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N.Y. Times' Cautious Step on "Illegal" Called "Cowardice"

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NAHJ Scores Newspaper After Protesters Present Petitions

Fox News a Haven for Talk About Muslim Threats

Fired, Then Hired, Clemente Becomes Instant Celebrity

Politico Piece on N.Y. Times Draws Sexism Charges

Unity Urges Appointment of Pro-Diversity FCC Chair

Gracie Lawson-Borders Named Dean at Howard U.

Howard Chua-Eoan, News Director at Time, Retiring

Short Takes

Activists picket the New York Times building on Tuesday (Credit: Drop the I-Word

NAHJ Scores Newspaper After Protesters Present Petitions

After activists picketed the New York Times building Tuesday and delivered petitions with more than 70,000 signatures urging the newspaper to drop the term "illegal immigrant," the Times announced a change in policy. But the National Association of Hispanic Journalists called the change "unacceptable" and cowardly.

Unity: Journalists for Diversity, which includes NAHJ, followed NAHJ on Thursday.

The immigration debate and the accompanying debate over terminology are likely to remain in the headlines. Reform bills are before Congress, and two brothers who immigrated from Chechnya are suspected of carrying out last week's Boston marathon bombing.

"On Tuesday, The New York Times updated its policies on how it uses the phrase 'illegal immigrant' in its coverage," Christine Haughney reported for the New York Times. "The newspaper did not go as far as The Associated Press, and it will continue to allow the phrase to be used for 'someone who enters, lives in or works in the United States without proper legal authorization.' But it encourages reporters and editors to 'consider alternatives when appropriate to explain the specific circumstances of the person in question, or to focus on actions.' " 

Haughney had noted, "This month, The Associated Press announced it would eliminate the use of 'illegal immigrant' entirely. The news agency wrote, 'Except in direct quotes essential to the story, use "illegal" only to refer to an action, not a person: illegal immigration, but not illegal immigrant.' "

While the AP style guidelines are widely followed, some news organizations have their own. Among the broadcast media, for instance, ABC News has used the terms "undocumented worker" and "undocumented immigrant," network spokesman Jeffrey W. Schneider told Journal-isms.

Haughney continued, "Philip B. Corbett, the associate managing editor for standards, who oversees The Times's style manual, made the announcement on Tuesday shortly after a group staged a protest in front of The New York Times headquarters and delivered more than 70,000 signatures to Jill Abramson, the executive editor of The Times, asking her to end the use of the phrase.

"Mr. Corbett said in a statement that editors had spent months deliberating the updated style change. He said he shared these changes 'with key reporters and editors over the last couple of weeks.' He said he recognized how sensitive this issue is for readers. . . . "

NAHJ said in its statement, "The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) is disappointed by the NY Times' carelessness and cowardice on the dehumanizing term 'illegal immigrant.' The Times shift in policy is unacceptable in accurately and sensibly describing a group of hard working people. The Times attempt to have it both ways by 'allowing the phrase to be used' and only 'encouraging reporters to consider alternatives' is unacceptable. Instead of taking an opportunity to show it understands how destructive the term is to Latinos; the publication only demonstrated how disconnected it is to this group."

The protesters included immigration activist Fernando Luis MirandaChavez, eldest son of the late farmworkers' rights leader Cesar Chavez; Jose Antonio Vargas, the former journalist who publicly disclosed his unauthorized status in 2011; and members of the groups and The Applied Research Center's "Drop the I-Word" campaign also participated.

In a separate development, Luis Miranda, who just stepped down as director of Hispanic media for the Obama administration and is credited with improving access to the White House for Latino media, disclosed Tuesday that he was once an unauthorized immigrant.

"When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot. One of my best friends with the same goal joined the Civil Air Patrol and encouraged me to join, too. I jumped at the chance. But then it happened. I needed a Social Security number and didn't have one. I began to understand what it meant to be undocumented," Miranda wrote in an op-ed piece in USA Today.

A 1986 law "allowed immigrants like myself a path to citizenship," Miranda wrote. [Updated April 25.]

On CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360°" on Tuesday, Cooper discussed the resilience of Boston residents with the Rev. Liz Walker of Roxbury Presbyterian Church. Walker ended her anchor role at Boston's WBZ in 2005 after 25 years. (Video)

Fox News a Haven for Talk About Muslim Threats

"In the days following the Boston Marathon bombings, Fox News has become a haven for talk about the extreme threats posed to the United States by Muslims," Jack Murchinson wrote Wednesday for the Huffington Post. "Day after day, the network's hosts and pundits have warned about an Islamic menace which is poised to take down the country.

