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Why Is the Network's "Face" Invariably White?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

People of Color Sidelined When Big Anchor Jobs Open

Two Square Off on Whether It's Time to Leave News Business

Michael Baisden Show on "Hiatus"; He Claims Lockout

Black C-SPAN Viewership Matches Population; Latinos Lag

Obama Urged to Seek Israeli Return of Broadcast Equipment

Pakistanis Arrest Militant With Ties to Daniel Pearl Killing

Philadelphia Magazine Takes More Criticism at 2nd Forum

Being Vibe Editor: Schmoozing, Fixing, Bartering

Short Takes

"The Face" of the new CNN, 2013: Jake Tapper (Credit: CNN)

People of Color Sidelined When Big Anchor Jobs Open

The day before Roland Martin disclosed that his contract as a CNN commentator wasn't being renewed, CNN President Jeff Zucker excitedly proclaimed his new hire Jake Tapper "the face of the new CNN."

"I can tell you from the position that I was in, the prospect of Jake Tapper being the face of the new CNN had me more excited than anything, and I can tell you after today, I know it was absolutely the right thing," Zucker said, Patrick Gavin reported Monday for Politico. "I couldn't be prouder. I couldn't hope for more than for Jake and his team to take CNN into our next place, into our next century. … This is the start of an incredible new era."

It wasn't lost on television observers such as Eric Deggans of the Tampa Bay (Fla.) Times that "the face" of not just CNN but of all the networks — is white.

"Just as Zucker steps forward with a new vision for CNN — which includes a new show featuring former ABC correspondent Jake Tapper and a new morning program built around former ABC anchor Chris Cuomo — two of the channel's best known non-white on-air staffers are leaving the network," Deggans wrote Wednesday for the Poynter Institute. The other is Soledad O'Brien, whose "Starting Point" morning show is being eliminated. O'Brien is forming a production company and is to continue to supply documentaries to CNN — and others — on a nonexclusive basis.

"And it's not just at CNN," Deggans continued. "MSNBC has had its own set of anchor changes in recent weeks, so far centered only on white male anchors. And Fox News Channel, which hasn't substantively changed its primetime lineup in many years, features no people of color as anchors in those timeslots.

"Which raises the question: When big anchor jobs open up in cable news, why are people of color so often left on the sidelines?"

"The Face" of CNN, 2000: Bernard Shaw.

This wasn't always the case. When Bernard Shaw, an esteemed black journalist, stepped down as CNN anchor in 2000, the New York Times' Jim Rutenberg wrote that Shaw's "face is as synonymous with the cable network as that of Larry King or Christiane Amanpour."

But that was long ago. On Wednesday, Deggans added, "More than anything, the lack of diversity in some anchor shuffles may speak to a lack of development for anchors of color in general. Maintaining diversity in the face of shrinking resources and cost-cutting often requires specific effort; if people aren’t being groomed for bigger jobs, they may not be ready when those prime positions open up."

The critic also wrote on the topic Tuesday for the Daily Download.

"At MSNBC, when the channel moved Ed Schultz from his 8 p.m. weekday timeslot, online speculation seemed to center on whether star contributor Ezra Klein or weekend host Chris Hayes would get the spot. Hayes got the gig, in an apparent bid to try cribbing young viewers from conservative media star Bill O’Reilly, whose top-rated show on Fox News clobbered Schultz regularly.

"But it is unfortunate to note that few critics thought about [Melissa] Harris-Perry, who has turned her self-titled weekend show into an amusing, thought-provoking program nicknamed (and hashtagged) 'nerdland.'

"Even on MSNBC, a channel which boasts of how its ratings with black viewers rose 60 percent last year, those prime time hours of 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. remain hosted by white anchors.

"And outside of MSNBC, viewers are still waiting for CNN and Fox News to move toward reflecting the diversity of the population and our government in its anchor teams.

"Prime time remains the glass ceiling for all, with no anchor of color hosting a show from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on any of the big three cable news channels.

"And this isn't a problem reserved for cable TV news. The Hollywood Reporter and Politico reported ABC has poached ace correspondent Byron Pitts, who is African American, from CBS News for a job reporting and anchoring, which means venerated newsmagazine 60 Minutes once again has no non-white CBS correspondents contributing to the show (CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta does occasionally offers pieces for the program.)

"And when concerns arose that no non-white moderators had been chosen to lead any presidential debates in 2012, there were few journalists of color with the experience and prominence to take on the job.

"Even as black people and Hispanics are increasingly turning the tide in presidential elections and political issues, the TV news industry is still woefully behind the trends. . . ."

