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CNN Shuts Down Roland Martin Early

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Producers Told Not to Book Pundit as Contract Winds Down

Comcast Analyst Suspended After Newsroom Altercation

Newsrooms Should First Ask, "Could This Offend?"

Internet Host Shouted Down at Conservative Conference

FCC Chairman to Step Down, Praised for Broadband Access

Israel Apologizes to Turkey for 2010 Flotilla Incident

Philly Inquirer Approves of Week's Race Conversations

Chinua Achebe, "African Literary Titan," Dies at 82

Short Takes

In February, Roland Martin, second from left, appeared on a CNN panel discussing

Producers Told Not to Book Pundit as Contract Winds Down

"The TV world can be so cold. When you're out, you're out. And sometimes sooner than you might expect," Betsy Rothstein wrote Thursday for FishbowlDC.

"There are 17 days left on Roland Martin‘s CNN contract. But the powers that be appear to be shutting it down early. With his contract ending April 6, some producers have been informed not to book him, FishbowlDC has learned. We knew something was awry when we noticed Martin hadn't tweeted his usual #bringthefunk alert on Twitter that he'd be appearing on [Erin Burnett's] 'Out Front,' which he hasn't done in a month. On Wednesday he tweeted that he did Canadian TV. The Canadians can find time to bring Martin's funk, but not CNN?

"Let's get this straight. That semi-usual appearance he had on Thursdays during Carol Costello's slot? Gone. It's been three weeks since he appeared on her program and months since he appeared on 'The Situation Room.' He was also [nonexistent] during CNN Inauguration coverage in January. A final appearance on his close friend, Soledad O'Brien's program, which ends next week? That appears to be a dead end proposition, too. . . ."

Martin told Journal-isms he had nothing to say about the report, and a CNN spokeswoman did not respond to an inquiry.

Meanwhile, Martin disclosed that he actually learned in December that his contract was not being renewed. He left the impression until this week that no decision had been made.

In an interview with Brooke Obie of Ebony, Martin said, "Well, I was actually told in December by Ken Jautz, the executive vice president [of CNN], that the contract wasn’t going to be renewed. [CNN President] Jeff Zucker has a vision for the network and wants to see different faces and I get that. I enjoyed working there, I have a lot of colleagues that I have grown to like and respect at CNN and so the bottom line is you work in places and then you move on. . . ."

Obie also asked, "But with the loss of Soledad O’Brien and now you, and Jeff Zucker naming Jake Tapper the 'face of the new CNN,' do you think that the vision Zucker has for CNN may be a 'White-out?' "

Martin replied, "Look, I don't know. We haven't seen the full vision [of Zucker yet]. That determination will have to be made later; it's very early in the game. That's pretty much all I can say to that.

"One of the things I always talk about is having multiple opportunities, multiple platforms and revenue streams to be able to lay out your message. At CNN, I just come in when they call, but I have had the advantage of having other platforms where I was able to talk to cabinet secretaries and the First Lady and the Vice President, the President and Senators. And I think that what's most important is, I’ve always kept a foot in Black media. I’m absolutely committed to building up Black media and I think that is absolutely important in 2013 that we have strong Black cable networks, strong Black websites, magazines, and newspapers where we're able to focus on our issues and our stories and highlight our people and not necessarily wait for somebody else to do it. . . .

"I start every job with the premise, 'You’re going to get fired anyway.' I've lost jobs before, I've had contracts not renewed and it didn't get me down. I didn't get upset, I just keep it moving. . . ."

Viewers noticed an unusual African American presence on CNN Thursday afternoon. Fredricka Whitfield hosted "CNN Newsroom," followed by Don Lemon. Both are substitute hosts seen more often on weekends. Lemon brought on defense lawyer Joey Jackson and Ryan Smith, anchor of HLN's "Evening Express," to discuss the case of two 18-year-olds accused in the sexual assault of two 13-year-old girls in Connecticut.

"Three brothers on a couch, now two. Thank you, guys," Lemon said in concluding the segment. Later, Lemon discussed the closing of schools in African American neighborhoods in Chicago with George Howell, a black journalist newly made a full-time CNN correspondent.

Comcast Analyst Suspended After Newsroom Altercation

Kendall Gill, a Comcast SportsNet Chicago Bulls analyst, has been suspended for the remainder of the Bulls season after a physical altercation with Big Ten Network analyst Tim Doyle in the CSN newsroom Tuesday, Kevin Cross, news director of Comcast SportsNet Chicago, said on Friday.