"At the most extreme has been 'Fox News liberal' Bob Beckel, whose call on 'The Five' to bar or severely restrict Muslim students from coming into America seemed to startle even Dana Perino, George Bush's former spokeswoman. Beckel stuck by his comments on Tuesday, saying that some of the 75,000 Muslim students in American schools are likely to harbor terrorist ambitions.

" 'It's a risky situation,' he said. . . . "

Fired North Dakota anchor A.J. Clemente landed a job on "Live With Kelly and Mic

Fired, Then Hired, Clemente Becomes Instant Celebrity

"He was hired. And then he was fired. And now he's been hired — for a night — as a celebrity correspondent," Ann Oldenburg reported Wednesday for USA Today.

"A.J. Clemente, the North Dakota anchor who shot to fame for dropping an f-bomb on the air on his first day on the job only to be immediately fired, stopped by Live With Kelly and Michael today.

"And the two co-hosts offered him a job.

" 'A.J., you know, I've got to tell you, that this clip of you has captivated all of us,' Kelly Ripa told him. 'It's taken us on a wild ride. What exactly was going on in your head when that happened? Were you aware that you were on the air?'

"Replied Clemente, 'I had no clue.' And there was a bleep, even though he didn't curse. The show's control room bleeped him to be funny. . . ."

Politico Piece on N.Y. Times Draws Sexism Charges

"Has Jill Abramson, executive editor of The New York Times, 'lost the newsroom'?" Tom McGeveran asked Wednesday for Capital New York.

"A story posted last night by Politico's Dylan Byers characterizes Abramson as a woman on the verge of a newsroom breakdown. The culprit is her personality, but also, to be fair, the way that personality has manifested itself in a few decisions, none of which were particularly key decisions.

"Today, the story has readers charging sexist bias, thin sourcing, and a certain naivete about how the great big newsrooms work. I don't think any of these is really applicable to Byers' reporting, but this article does speak volumes about all three issues. . . ."

The Byers article opens with an anecdote about Managing Editor Dean Baquet, the highest ranking black journalist at the newspaper, who was said to have competed with Abramson for the top job after Bill Keller stepped down in 2011.

Unity Urges Appointment of Pro-Diversity FCC Chair

Unity: Journalists for Diversity urged President Obama Wednesday "to consider the diversity of America's news coverage and news companies as you evaluate candidates to chair the Federal Communications Commission."

Unity also joined "Fifty organizations, most representing minority constituencies, [who] have asked the White House to nominate two new FCC commissioners, including a replacement chairman — who will make minority and female participation in media a priority," John Eggerton reported for Broadcasting & Cable.

Unity did not urge Obama to appoint a woman of color to the chairmanship, as the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters did this month, but the letter from President Tom Arviso Jr. said, "The next chairman or chairwoman of the FCC will shape the future of news for diverse communities in America"  and named "the principles we believe should serve as core values for any future appointment."

Mignon Clyburn

The Unity coalition asserted its opposition to additional consolidation of the nation's media; urged the FCC "to conduct research on tracking the number of minority, women and LGBT owned broadcast stations"; said that "diversity should be measured and factored into approval or rejection of all licensing and re-licensing applications" and that "universal access to the Internet is a basic right."

Eggerton reported, "The White House is said by various sources to be vetting the current nominee for chairman — former cable and telecom association exec Tom Wheeler is said to be the leading candidate — and could announce a nominee, as well as a Republican to be paired with him or her, within the next couple of weeks.

"If commissioner Mignon Clyburn is named interim chair" — she is the senior Democrat after outgoing chair Julius Genachowski — "she could be in that post for several months and have an opportunity to put her imprint on the issue as the first African-American woman chair. . . . "

Unity includes the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the Asian American Journalists Association, the Native American Journalists Association and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.

Gracie Lawson-Borders Named Dean at Howard U.

Gracie Lawson-BordersGracie Lawson-Borders, associate dean at the University of Wyoming College of Arts and Sciences and professor in communication and journalism there, has been named dean of the Howard University School of Communications, Howard announced on Tuesday.