Two Square Off on Whether It's Time to Leave News Business

An essay by a woman in her late 20s who said she quit the news business in sorrow received plenty of traction on the Internet Wednesday, but by day's end she was challenged by another blog posting from Monica Rhor, a journalist-turned-teacher who has been active in the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Their debate has particular resonance for journalists of color, whose loss of jobs in newspapers and online newsrooms has outstripped that of other journalists, according to surveys by the American Society of News Editors. "Following a decline of approximately 800 minority newsroom positions in both 2008 and 2009, the total loss over the last two years was 500 jobs," ASNE said last year.

The first essay, by Allyson Bird, was titled "Why I Left News." It said, "I finally came to accept that the vanity of a byline was keeping me in a job that left me physically and emotionally exhausted, yet supremely unsatisfied. . . . " Bird now writes for the fundraising arm of a public hospital.

Monica Rhor Rhor titled her response, "Why I'll Never Leave News."

"If you’re looking for money or fame or easy hours, this was never the right job for you," Rhor wrote. "The current throes of the business are not to blame for that.

"For me, newspaper journalism has always been about telling stories, about giving voice to corners of the community that have long been silenced, about crawling into the lives and shoes of other people and pulling back a curtain so our readers can get a glimpse of the world around them."

Each woman attracted her share of supporters.

Rhor announced in November that after "a very long, very rewarding career as a journalist," she was becoming a high school English teacher. Rhor left teaching for a job as an education reporter at the Houston Chronicle and returned to Atascocita High School in the Humble school district, just outside Houston.

She wrote Wednesday, "I left because I wanted to teach high school students about the business I still love. . . ."

Michael Baisden Show on "Hiatus"; He Claims Lockout

Michael Baisden, whose show claims 72 affiliates for its "hot mix of relationship talk, headline-grabbing guests and the very best Old School and current R&B," announced Wednesday that his radio show is going on "hiatus."

Michael Baisden

Shortly after the announcement, the radio host posted this note on his Facebook page: "The Michael Baisden Show Staff has been 'Locked Out' of Cumulus Studios...really Cumulus?

"In the words of Rodney King, 'Can't we all get along?' Just because we couldn't come to an agreement is no reason to deprive the listeners, our affiliates, and our advertisers of only 9 days to say goodbye and show our appreciation.

"All their action does is make me more determined than ever to come back! And next time there will be no middlemen between me, my affiliates, and my listeners. Lesson learned."

Baisden "has been hosting a radio show since 2003. He organized a rally for the Jena Six in 2007 and was also a big supporter of Pres. Barack Obama's campaign in 2008," Rodney Ho reported for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In January, when his show was dropped by WDAS-FM in Philadelphia, Baisden had 79 affiliates. He wrote then, "While I am excited about adding Columbus, Ohio last week, and I appreciate my other 78 affiliates, there seems to be a disturbing trend in urban radio to opt to give the black community less information about what's going on in our community, even when my program is competitive, and in some cases, winning in its time slot.”

Baisden said in a farewell message, "No, it was not my intention to leave radio, I had plans for The Michael Baisden Live Tour, my 10-year anniversary party in DC in July, and I was looking forward to being on the air this summer to get justice for Trayvon Martin and his family.

"But sometimes fate, the universe, God, or however you want to label that undeniable force, has [its] own plans. Someone once told me that the greatest experiences in life are unplanned ones. I guess I’m about to test that theory. . . ."

Black C-SPAN Viewership Matches Population; Latinos Lag

Though some have surmised from its call-in shows that African Americans watch C-SPAN in disproportionate numbers, black viewership closely matches the African American percentage of the population, a new survey shows. However, Latino viewership lags behind the Hispanic proportion of the national population.

"According to the new Hart Research survey data, 11% of C-SPAN viewers identify themselves as Hispanic …. 13% as African-American …. 5% as Asian," Howard Mortman, spokesman for the public-service cable network, told Journal-isms by email. "(These numbers track closely the fuller survey of cable and satellite television households, with Hispanics and Asians equal to their numbers in the population and African Americans slightly higher than in the surveyed population but not outside the statistical margin of sampling error.)"

According to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates, 16.4 percent of the nation is Hispanic or Latino; 12.6 percent is black or African American, 5 percent is Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, and 0.8 percent is American Indian or Alaska Native.