Kendall Gill, left, and Tim Doyle (Credit: Comcast SportsNet)

"We have made a decision to not have Kendall Gill appear on our air for the remainder of the Bulls season," which ends April 17, Cross said in a statement. "We will re-evaluate our current position on this matter during the off-season."

Danny Ecker wrote Wednesday for Crain's Chicago Business, "The incident followed the taping of 'Sports Talk Live,' a panel discussion on Comcast SportsNet Chicago that featured me, Mr. Doyle and Chicago Sun-Times reporter Herb Gould. 

"Mr. Gill confronted Mr. Doyle in the newsroom over critical comments he had made on the air about Mr. Gill's analysis of the controversial final moments of Monday's Chicago Bulls-Denver Nuggets game. The referees ruled that what at first appeared to be a last-second basket by the Bulls would not be allowed, thus giving the win to the Nuggets. The altercation happened right in front of me as Mr. Doyle and I were walking through the CSN newsroom on our way out of the building.

"Mr. Gill approached Mr. Doyle and called him out for his comments, which escalated to a shoving match and ultimately Mr. Gill throwing a punch at Mr. Doyle. The two bumped up against a sign on the wall and a small amount of blood was drawn (though it was unclear exactly how) before the two were separated. . . ."

Ecker added, "Mr. Gill, a former University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign star and 15-year NBA veteran who had a short stint in boxing after his playing career, has been doing pregame and postgame live coverage of Bulls games on CSN Chicago. . . ."

Newsrooms Should First Ask, "Could This Offend?"

The American Copy Editors Society hosted a Twitter chat Tuesday on diversity issues and sensitivity in editing when race is the topic, with tips offered by Doris Truong, immediate past national president of the Asian American Journalists Association and vice president of Unity: Journalists for Diversity, and Rhonda LeValdo, president of the Native American Journalists Association.

Some of the suggestions, as compiled on Storify by Gerri Berendzen, copy editor at the Quincy (Ill.) Herald-Whig and ACES board member:

Doris Truong, left, and Rhonda LeValdo

"Rhonda LeValdo@rhondalevaldo

"@DorisTruong Sure we try 2 let media know what is questionable &the first thing newsrooms should ask, 'Could this offend someone?' #aceschat . . .

"Rhonda LeValdo@rhondalevaldo

"In regards to Native people, get multiple sources, don't just ask one person to speak for over 500 nations #aceschat . . .


"RT: @DorisTruong: A2: Get out and experience the world. Extend your comfort zone. Meet people who might be subjects of reporting. #aceschat . . .

"Doris N. Truong@DorisTruong A2: Be active in recruiting a diverse staff. Cultivate as many viewpoints as you can. #aceschat . . ."

Radio host Kim Brown at the Conservative Political Action Conference session las

Internet Host Shouted Down at Conservative Conference

"An Internet radio host says she was booed and shouted down when she tried to ask a question during a race-related event at the Conservative [Political] Action Conference last week, and she says video of the event, taken by a documentary filmmaker shows it," Joy-Ann Reid wrote Thursday for the Grio.

"Kim Brown, who hosts a syndicated show on the Voice of Russia Radio Network that airs in Washington, where she lives, as well as in New York, Miami and Chicago, attended the CPAC panel hosted by black conservative activist K. Carl Smith, called 'Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?' 

"In an interview with theGrio on Wednesday, Brown said the session was held in a small room that quickly filled to capacity, and that Smith 'had a book to sell' at the event. . . ."

FCC Chairman to Step Down, Praised for Broadband Access

"FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on Friday morning finally officially confirmed the long-expected news that he is bailing out of the agency — but he didn’t say where he’s going or exactly when," Doug Halonen reported for TVNewsCheck.

" 'While I plan to step down as chairman in the coming weeks, today isn't good-bye,' Genachowski said, during a meeting with the agency's staff this morning that was streamed on the agency’s website. 'Until I leave, I intend to continue fully in my role, focusing on the work of the commission and helping ensure a healthy transition for the agency.' ”

Genachowski was praised by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council.

Ralph B. Everett, president and CEO of the Joint Center, said, "Over the course of his term in office, Chairman Genachowski has worked vigorously and effectively to expand broadband access and adoption in all communities and thereby broaden opportunities for Americans to succeed in the digital economy.