Lawson-Borders is a former journalist who worked as a reporter and editor at the Akron Beacon Journal in Ohio, the Oakland Press in Michigan and the Chicago Tribune, the university said.

She succeeds Jannette Dates, who had been dean or acting dean for 17½ years and associate dean for five, and Interim Dean Dr. Chuka Onwumechili, who served in the post for the last year.

Lawson-Borders is also a former director of the African American & Diaspora Studies program at Wyoming and is working on her second book, about digital business models and strategies for media organizations, the university said.

In September, the university Board of Trustees approved two new undergraduate programs and a new doctoral program in the School of Communications as a part of the university’s "academic renewal" efforts.

The new undergraduate programs are strategic, legal and management communications, and media, journalism and film. The doctoral program is in communication, culture and media studies.

The School of Communications has 1,050 students.

Howard Chua-Eoan, News Director at Time, Retiring

Howard Chua-EoanHoward Chua-Eoan, news director at Time magazine and, is retiring, Chua-Eoan told Journal-isms by email on Wednesday. He has been with Time Inc. for 30 years.

"I am retiring. But still going to do the occasional project for TIME. In fact, I am about to start on one next week," Chua-Eoan wrote.

Time magazine received the 2012 Thumbs Down Award from the National Association of Black Journalists "for its lack of diversity within its reporting corps," NABJ announced at its convention last year in New Orleans.

"That's why I'm here," Chua-Eoan told Journal-isms at the convention. Chua-Eoan said he was available to meet with potential hires, though he did not have a recruiting booth because Time decided to skip the NABJ career fair in favor of the Unity convention in Las Vegas.

When Steven Gray left last year as Time's last remaining African American correspondent, he praised Chua-Eoan, saying he "brought me to the magazine and is one of the most elegant editors I've ever worked for."

According to a 2002 bio, "Chua-Eoan was an Assistant Managing Editor for TIME and was responsible for both breaking news and religion stories until January 2002 when he became News Director. He was also editor of 'Heroes & Inspirations,' the fifth in the series of six TIME 100: People of the Century issues which profiled the 100 most influential individuals of the past 100 years.

"The weekend editor for the magazine, Chua-Eoan was on duty on Aug. 30, 1997 when news broke of the accident that took Princess Diana's life. He edited and co-wrote stories and organized the 16-hour effort that completely revamped 20 pages of the issue and resulted in the dramatic overnight cover change. Chua-Eoan was also deeply involved in the commemorative issue produced by the magazine the following week that included not only a 40-page tribute to Diana but a six-page appreciation of Mother Teresa that Chua-Eoan wrote. The two Diana covers hold the record for the most copies of TIME sold on the newsstand. . . ."

The bio notes that Chua-Eoan was born in Manila, the Philippines, and came to the United States in October 1979 at age 20.

Short Takes

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Comments to the Gannett Blog on Leon Tucker and Courier-Post

Comments to the Gannett Blog <> on Leon Tucker and Courier-Post (Short Takes)

Anonymous 4/24/2013 5:23 PM

Chris Mitchell is a very bright and capable journalist. She has been around this paper for many years. Congrats to her along with best wishes. Good riddance to Tucker, a real loser. Janus GM?? Can't wait to see if one of the do-nothings in advertising gets his ad job.

Anonymous 4/24/2013 10:06 PM

Leon Tucker's position was eliminated.

Anonymous 4/24/2013 10:07 PM Wish they would sweep house in our newsroom, headed by a minority, but that will not happen. It's all about keeping minorities in power no matter how bad the numbers are.

Anonymous 4/25/2013 6:11 AM

Dear Me Grand Wizzard the gentleman this string is discussing is a minority. You can go back to your burning cross now.

Anonymous 4/24/2013 10:54 PM

Gannett hypocrisy as usual. Same old same old.

Anonymous 4/25/2013 12:53 AM

Leon Tucker is a fine journalist in a difficult position at a struggling daily in a highly competitive market. He was the guy tasked with being tha hammer. That said, if you worked hard be was your greatest supporter. A very principled and wonderful person.

Anonymous 4/25/2013 2:10 AM

I'm with you @1253. Tucker is strong and insightful.

Anonymous 4/25/2013 9:11 AM

Leon was absolutely overmatched by his position. He never should have been promoted, and he had no idea what to do once he was. His removal is a rare step in the right direction by Gannett.