Overall, C-SPAN said, "Nearly a quarter (24%) of people with cable or satellite subscriptions — an estimated 47 million adults — report watching C-SPAN at least once a week [PDF], a four-point increase since Hart Research’s last quadrennial survey of the C-SPAN audience. Hart Research lead pollster Allan Rivlin says, 'This growth in C-SPAN viewership, especially among the youngest groups, is surprising in this time of generalized media fragmentation but it is not so mysterious in that C-SPAN offers the emerging group of information free-agents access to the raw uncut coverage of their political heroes, and sometimes perhaps their villains, they can then share on blogs and social networks.' "

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, right, greets President Obama at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday. Israeli President Shimon Peres watches. (Credit: Voice of America) (Video)

Obama Urged to Seek Israeli Return of Broadcast Equipment

"During his trip to the region this week, U.S. President Barack Obama should call on Israeli authorities to return the equipment of an independent broadcaster that was seized more than a year ago," the Committee to Protect Journalists said Tuesday.

"Israeli authorities raided the Ramallah-based private broadcaster Wattan TV in February 2012 and confiscated key equipment, including transmitters, computers, files, and archives. Officials said at the time that Wattan TV was broadcasting illegally and had interfered with aircraft transmissions. Muammar Orabi, the station's general director, told CPJ that the broadcaster had a license granted by the Palestinian Authority, which could not have been issued without Israeli acquiescence.

"The station, founded in 1996, has gained credibility through its probing, independent coverage of both Palestinian and Israeli authorities. The outlet's equipment was funded in large part by U.S. agencies, including the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Middle East Partnership Initiative. . . . "

Pakistanis Arrest Militant With Ties to Daniel Pearl Killing

"Pakistani authorities arrested a militant who they say is connected with the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002," Tom Wright reported Tuesday for the Journal.

"The Pakistan Rangers, a paramilitary organization, said in a statement it arrested Qari Abdul Hayyee, alias Asad Ullah, in a covert operation just north of Karachi's international airport. Mr. Hayyee, a former leader of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a banned sectarian group, was involved in Mr. Pearl's death, the statement said. A Pakistani security official said the arrest occurred three or four days ago.

"Investigators are unsure whether Mr. Hayyee played a direct role in Mr. Pearl's abduction and beheading, but believe he was linked to the crime as a leader of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in Sindh province, the official said. . . ."

"Pearl's parents, Ruth and Judea Pearl, issued a statement through the Daniel Pearl Foundation," Alex Rodriguez reported Wednesday for the Los Angeles Times.

"We are gratified by this latest arrest and hope that justice will be served on all of those who were involved in this crime against humanity," they said.

Discussing "Being White in Philly" article Tuesday were, from left, moderator Ni

Philadelphia Magazine Takes More Criticism at 2nd Forum

"For the second night in a row, the editor of Philadelphia Magazine and the author of its 'Being White in Philly' cover story willingly endured a barrage of criticism and some harsh accusations about the controversial piece," Robert Moran reported Wednesday for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"Round Two delivered more punishment for editor Tom McGrath and writer Robert Huber as they faced the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists at a meeting Tuesday at the offices of The Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News.

"A vice president of the association accused both men of being racists. They were subjected to mockery from some of the questioners and threatened with a boycott of the magazine's advertisers.

"As they did Monday at the National Constitution Center, McGrath and Huber responded politely to questions and criticisms. Their answers often did not satisfy the audience. . . ."

Being Vibe's Editor: Schmoozing, Fixing, Bartering

"If you think print pubs have had it bad, just look at the R.I.P. list in the music category: Blender (March 2009), Giant (November 2009), Spin (December 2012)," Andrea Williams wrote Wednesday for MediaBistro. "But, thankfully for urban music and entertainment fans, one iconic brand was able to rise from the ashes.

Jermaine Hall

"Within months after folding in 2009, Vibe — founded by producer, composer and all-around musical genius Quincy Jones — was re-launched by new owners looking to infuse it with fresh content for the digital age and new editorial blood, namely EIC Jermaine Hall."

Williams asked Hall, "What advice can you give to other editors who are looking to position themselves to become an editor-in-chief during their careers?"

Hall replied, "I think it's just about, whatever position you're at, excelling at that and mastering that position. And then, once you have that down, I think it's just really starting to expand. A lot of things that come with being editor-in-chief aren't necessarily drilled down into the day-to-day tasks. It's a lot of schmoozing; it's a lot of fixing relationships; it's a lot of bartering; it's a lot of people skills, I would say. It's really going out there to be the ambassador of the brand on all levels. And that doesn't necessarily come from being the strongest writer, it just really comes from people skills and the contacts and the relationships there that you've been able to build over your career. So, I think it's knowing that it's more than just writing and more than just editing at this level."

Another challenge, Hall said, is gaining access to celebrities in an era of social media. Williams asked, "What is one of the most challenging aspects of working with musicians who are often notoriously fickle and temperamental?"