"In the wake of Joint Center research showing that only 69 percent of African Americans and 59 percent of Hispanics were using the Internet, the Chairman sought to ensure that the National Broadband Plan would address this problem. And since then he has led the way toward ensuring that communities of color will realize the enormous potential that digital communications technologies can mean for health care, education, civic participation and economic empowerment. . . ."

The MMTC said, "Chairman Genachowski’s data-driven approach to technology has set the foundation for future generations to participate in our society as first class digital citizens. Under his leadership, the FCC implemented numerous initiatives to close the digital divide, protect consumers, promote competition, and secure universal deployment of fast, secure broadband . . ."

Israel Apologizes to Turkey for 2010 Flotilla Incident

"Barack Obama has persuaded Israel to apologise to Turkey for the loss of nine lives on board the Mavi Marmara — the lead ship in an aid flotilla trying to breach the blockade of Gaza — in a deal that paves the way for diplomatic relations to be restored between the two countries," Harriet Sherwood and Ewen MacAskill wrote Friday for Britain's Guardian newspaper.

"News of the US-brokered deal came on Friday as Obama was leaving Israel at the end of his first official visit during which he was praised for an emotional speech tailored to mainstream Jewish opinion but criticised for doing nothing practical to advance stalled peace negotiations and downplaying Palestinian suffering.

"The apology to Turkey for the May 2010 incident had been resisted by Israel until now, despite pressure from the international community. Both are close US allies— Turkey is a member of Nato — so the president was well placed to broker the deal. . . ."

Reporters Without Borders reported in August 2011, "More than 60 journalists aboard the flotilla were arrested, taken back to Israel and then deported. Their equipment was confiscated and many of them are still waiting for it to be returned. . . ."

Philly Inquirer Approves of Week's Race Conversations

"Attorney General Eric Holder was criticized early in the first Obama administration for calling this country a 'nation of cowards' when it comes to discussing racism," the Philadelphia Inquirer said in an editorial Friday.

"Well, Holder might have been heartened this past week by the myriad conversations in this city concerning a controversial Philadelphia Magazine article titled 'Being White in Philly.' It certainly got people talking. But whether the discussions will produce positive change or — like President Bill Clinton's National Conversation on Race — leave most people, black and white, unsatisfied is a question mark.

"The article by Robert Huber was well intended in wanting to report the belief of some whites that they can't express legitimate criticism of African Americans without being labeled racist. But the lopsided perspective, based solely on interviews with unnamed whites, came across as promoting stereotypes of blacks as criminals and slackers. The anonymous comments justifiably touched a nerve in a city with its own shameful history of racism toward African Americans, a city where too many poor, black neighborhoods remain racially segregated and economically isolated. . . ."

The editorial called on Philadelphia Human Relations Commission to "use the outrage over the magazine article as a catalyst for it to become a more forceful voice for the city's minority communities — and not just wait for crisis situations to erupt that demand its attention. . . ."

Chinua Achebe (Credit:

Chinua Achebe, "African Literary Titan," Dies at 82

"The death of Chinua Achebe represents more than the loss of a great writer. Achebe was perhaps the first to give voice with elegance, a poetic prose, and startling insight to the other side of the world which most Western readers encounter in Joseph Conrad," Leon Botstein, a conductor, scholar and president of Bard College in New York, wrote Friday for CNN.

"For the first time, through the success of Achebe's best-known book, 'Things Fall Apart,' a world both distinctive and familiarly human as well as uniquely African won the hearts of an otherwise ignorant and insensitive and largely condescending reading public in Europe and North America, regarding African history and culture. . . ."

The Associated Press reported, "Achebe's death at the age of 82 was announced Friday by his publisher. His works inspired countless writers around the world, though the literary style of 'Things Fall Apart,' first published in 1958, particularly transformed the way novelists wrote about Africa."

Short Takes

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Media Blackout

The broadcast media in our country has always been a advocate of inclusion it 's legacy has been the platform for visuals full of offensive caricatures of Black people . On the print side of the ledger it has a horrific legacy of publishing myth and fiction about our basic humanity from nonsense about genetic inferiority to propaganda about our leaders . The recent erasing of Black personalities from the leading cable outlets is nothing new our communities have always understand the fickle nature of opportunity and equality in America. We know deep and organic principles regarding equality have never existed in the ruling class of America. This new wave of exclusionary practices in the media industry is a minor development . The most important news in our communities is the communications and knowledge we share among ourselves not the news offered up by the white media outlets on America.