The promotion of Chris Mitchell -- a local woman who actually knows the market! -- is another step in the right direction.

Chris has some iffy ideas and will need to be kept in line, though. We'll have to see what happens with her calling the shots.

PS: 12:53 and 2:10 have to be the same person; there simply are not two people in the world who think that highly of Leon. In fact, it's quite possible both we posted by Leon himself.

Anonymous 4/25/2013 10:55 AM

Anonymous 4/25/2013 11:00 AM

The Courier-Post has been looking for a GM and executive editor for more than a year. No one inside or outside of Gannett wanted to come to Cherry Hill to run the place. Ellen Leifeld was brought in on a temporary basis while the search continued. In the meantime, the Inquirer has beefed up their South Jersey coverage extensively and is now beating the CP on local stories every single day. Circulation and morale continue to plummet.

Anonymous 4/25/2013 11:16 AM

Leon is a fine journalist and this is not Leon. I think he is a good man and a very fair person, who tried to do what was asked of him. Gannett has a very bad habit of forcing people into positions they didn't ask for or may not be ready to handle. They "eliminate" positions, then essentially force someone to take over the position (of course without the title). Sure, you can say no, but then you're not a team player and you certainly will have no future there. Case in point what they did in the photo department at the Courier-Post. They laid off the photo editor (a former photographer, who took the position when asked to), then "asked" a photographer to take over the duties of the photo editor, while still shooting as well. That's what happened with Leon. Sometimes people haven't been properly trained or prepared to do what they're being asked to do. Essentially, at times, you are set up to fail.

Anonymous 4/25/2013 11:25 AM

Also, agree with 10:55 about Janus. Not sure why this guy deserves to be GM. You want to talk about overmatched? He led a whole bunch of do nothings. Where is Gene Williams these days?

Anonymous 4/25/2013 12:12 PM

The fact that Gannett is promoting from within is not a positive sign in this particular circumstance. It's expedient and most likely cheap. No relocation costs, no bonuses, no coaxing of stars to come into a very tough market. Everybody is in over their head on this one.

Anonymous 4/25/2013 12:20 PM

re 11am. I continue to be astounded as to why the Philly Inquirer hasn't put on a full court press to, in essence, put the CP out once and for. The Inquirer's so-called South Jersey section is ridiculous. Most of the news/stories in that section are covering Pa suburbs.

Anonymous4/25/2013 7:43 PM

I worked with Tucker too and the only thing he worked hard at was kissing the boss' behind. That's how he moved up into that position. He didn't deserve nor had the skill set for that job and was victim of his own ambition. You have to treat everybody right, not just the ones who can get you what you want and don't deserve. Maybe Tucker will learn humility and to treat others right after this experience. God bless him. The fact that he's a minority is neither here nor there as anyone who works for Gannett will tell you that there are plenty of old white folk around who aren't doing a stellar job either, and yet they get to keep their jobs.

Anonymous 4/25/2013 10:26 PM

Ellen made some much-needed changes and we will miss her. Chris Mitchell will kick ass and has the support of the building. Long live Spot News.

Cross-postings from the Root


illegal immigrants..what's wrong with this? they are immigrants without authorisation to stay here...


"I don't understand why are we afraid to call things for what they are. If someone enters the country illegally, then that person becomes an illegal alien, undocumented Alien, illegal resident, or illegal immigrant. Why do we call them illegal? Because that person entered the country without proper authorization and his intentions are to stay in this country. So, he is immigrating to this country illegally. It is not degrading, we are just calling thing for what they are."

Here is the thing, words carry connotations with them so selecting the proper wording is important. "Heathen" was applied to the American Indian by whites and technically that was accurate because Heathen meant a person that didn't believe in the established religions (Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc.). The flip side of that is using that word makes them in someway "less" than human and allowed whites to commit genocide. After all they were just murdering heathens.

Truth is when you look at all of American history white Americans LOVED to put labels on people different than themselves, again to de-humanize them which in turn means they can be treated as "less" than white people. Care to guess what labels they put on us black folk? Chinese indentured slaves to build the rail roads or even Mexicans that stood in the way of whites expanding west and wanting their lands?

By your reasoning we could / should call white people??? Rapists? Genocidal maniacs? War mongering aliens? Actually I can thing of a long list of names but I won't bother, you know them as well as I do.