"I would say access," the editor replied. "Because of social media and because these artists now have their own voice, it's like 'I'm an artist and I want to get a message out. I don't need to wait for a magazine to interview me, I don't need to wait to go on radio, I don't need to wait to go on a television program — I can just say it right now. I can say it on my Twitter account; if there's a picture that I want to put out there, I'll go to Instagram and do it right away.' So, I'd say one of the challenges that we face is getting the amount of time that we need to really craft a good story or put together a fantastic package. . . ."

Short Takes

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Network's Face Invariably White

Sometimes I wonder why a class-action lawsuit isn't filed against the television networks for their appalling lack of diversity and their pathetically inadequate and transparently insincere attempts to recruit, promote and retain African-American journalists.

But I already know why this will never happen.  Biting the hand that doesn't feed is something most journalists are not ready for.

People of Color Sidelined from Big Anchor Jobs


This is all about the right-wing conservative agenda. The GOP lost to Barack Obama and it intends to obliterate African-Americans, Latinos and even Asians from the landscape. The wingers do not want people of color on air. According to FCC data, people of color own just over 3% of all full-power TV stations. There are 1,348 stations. 

  • African-Americans own 5 stations.
  • Latinos own 1.6% of all TV stations. 


Now word has come that radio host, Michael Baisden has been locked out of his show by Cumulus Media. He had to know this was coming. Baisden has been very vocal about issues impacting folks of color. He really rallied the troops during the run-up to  the 2012 Presidential elections.


Cumulus Media is HQed in Atlanta, Georgia. Cumulus carries the likes of Mike Huckabee, Michael Savage, Geraldo Rivera. The top guy at Cumulus, Lewis W. Dickey, Jr was behind the ban of the Dixi Chicks about 10 years ago because lead singer Natalie Maines criticized George W. Bush at the start of the Iraq War.


Get the picture? It’s called kill the messengers and the message. 



