorority Sisters"; NBC News launches NBCBLK, new black site; fired after challenging radio host's racial comments; Ann Curry leaves NBC, but network seeds her startup; record Charlie Hebdo sales, questions about French racism; in 2012, Boko Haram killed 9 in Nigerian newspaper offices; "Things White Latinos Are Sick of Hearing"; persistence, resources secured telling Tamir Rice video; Sister2Sister to end print edition (1/14/15 and 1/15/15)


World Shrugs at Reported Killing of 2,000 in Nigeria

Monday, January 12, 2015

Paris assault overshadows Boko Haram's biggest massacre; surviving Charlie Hebdo staff puts Muhammad on the cover; It's final: NABJ, NAHJ to meet together in D.C. for 2016; 350 Stuart Scott mourners depart to "Rapper's Delight"; Al Martinez, longtime L.A. Times columnist, dies at 85; Michaela Pereira promoted on one show, leaving another; documentary on Selma march still available on DVD (1/12/15)


What the Editor Learned From Directing Ferguson Coverage

Friday, January 9, 2015

"Many leaped to conclusions often abetted by social media"; in Paris killings, a few challenge the dominant narrative; news outlets called out for ignoring NAACP bombing; 13 Mexican police held in journalist's disappearance; Gumbel: Too much sports coverage is "terribly sycophantic" . . . Mueller report says NFL had not seen elevator video (1/9/15)


Media Respond to Paris Cartoonist Killings

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Death of 12 seen as attack on press freedom; Intel announces boldest diversity move by tech company; veteran sports journalist Leon Carter joins Whitlock site; Washington rises to deputy director at Online News Assn.; Sharpton counts N.Y. Post parent company as contributor; black press thought highly of Lyndon Johnson; Essence takes up "Black Lives Matter" theme; can the new Republican Congress deal with Indian issues?; U.S.-based African journalists in Nigeria to watch vote (1/7/15)


Stuart Scott Tributes Go Broad and Deep

Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Obviously black" ESPN trailblazer dies of cancer at 49 (1/4/15); Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews promoted to senior VP at CBS News; N.Y. Daily News losing last black reporter; Ferguson grand juror challenges prosecutor's account; NYPD exhibits "puffed grandeur and bombast"; 5 of color make Forbes' "30 Under 30" media list; Ukraine Is racist, but journalists focus on Putin; New York Post goes after "Shakedown Al" (1/5/15)


A Black Aide to LBJ Speaks Up on "Selma"

Friday, January 2, 2015

Clifford Alexander says film gets one thing wrong; Egypt opens door for deportation of jailed journalists; 2 fired over footage edited to say "kill a cop"; N.Y. Times tells police that refusing to work violates oaths; Roland Martin show airs "creepy" Cosby interview; Michigan Citizen, black weekly, ends print edition; "illegal immigrant" survives, despite style changes; Milwaukee columnist Eugene Kane leaving after 33 years; $10 million grant to aid female journalists (1/2/15)


Diversity's Greatest Hits, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

A year in the quest for news media that look like America: Ferguson; Cosby found guilty in court of public opinion; online media, new frontier, take heat on diversity; the numbers and the layoffs; breakthrough in minority broadcast ownership; MSNBC chief promises change for Latinos; Dean Baquet named editor of N.Y. Times; sports journalists become part of the story; NPR cancels "Tell Me More"; more outlets won't use "Redskins" name; most popular "Journal-isms" columns of 2014 (12/29/14)


CNN, Cosby Lawyers in Scathing Duel Over Coverage

Monday, December 22, 2014

Beverly Johnson charges surface talk of lies, death threats; T.J. Holmes joins ABC News as full-time co-anchor; Milwaukee cop won't be prosecuted in black man's slaying; NPR, AP say "assassination" doesn't apply in cop killings; Fox station edits chants to say "kill a cop!," apologizes; Lemon, Logan, Breitbart on list of cringeworthy blunders; what smart people are saying about 2015; how the right photo "unfolded right before me" (12/22/14 and 12/23/14)


Morial, Sharpton Confront Sony Over Emails

Friday, December 19, 2014

Pullback of movie demonstrates "all films are political"; president lists what he's done for black America; press-freedom group urges release of Cuban journalists; Byron Pitts replacing Dan Abrams as "Nightline" anchor; Cosby says "media" quote was misconstrued, blasts Dyson; N.Y. Times plans to "rebalance" newsroom talent; Ferguson reporter sues police for false arrest, defamation; . . . poll shows Latinos believe cops use excessive force; Florence L. Tate dies, pan-African activist, ex-journalist (12/19/14)


Media Share in Historic Thaw With Cuba

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Journalists no longer will need U.S. license to travel; N.Y. Times departures further whiten Culture section; what about the "torture" in our own prisons? NABJ leader says his Cosby comments were sensationalized; Washington Post ending "She the People" blog; Gates' "The African Americans" wins DuPont-Columbia Award; Fox News audience is 1 percent black; services for sports writer Bryan Burwell are SRO (12/17/14)

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