Maybe if we all used the term HUMAN BEIGN and started from there and gave the respect any HUMAN BEING deserves we could move forward.

Pea Scott likes this.


And you have no chance of advancing this agenda in black America. If you don't wanna get made, stop espousing these immoral corparatist views that have zero chance in the black community. Why would someone embrace something that will harm them. I got five black friends in particular I'd love for you to say this in front of though, especially after the beer is flowing. We speak on this subject often. All educated too, went to college with all of them. Yeah, I'd love to be there when you said it. You can take that "human being" garbage and...


I don't understand why are we afraid to call things for what they are. If someone enters the country illegally, then that person becomes an illegal alien, undocumented Alien, illegal resident, or illegal immigrant. Why do we call them illegal? Because that person entered the country without proper authorization and his intentions are to stay in this country. So, he is immigrating to this country illegally. It is not degrading, we are just calling thing for what they are. What will you call a person who takes something dishonestly from you? You probably call him a thief, robber, or burglar. Are you going to give that person a better title because you might affect his feelings? You probably won’t even consider the possibility of being noble with that person. Even, if you knew that the person was stealing because he had no money.

In the same manner, so many people recalls the time when people came to this country without a permit. The time our borders were open to anyone who desired to come to the U.S. But we are no longer living those times. Population in the U.S. at present time is not the same as in the old west. Before you were able to wonder into the west and take possession of a land that no one owned, work the land and enjoy the benefits. Now you cannot find free land, because the land either belongs to a private party or to the government.

How, would you like if I enter your home without your approval or knowledge and then when I finally accomplish to enter your home, I ask for help; instead of asking if I could come into your home and get some help. I believe that you probably won't allow it. Or if you do, you might allow one or two persons to enter your home, but not 20 or 30 at one time because your resources might not be sufficient to provide for all of us.

NOT only that, we are now creating a new society, the illegal Alien Society. Before, if someone crossed the border illegally, they will keep it for themselves. But not anymore, now, they feel free to shout openly they came illegally and march carrying their country flag and proclaim without shame they have rights because they were able to enter the country without authorization. In another words, we have to give them an award for evading the border authorities.

I'm not against for trying to obtain a better life. But they should know that crossing the border without authorization is illegal, and that they are breaking the law, the U.S. Law. Otherwise, I'll be asking for the same consideration when I run out money. I'll just go into my neighbor’s home when he's not looking and once inside, I'll ask them to feed me, a bed, and health insurance because I couldn't provide or obtain those benefits in my own home.

Maybe, everyone who supports that illegal immigration is a right, should go into another country illegally and then tell us their stories. Without going too far, they should try going into Mexico without proper documentation and them blog or post your experience whenever they let you go free.

Finally, I believe that someone will say, but we are not them. That is right, we are not them, we should not let anyone, let us become like them. If someone comes into the country illegally, them, then they should try to find the way to become one of us, assimilate the U.S. culture, defend this country. So this country won't become like the country they are running away. At the same time, we should stop telling everyone that every immigrant is looking for a path to citizenship. That is a big lie. Not everyone wants that. A great percentage only wants to be able to stay in country and work, so they can send money to their family in their country. That is the main reason they come to the U.S. Even thou, some of they hate this country. So if you give them a permit to work and travel back to their country whenever they want. They'll be more than happy.


"The time our borders were open to anyone who desired to come to the U.S. But we are no longer living those times. Population in the U.S. at present time is not the same as in the old west. Before you were able to wonder into the west and take possession of a land that no one owned, work the land and enjoy the benefits."

Say WHAT? I know a LOT of American Indians and Hispanics native to the S.W. US that would disagree with your silly statement. Yes, there really is a reason every city west of Kansas starts with "San" or "La" and no it had nothing to do with white folks.


II just have two (2) questions:

1. Are these folks that enter the country illegally (regardless of country of origin) doing so illegally? (Illegal)

2. Is an immigrant, at a minimum, either one of these definitions? A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another. Or, a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. (Immigrant)

If the answer is yes (there really is no grey area, but I am sure some will still argue the point), then the person is an "Illegal Immigrant." Not sure what all the fuss is over a legal and correct phrase.