Cross-postings from the Root

Senator1906 Are we really mad about Roland Martin being out at CNN? When has CNN been relevant? When were Roland Martin's contributions significant to the course of the terrible dialogue we often see on CNN? Why get so mad about the optics of things yet could care less about the content of things. Roland Martin didn't bring much to the table on a network that doesn't bring much to the table. Period.   David Jones Did Zucker put you up to your post. Kinder_Gentler_DTTTS Hmm, let's see. CNN was founded in 1980, and FOR THE FIRST TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF ITS EXISTENCE, IT HAD A BLACK MAN AS ITS "PRINCIPAL ANCHOR". That man, Bernard Shaw, retired in 2001.    CNN is now 33 years old. A black man was chief anchor for 21 of those 33 years. For those following along at home, that is 64%, nearly two thirds. Thus for the substantial majority of its time on the air, CNN had a black principal anchor.    But, sometimes a black man wants to just thrown facts out the door so he can express his emotions about race. Once a black man who is feeling this particular mood has unhinged himself completely from reality, he's comfortable ignoring the meanings of words and, frankly, just making stuff up.    This is how we end up getting told that a cable news network that MADE ITS DEBUT with a black chief anchor, and has had a black chief anchor for MOST OF ITS EXISTENCE, "invariably" chooses white people to fill the chief anchor spot.    In the normal world, "invariably" means "always", not "only one third of the time". MissCheevious likes this. Eranoswatch Two steps forward, one step back, and once upon time, even two steps back. This is still America. And there are places wherein no step occurs at all, yes zeeero step! And folks wonder how America manages to be leading.  Why do Black folks still have to deal with such social landscapes at the dawn of the 21st century? Because, they still do not know how to be ... effective and efficient IN THIS WORLD while advancing their cause. That's it. What is happening in this area is just the tip of the iceberg. To move forward, true critical thinking is in dire nee, and not just in America. And critical thinking starts by questioning ... traditions, no matter how sacred they happen to be. And this in turn requires ... courage. Kinder_Gentler_DTTTS Hi, you seem to be ignorant of the fact that for most of its existence, CNN had a black chief anchor.  HAVE A GREAT DAY bumpy likes this. David Jones You sound like an fali to mention CNN only had one black male anchor in a prime time spot in the history of the company. He retired in 2001 and they havn't had one since in thirteen years. How many white male anchors have they had since 1980 in prime time slots? In addition, please tell us how many black anchors were hired to replace those white anchors when they retired? Exactly...NONE! You seem to be ignorant of those facts! Eranoswatch likes this. Eranoswatch Thank you, David, for this sound reminder! Bigheart521 I wrote an article to CNN regarding Roland Martin's dismissal, Jeff Zucker is making some very bad decisions. I will continue to view MSNBC at 4pm, will not tune into Jake Tapper at 4pm. They are taking people of color out of the public viewing, we have to start creating our own networks and programs. idiop mee Blacks should create their own channels, with more than a Billion blacks world wide, you could imagine the economic, political and prestigeous power they will hold. There is sometime in Nigeria called nollywood, it has suceeded in knocking out digusted hollywood films out of Nigeria, like wise the depraved American music is no longer the in-thing. Black Americans should wake up from their slumber. Rupert Murdoch, Eranoswatch and Marley1216 like this. idiop mee CNN is White man's propaganda machine, that is why I turned it off long time ago. Aljazeera is my favourite. Non-white should boycott this white trash calledCNN. Rupert Murdoch and bint alshamsa like this. adulescentuluscarnifex The slant at Al Jazeera is the same as the one found at CNN, MSNBC, FOX, BBC. They just give you more coverage of brown people while they disseminate it. In fact, abunch of reporters had to quit when they insisted on presenting a balanced version of events in Syria. But watching Al Jazeera's coverage of the Greek bailouts and eurozone crisis was when I figured out they were garbage. I was into Al Jazeera for all of two minutes. I've heard over and over that Al Jazeera is an MI6 creation, and then that hacker revealed those emails between a Qatari official and a Brittish military contractor detailing a plot to buy a dirty bomb and detonate it in Syria and blame it on Assad. Al Jazeera and BBC is still just the beast talking to you. Pro-bailouts, pro-wars, pro-bankster. RT is much better. E Mey Al jazeera has the most in-depth coverage of the Middle East. Politicians as divergent as Hillary Clinton and John McCain have both praised its coverage. Most of its reporters are western educated and informed...and present a more balanced viewpoint than corporate-owned MSM in the US. Al Jazeera is based in Qatar and has nothing to do with the British spy agency. bint alshamsa likes this. Rupert Murdoch .adulescentuluscarnifex,  The slant at Al Jazeera is not the same, and I like there's better. And by the way CNN's ratings are falling faster than a rock in water; that should tell you something. RainforestChakra I actually work in television (when I can find work) and I can tell you that its just business. People just tend to have a negative view of blacks, even blacks. Attractive light-skinned black females are the most the mass audience can stand, although white female audiences are less lookist and can handle more natural looking black women.  