Instead of continuously complaining about how this phrase is insensitive, why don't won't people stop pretending it's isn’t here and quit giving people amnesty for breaking the law. It is said that "these poor kids didn't ask to be here", but come on!!! Some people from other countries have admitted that they brought their children here or bring their kids here knowingly. Regardless of any noble intentions, it is still wrong and we have kids, families and people in this country who deserve some of the same attention, rights and services that the "illegal Immigrant" and their offspring receive. Tell me, why should my child have to pay full tuition for college, and others not legally in this country or children of those not legally of this country, receive tuition relief? I am all for someone making a better life for themselves, but really, how long will this same old record play?


Thank You Gunnrunner...Amen


QuietThoughts, the establishment white liberal employed by The Root to keep the narrative on the right track, says Americans experiencing economic hardship are just "losers with no prospects," and that's his true motivation for wanting to flood America with cheap labor.

Him and people like him care little of their plight and secretly hate the poor and blacks because they won't support the promotion and elevation of homosexuality.

Now we see what the white liberal establishment really thinks about the 50% of black America that is unemployed or underemployed, and about the working class and poor- they're just "losers with no prospects." Notice that is the exact same thing the Wall Streeters said about the Occupy protesters. Liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, it is the same.

What will you do now?


Good Lord, you people are gonna give yourselves heartattacks bickering back and forth. Gay/straight, black/white, democrat/republican, liberal/conservative...blah blah. We all have to pay taxes and survive. We all have problems in our lives admit it or not. What will any of you accomplish sitting here today? Unless you are a high up politician with dirty knees, nothing. But I guess I do understand the need to vent so, go ahead, pop a nitroglycerin under your tongues and go at it. I have a household to maintain and a life to live.


Yeah, you have point, more and more I see that commenter was correct who said everyone here is a white plant, it starting to get pretty clear, so I'll be out, as it's no fun banging on a bunch of frauds. But it's interesting how NYT, HuffPo, The Grio and TheRoot made the choice to step in and manage the conversation, and the different approaches they've taken to do it.

NYT kicked everybody out then screened the new batch for their political views, while TheRoot has all of these plants making up a majority of the comments, including you and that vicious gnat, QuietThoughts. But NewsOne hasn't managed their comments at all, so the comments always reflect anger and distrust of the official narrative.

I wonder when liberal BusinessInsider will start managing theirs, the way people bash Weisenthal and Blodget and trash all the articles and voice their contempt for our leadership.

But you know when the truth becomes the enemy that all is lost, right?


Dont be hating on me, Buddy. If you had read and paid attention to my posts, you would see, I dont have an opinion on anything. Im just a part time working stiff like most. trying to get through each day with as little pain as I can, yet try to contribute to society with dignity knowing Im not one in the system sucking up your tax dollars. Pea Scott and QuietThoughtsII like this.



"QuietThoughts, the establishment white liberal employed by The Root..."

How I wish that were true, I could use the cash. Run along now...


All these posts have valid points. Fact remains, this country is what it is. We can sit here and bicker back and forth all day but in the end, nothings changing. I could care less about whos coming here from where. My complaint is... We still have problems here. Hungry innocent kids, low income elderly whom worked all their lives, I mean the list really goes on and on..... But if everybody else is gonna cry about it, let me please vent as well. I sit here, 41 years old, can only work part time because I have a bad back due to 22 years in the home health industry lifting and caring for our elderly. I cant get any health care for surgery or meds because I cant afford it!!! So I live on Ibuprofen 800 and ice packs because I refuse to go on disability at my age. Just saying... I wish things were better in US but its not.


Yeah, it's so sad how nothing can be done, how it's all just so inevitable. I guess since only 2% of the population can truly afford to live, the responsible and earth-friendly thing to do is just be poor and not procreate and die. Yup, it's a mystery how things got this way, how things got so expensive so fast. Yup, no one knows how it happened, it's just a big misery. Well, we elected Obama, and that didn't help, so nothing can be done. It's been a fun human race! Empowering message.

Rob Mars

I'm going to stop renewing my drivers license. If I get pulled over by a cop, I'll just explain that I'm not an unlawful or illegal driver - I'm just undocumented.

adulescentuluscarnifex likes this.


Let us know how that works for you...

Pea Scott likes this.


This American has had enough, white HuffPo lib. Maybe you have a trust fund and that's why you can't see his frustration. You're not very angry and spew a lot of bs happy-talk and official propaganda, so you probably enjoy a very dignified and fulfilling life. Your trust fund or parasitic goverment job has you unable to see why people don't like to see their wages undercut while the government props up housing prices.


Ok, we get it, your a loser with no education and few prospects. I feel sorry for you, I really do.

Cool Thug

"Propaganda", adulescentuluscarnifex? LOL. Sounds like you've been taking Paul Pearce a little too seriously. LOL. Pea Scott and QuietThoughtsII like this.

adulescentuluscarnifex QT

Feel sorry for the other 101M losers not in the workforce as well. You're right, with my two worthless degrees, which I half way knew were a fraud when I was earning them, I'm working a job I hate outside the country because I can't get work there, white lib. It's a terrible job and I want to be in my own country, white lib, not here, but there's nothing there for me, and I can't do welfare, white lib. But when the party starts, I'm coming back, and I'm just looking going to be looking for people who fit your profile.

Thug Genius-

7.7% inflation - lie (they admit)

2% inflation- lie

3.5% GDP growth - lie

Lowest male patricipation rate in the labor force on record 47 million on foodstamps (a record) 1 trillion in student loans- 13% in default, 40% in deferrment GM offers a 97 month loan; most sales subprime and deep subprime 1 million homeless students in US public schools

But they said every day the US is in "recovery." If that isn't propaganda, then what is it, Thug Genius?

By the way QT, 1 million US public school students are now homeless, another record. 53% of college grads under age 25 are unemployed or underemployed. Looks like to you all of black America are "losers with no prospects," gay white boy HuffPo lib.

Cool Thug

Rob Mars, please do that here in Los Angeles. That way the cops can impound your car, then write you out a traffic ticket for driving without a drivers license. Wait a minute, it doesn't stop there. You will also get the bill for the tow truck that will be used to drag your car off to the police impound, another bill for housing your car while you clear up this mess all of this will cause, plus a large fee to release your car back to you. From what I understand, you'll be looking at a total cost of over $5,000 dollars. If you fail to pay the total costs, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. Please, please, oh please drive without a drivers license in Los Angeles.

Pea Scott and QuietThoughtsII like this.

Cool Thug

For real, Rob Mars. I'm with Quiet. Let us know how it goes. QuietThoughtsII likes this.

QuietThoughtsII Would be great if he does a video and posts it on YouTube, everyone could get a few laughs in.

Pea Scott and Cool Thug like this.

Cool Thug

Quiet, I would love to watch that YouTube post myself!


Truth is, old white guys LOVE putting labels on other human beings, it's so much easier to think of them as less than human that way. Something they have done since the very beginning of this country and continue today.


You would know, seeing as you are a gay white male. Take it as an insult if you want, doesn't matter to me, but I'd bet money I'm right. I saw another commenter here came away with the impression you and other commenters are white plants, too.

No black person hates blacks and working people so much or is so maschistic that they would support further driving down the price of labor. There is no doubt that you are white. And also, while that screen name evokes an old lady, it's clear you aren't that old or female.

Also, your support of millions of unskilled workers flooding America at a time when the value of labor is plummeting and the waiters at Olive Garden have Bachelor's degrees is received as an unprovoked violent attack against me and my family.

In the tradition of Goebbels you call for economic violence against black America. You call for the impoverishment of my family and for less food on my child's plate. How exactly do we "cure poverty," as you said "we must" do white HuffPo lib, when college grads are serving the food and Mexicans and washing dishes? Does the 'hood just get permanent welfare?

The time will come when you will answer for your crimes against black america, white establishment lib. Soon. And you'll see, not just the repubs are finished.


"You would know, seeing as you are a gay white male."

Buwahahahahaha, clueless as usual... 

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Hmm, revisiting this post I wonder why you felt the deep need to throw "gay" into the mix. You sure sound like an angry old white guy that NEEDS to put a label on anyone that disagrees with you. Yes, very, very telling...

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adulescentuluscarnifex Because I intuitively feel you are a gay white male, and not the older black woman the name QuietThoughts is meant to evoke. No, I've read you.

You're amoral liberal establishment scum and blacks don't agree with the amoral liberal establishment scum platform. And you know when the party starts, it won't just be white males you have to worry about.

QuietThoughtsII Black woman? Man you really haven't paid attention at all. As to the rest of your stupid rant, nothing anyone here can do for you, it's going to require professional help I'm afraid.

Pea Scott

***By telling the truth I arouse anger that sticks with people like a pebble in their shoe, and it is righteous and good that I do it.