Because of negative experiences with them and their violent, homophobic nature, most people who aren't sexually attracted to them try to avoid black males. Roland Martin demonstrated exactly why. He was an extremely cofrontational and hateful bigot who bullied his guests. DL Hughly was also intimidating and sggressive. Roland Martin and TJ Holmes could never have the appeal of a Rachel Maddow or an Ellen DeGeneres or an Anderson Cooper. Marley1216 it's funny how whites have been lynching and burning blacks for all those years...but blacks are the violent once viewed as violent...this is the GUILT COMPLEX conversation that BLACKS HAVE DROPPED THE BALL ON!!! if X was alive he would kill himself for the lack of backbone and uneducation in the AA comunity today SHAME bint alshamsa likes this. OnionG Cable News hired all these Black news anchors, journalists and political pundits under a "pseudo minority quota" type hiring system when Senator Obama ran against Hillary Clinton and President becoming the first Black President which at the time, signals to Americans and the world that cable news (minus Fox News) are not racially biased and fully inclusive with embracing diversity which makes them look and feel acceptable and bring millions of new African American viewers to all the cable networks because it was all about "Black President" Obama which wasn't the case before Obama ran and won.  And Fox News, they hired the conservative, "house negro" type (Juan Williams) to oppose the first Black President.  Now that viewers have settled down and Obama won his second term with many Blacks and Hispanics not watching anymore (Hispanics left in droves when CNN fired Rick Sanchez) and next President possibly being White (Hillary) there is no longer a need for Black and Hispanic news or political people like Donna Brazile or Roland Martin so the fire sale has begun early getting rid of all the prominent "Black Obama cheerleaders" before he finishes as POTUS and replace them with Whites once again because the next POTUS will probably be White.  White President = All White news people.  And for the Blacks that aren't really up front, aren't trained or groomed for bigger positions and just so damn happy to just have a gig (CNN's Fredericka Whitfield, Don Lemon & Suzanne Malavoux) they will remain.  Black/Hispanic news/political people did nothing wrong to not get rehired, it's purely political under the guise of low ratings, new management and restructuring.  When Obama finishes, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry because she's young, will probably remain but Al Sharpton will be the next to get the ax. RainforestChakra Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you're the racist hatemonger? Rick Sanchez was antisemitic, and yes its time for Hillary, a woman to be president, and then we will have a gay president. And black journalists who are appealing to mass audiences will keep their jobs throughout. You have a terrible attitude. Another sour black man who would rather intimidate everyone with his physicality and anger than get along. David Jones Onion,   I agree with a lot of what you said but disagree on Rev. Al being dismissed when Obama finish. If you're unaware, and it's also stated in the people are watching MSNBC for news and the ratings are off the charts. If not mistaken I think the article said black viewers rose 60 percent last year. Therefore they will most likely add more minority anchors to take over the minority market that will soon be the majority group in the U.S. by the year 2050. BWofBrazil Same issues, different country. Whiteness continues to see itself as the supreme representative of the human race. Once upon a time, CNN seemed like it was one of the more diverse news channels on American TV. But as time goes on, and the minority population represents more and more of the American population, it seems that CNN feels the need to reinstate its allegiance to whiteness as well. The situation is even worse in Brazil where there are only a handful well-known black journalists: Bigheart521 likes this. Eranoswatch This is a very interesting remark. Now, the wierd thing is why there is no outreach between Black Brezilians and African Americans on this issue?  Isn't there a bigger issue to ponder over? Marley1216 KEEP WAITING FOR CNN TO GIVE YOU BLACK NEWS...LOL..INSTEAD OF CREATING YOUR OWN REPUTABLE NEWS SITE...THIS IS PATHETIC...LATINOS HAVE LIKE 3 SPANISH CHANNELS DEALING WITH ISSUES THAT AFFECT THEM...BUT BLACK PEOPLE STILL WAITING FOR WHITES TO FIX THEIR PROBLEM..SHAME Bigheart521 likes this. Marley1216 KEEP WAITING FOR CNN TO GIVE YOU BLACK NEWS...LOL..INSTEAD OF CREATING YOUR OWN REPUTABLE NEWS CHANNEL...THIS IS PATHETIC...LATINOS HAVE LIKE 3 SPANISH CHANNELS DEALING WITH ISSUES THAT AFFECT THEM...BUT BLACK PEOPLE STILL WAITING FOR WHITES TO FIX THEIR PROBLEM..SHAME princeeditor Univision, Telemundo and CNN en Espanol are not owned by Latinos. Marley1216 AT least they are providing indepth coverage of ISSUES AFFECTING THE LATINO COMMUNITY. When was the last time you saw CNN, MSNBC, FOX FOCUS their programming on ISSUES AFFECTING THE BLACK COMMUNITY.. Black people are just pathetic for not catching up to other communities that arrived recently but are running loops around them economically, in education and creating business for their peers. SOMEBODY HAS TO SAY IT!! Marley1216 I am willing to be corrected. (IN FACT I'M PRAYING THAT I WILL BE CORRECTED) RainforestChakra Perhaps blacks could team up with another group with more social capital, like the LGBT community, to start a network. I think this could work and be huge. Ebony, Jet, The Root, Newsone, etc. are dying relics; anachronisms. But imagine the potential if you created media geared towards all of the victim groups, kind of like Huffpo has done? A news channel geared towards blacks, the LGBT community, and the latino community is how you should be thinking. Marley1216 GREAT IDEA...I man it just amazes me how a country can completley IGNORE the issues that are affecting a third of its population. AS IF THEY ARE KIDS and cannot sit at the grown up table to hold an adult conversation. AND I FULLY BLAME the community for ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN. I cannot imagine my kids growing up in a society where they cannot even buy DOLLS who look like them. David Jones Marley shut the hell up..first you say Latinos own their stations and then change your story when someone called you out on your lies. Black folks cannot force the owners of those stations to create black shows to focus on black issues..and neither did the Latinos. The question is why is it that those station owners don't have a problem with creating Latino stations that focus on their issues but don't find it profitable to do the same for blacks. I suggest you do some research on what it takes to own a station...a while you're at it check on why Oprah doesn't even own her network. Dont get insulted, but is your job devoted to spreading ignorance. crazy d Did Roland put yaw up to writing this article? bumpy likes this. David Jones Did Zucker put you up to your post shuai ge CNN is owned by JEWS.  Many of the people you see on CNN are JEWS, not WHITE.  JEWS have the highest verbal IQ of any race (higher than their 112 IQ averages), thus are strongly overrepresented in the media. Maurice Smith The core of everything in America is predicated on race; then, class. In America, if you are Moorish, black, you have no credibility as seen through the power structrue that operates the "system"...managers, heads of goverment, judges, employers, police and law enforcement officers etc. In other words, whites, who generally have all the power in this system do not feel blacks are qualified to be in positions that put them in lead or prominent positions: CNN anchor, President of anything including this country, Mayor, Head of university, college coach, police captian, firefighter, tradesmen, officer in the military, just about any profession, whites do not trust the judgement, professionalism, of blacks. They didn't like Roland Martin from the start. They didn't like his looks. they didn't like his strong opinions and how he argued his points with "whte's" on the show. Other white analysis seemed intimidated by Roland's style; and embarrassed that a black man would challenge their opinions; or even, that Roland had a opinion. The media, and fans never liked Lovie Smith the coach of the Chicago Bears. His credibility was at issue because he was black. He was often discredited and criticized about he ran the team, despite that he was a winner, and took that team to the Superbowl. Look at the treatment of the is unprecendented how the GOP, Tea Party and their pundits have targeted this man. His race causes this backlash. Many whites do not trust his judgement or qaulifications because of his skin color. As far as the national media, on MSNBC have acceptable black participation; and, this is wanning. The white power structure generally gets bt this by utilizing black females in positions of power . They don't feel black women have credibility either; however, they are more comfortable with a female than a black male. In all of American society employees only have to show for 12 per cent minoirty hiring and increasingly, that figure is made up of black females. The black male is extinct in all phases of American life: government, politics, education, trade jobs, media, military, small business....Roland Martin wasn't the only brother that got axed from CNN. Big city news anchors have gotten rid of black males. Television and movies are extinct with black males. Black males in America are found in the prison complex in this country, and on the street corners, hustling and living for the weekend. Human Dignity is a Matter of Social Permission. This country is not allowing this to a large segment of their population. Kinder_Gentler_DTTTS "In America, if you are Moorish, black, you have no credibility"  Yes, that's right, because this "Moorish black" identity is complete fiction dreamed up by nutjobs who want to take other people's property based on ridiculous claims of "nobility" and then create their own system of laws while ignoring the ACTUAL system of laws. Maurice Smith The term, concept and history of the Moor's, is not "fictional" if one knows their history. One can study history taught in American Schools and grow up to think Jesus Christ is white. However, everyone is entitled to a opinion. I am not hear to change yours. You commented on my opinion. What i say is not written to please you. It is the reality I have observed as a social scientist. You have a good day. E Mey MSmith: Whether Jesus Christ actually existed or not, he is portrayed as a Jew, one of the many semitic tribes that wandered through the "cradle of civilization". He wouldn't have been a Moor since Moors weren't in the region where JC is purported to have lived. His language was Aramaic....still spoken today by some Christian communities in Iraq. Kinder_Gentler_DTTTS Yes, I'm aware that the Moors existed. The idea that any Moors have any "noble" claims to seize property, and the idea that some random black people in the US today are the heirs to some "throne" and thus have inherited that completely BS "noble right" to seize other people's property, is an absurd fiction.  You are an idiot deluding yourself and others. Good day to you, too.