PITY.....YOU arouse PITY.

I'm not in your beef with QT, but when you claim you arouse anger because YOU are "smart". Well THAT is simply just not true.

With your constant used of " white lib: and "gay white boy HuffPo lib", YOU offer nothing more than juvenile name calling. Because folks with FACTS on their side, have NO reason to resort to juvenile name calling. There simply is NO need.

ANYONE with a lick of COMMON SENSE KNOWS there are a whole lotta folks involved in getting this country where it is today.

And finally, ONLY the seriously delusional think ANYONE reads THEIR opinions on an ANONYMOUS blog past the first few words.

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Okay, PeaBrain.

You're right, my message won't get far in this tightly controlled dark little corner. But all we have to do is sit back and watch it unfold, and we'll see who is correct, Adulescentuluscarnifex, or the gnats TheRoot employs to give us the opinion of the man on the street.

All the stuff I said would happen 2 or 3 years ago when you folks banned me from here has come true. Nothing you guys said has.

When I said Americans would be poor and the govt was out to harm them, I was blocked from commenting here. Now today poverty is exploding and millions of college students owe more than they will ever be able to repay to the govt, and the govt will not let them out of this debt, and is in fact luring more college students into the this debt trap so just so they will keep apple and GM afloat.

But have you acknowledged I or all the other people saying what I was saying were correct? Where's your sense of decency and fairness? You should admit I was right and you were wrong and therefore the supremacy of my intellect.

Now you're so pathetic you can't even run stories about the US attack on Syria that's gearing up right now, or the attack on Iran that's coming that Obama and Hagel greenlighted, or the US food stamp program for illegals they're advertising in Mexico, or this grinding, terminal recession, choosing instead to cover such deep subjects as the inappropriateness of saying mixed kids are cute.

90% of the commenters at NewsOne sound like me, but here every thing is pro establishment. Right.

You're a bunch of prostitutes carrying water for fascists like Arcenaux and Weisenthal, and you have your own little dark ages going on here. You do evil. But like the great shylock friend of president Obama and destroyer of the economy, Lloyd Blankfein, I do God's work

Marilyn My law professor used to say, "Unlawful" means not condoned by the law. "Illegal" is a sick bird!

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They are correct, the term "Illegal immigrants" is the wrong term, the correct term is "Illegal Invaders"! Instead of plundering the country like invaders did in the old days, they are raping our charitable system!


Sort of like all the white folk did in the first place...


Hey white HuffPo lib-

Don't you get tired of this your hopeless sisyphean effort to get blacks to embrace their own destruction? The only people who cosign your garbage are the other white plants here, and I know you are growing a little more racist with each day you fail to make any converts and lose more influence over the narrative.

Telling me to embrace our economic and spiritual downfall, aside from being a postition so ludicrous and foolish that it is deeply insulting, is like trying to offer my child cigarettes or crack.

Don't think there won't be a response to this grievous slight and unwanted attack. We will not forget what you've done to our families and children, white establishment lib.


Nice try but still clueless.

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adulescentuluscarnifex Calling me clueless won't spare you and your kind the consequences of your actions. You'll see. Trust me.


Time for Americans to ditch the United States government. And time for millenials and Generation Xers to ditch the boomers. We see what they're about.


Go ahead, we want to watch. Be sure to post it on YouTube so everyone can get some laughs.


Laugh now. Cry later. The party's going to happen, you can't heckle reality away. Your beloved government has certainly planned for it.

If they didn't want it to happen, they could make some announcements and reverse some policies and forgive some things, and defuse it.

But they aren't. Because the party has to happen.


And the pink elephants are fixing to stampede....


When they stop being CRIMINALS I will stop calling them ILLEGALS.

Fair enough?

Paul Pearce

Instead of Illegal Aliens - are they really going to call them:


"Non-uniformed combatents"


An organized effort to subvert the sovereignty of the United States makes them all of the above.

Pick them up, finger print them, deport them, and the second time they are caught - shoot them as non-uniformed combatents.

Going too far? OK - let's negotiate from there.


Neither the New York Times nor Bloomberg have ditched the term "illegal gun" when referring to undocumented handguns.

Tom Sanders

What a bunch of cowards to let people picket you into not saying a couple words...............and them thinking you can ban free speech with a protest....throw those hispanic criminals in jail.

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