Kinder_Gentler_DTTTS Hmm, let's see. CNN was founded in 1980, and FOR THE FIRST TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF ITS EXISTENCE, IT HAD A BLACK MAN AS ITS "PRINCIPAL ANCHOR". That man, Bernard Shaw, retired in 2001.  CNN is now 33 years old. A black man was chief anchor for 21 of those 33 years. For those following along at home, that is 64%, nearly two thirds. Thus for the substantial majority of its time on the air, CNN had a black principal anchor.  But, sometimes a black man wants to just thrown facts out the door so he can express his emotions about race. Once a black man who is feeling this particular mood has unhinged himself completely from reality, he's comfortable ignoring the meanings of words and, frankly, just making stuff up.   This is how we end up getting told that a cable news network that MADE ITS DEBUT with a black chief anchor, and has had a black chief anchor for MOST OF ITS EXISTENCE, "invariably" chooses white people to fill the chief anchor spot.  In the normal world, "invariably" means "always", not "only one third of the time".   MissCheevious likes this. Maurice Smith Bernard Shaw was a great and credible news anchor, however, he did a little "window dressing" too for CNN. In other words, whiel he had a prominent position, most blacks working for CNN were janitors, and bell boys. Marley1216 likes this. Kinder_Gentler_DTTTS So? Most white people working for CNN had menial positions, too. Kinder_Gentler_DTTTS Oh, also, Bernard Shaw was a serious, world-class newsman. He debuted in the network's top spot, and stayed there for 21 years until he decided to retire. This "window dressing" charge seems like complete nonsense. Not everybody at a news network can have the fancy jobs. Most people (and this includes most whites) do things like answer phones, make coffee, file paperwork, operate teleprompters, etc etc.... and yes, the floors have to get swept too. Marley1216 It should not be out of the norm for a black man to head an agency in 2013. blacks are just as capable as whites. The argument is the current situation at CNN where all the contributors who can present the black prespective have been KICKED OUT. Solidad, ronals etc... HOW can CNN just write off people that speak for a third of the US is beyond me. And when u don't have diversity in ur staff we all know what happens (ex. remember the SHACKLE SHOES NIKE HAD, or JUST LOOK AT FOX NEWS). The coverage of news stories such as the trayvon case, and the recent protest in NY will be onesided, further POLARIZING THE COUNTRY. princeeditor You might be interested in what Bernard Shaw himself has to say: Bernard Shaw Issues a Warning MissCheevious Marley1216, it should not be out of the norm for a black man to start his own broadcasting company and hire who he wants. And guess what? It probably will be mostly blacks. Think you'll see an article on the Root or anywhere else regarding white people complaining about that? I don't.   Again, start your own news shows, then you'll no longer have the need for a white man to hire you. And double bonus, WE won't have to watch it! Yay for all!! MickeyDuck If black journalists have as little regard for the facts and journalistic standards as what passes on this site it's a wonder any of them get jobs MissCheevious likes this. QuietThoughtsII Umm, my remote works and I can make a choice on what I watch and support Pea Scott likes this. crazy d Man !! ,, You sound a lot more like the old QT's these days. Rationality is your strong suit. I'll give you a pass for the time period around the past election.  Come on !! ... Lets you and I form a posse and take down the Man. And when I mean The Man, I mean DC ... White, Black, Left, Right, Gay , Straight, Legal, Illegal, Religious, Atheist, Rich, Poor .... whoever ain't doin the right thing. Just like you use to do in the Old Days on theRoot. ..... I'm in ... How about you? Kinder_Gentler_DTTTS While I'm sure QT is gratified by your approval, I don't think the tone of your comment is going to do much to promote mutual respect between the two of you. crazy d QT and I go way back. I'm sure he's figured out by now if I'm BS'n him or not. But I get your point. I don't think "pretty please with sugar on top" would have helped on this occasion. demondedwards I said that exact same thing about CNN when Jeff Zucker was brought aboard. Who was the first person to go...Soledad. So I asked, why is it she had to be the first to go? Then Mary Matlin and James Carville left, and now Roland. There were heavy hitters, but Mr. Zucker is going to try to make CNN like Foxnews. MSNBC may not have people of color in their prime time slots, which I personally would have like to have seen Joy Reid in the 8 o'clock hour, they do have plenty of people of color as contributors. I'm a young black male and I would like to think that I'm plenty sharp when it comes to political news, CNN is looking to tell politics from the white perspective, once again, the same way Foxnews is doing it and Mr. Zucker believes this will increase rating, which it won't. Marley1216 likes this. E Mey Matlin, Carville and Martin were not "heavy hitters". They were superficial, given to predictable talking points, and more interested in their paychecks than carrying out the responsibilities of journalists. The news "industry" in the US is more concerned with its entertainment value than civic value. That's why most Americans are ignorant about what's happening in Washington and outside our borders. ivan cohen Should Mr. Zucker make CNN like Foxnews because they're out to win the hearts, the minds and the pocketbooks of white viewers, then black viewers are going to be poorer for it. Not economically poorer, but intellectually poorer. Radio stations that program to urban(black people) markets are owned by corporations. In my hometown, it is not lost on me how the white stations have their talk radio format such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. One station even has a local talk radio format from Monday to Friday. What about the urban stations? Well, they're left with Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden. The station which used to be black-owned went into the folds of the corporation and it does nothing but gospel music. One personality used to be aired over this station on Saturdays from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. The powers that be moved them to a 3:00pm to 4:00pm on Saturdays. So much for black people getting any information, they're generally running errands. Forever blissfully ignorant because the corporate overseers want it that way. Marley1216 likes this. Marley1216 THE SAME THING IN MY HOME TOWN. NO black talk radio stations what so ever . You turn on the radio and all you hear is "SHAKE THAT BO**" OR "SMOKE THAT S***". driving down the street you hear a 50 yo, man bumpin; hip hop. Now how are black people supposed to counter the hate and racist filled argument comming from the whites who listen to RUSH OR SHAWN. The state of Blacks in America is Very distrubing MissCheevious You ought to try, just once, listening to Rush or Sean. I promise you neither of them Hate anyone. And at times, they make much sense. You have simply confused "politics" with "race".  Sean and Rush and Glenn are all just Conservatives, not Racists. Despite what you think, the two are not synonymous. David Jones MissCheevious..if you believe that crap...then I'm sure you would believe me if I told you the New Black Panther Party don't hate anyone..they're just community organizers despite what you think!

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