Cross-postings from the Root


CNN used to be my favorite cable network to watch because I thought they showed no political favors, but recently, say within the last two years I have noticed a difference - CNN seems to favor the republican party, though not directly, but indirectly; one has to pay very keen, close attention and you'll see the difference, unlike what they preached (we favor no political party).

I'd not go as far as to call it a racist channel, that is more FOX for the most part. CNN still has a few black reporters/journalists on its network, perhaps not playing in very central roles, but they are there, much more than I can say for Fox. Roland judging from my observation as always been a person who speaks his mind...perhaps he's being punished for the remarks he made via tweet two super-bowls ago.

If in fact Roland's not being called back as a result of the so-called gay tweet he tweeted two super-bowls ago, it's sad. I am not a bias or prejudice person, but I think the LGBT community is too sensitive, and the media and others buy in too quick to every sensitivity of the LGBT community.


quick = quickly.

Stonewall J

Simple way to repay CNN! JUST stop watching the's a racist channel now.

cjkaufman1954 CNN was just a parttime gig for him anyway. Washington Watch is a much better fit for him. To the people who are talking about how non professional and loud he is and all that BS, there is not one cable news channel that doesn't have at least one person like that. MSNBC has Chris Matthews and at FOX News (?) all of their journalist (if that's what you believe they are) are very unprofessional, crazy and trifling liars.

From Glen Beck performing like someone having a nervous breakdown most of the time, to Bill O'Reilly screaming at his guest and calling them liars, Michelle Malkin and the three couch potatoes Fox and Friends whose very existence is to get paid by being as ignorant and stuck on stupid as possible by spewing non factual news, never, ever admitting to any mistakes (lies) or even believing that their listeners deserve to know the truth or even get apologies when they know they are wrong. They are well aware that most of their viewers are undereducated right wing extremists who would go to their graves believing every lie they tell them. Since 2008 their major obsession is to talk down, make up reports that could even get this President killed or worst their lies could even start a war.

Daily they get off by showing blatant and deliberate disrespect to this President of the United States and by doing that they are embarassing this country to the rest of the world . Let's not leave out Rush Limbaugh who is on the radio and has made himself to a status of millionaire to lie to his followers. He's like Jim Jones minus the Koolaid. Not only does his followers grip on his every word, but some of their hateful listeners react when he speaks and when that happens he weasel's out by claiming he had nothing to do with what others do.Yea right!! He even has the GOP in Washington by the balls like puppets on a string. He loves screaming everytime The President says or does something he can't deal with. As for Roland what people seems to forget is this man is a minister, so it shouldn't be a shock if he has some opinions that others may not agree with because he is going by his biblical teachings and everyone at least in this country has freedom of speech at least we are suppose to.

It seems these days the only RIGHTS that some people in this country are willing to FIGHT for is the right to bear arms, because owning guns trumps anyone from living a long life which is suppose to be our birth right. If CNN has issues with him lets see who will be next to get the axe by this new management! TO BE CONTINUE!!!!!

Arvin da Braga They have every right not to invite him on-air. He is manic, unprofessional, desperate on-air, triflingly small-time, talks for the sake of making noise.   At the end of the day, CNN is a business and he made discriminatory remarks about a segment of the population - Gays/Lesbians - and that would only end up legally in the move that they ultimately made. There is a price to be paid for being discriminatory; being Black is no excuse for being ignorant of the law or being a bigoted jerk. We know better and the onus is ever on us to do better. End of discussion... Senator1906 and E Mey


  like this.

FulaniYiraX I don't watch CNN, tired of their 2 Blacks quota system. I have watched CNN and I don't see what the issue is with Roland Martin only that executives are racist and they don't want no thinking black man on their show that does not think in the way media execs want him too. Okay, that's fine. Roland Martin go out and build your own media empire.  The time is now and Blacks need there own media outlets and the technology is there to support Black only news. Blacks need their own media to tell their own story of the world the way they see it, not the way whites see it. When blacks continue to not understand this sentiment, then they will continue to get used by white run/white owned racist postmodern television and news media outlets. QuietThoughtsII He had a long run and that's more than most can say. shrug..... Larry Strong I'm not sure what Roland Martin's story is, but I would hope that CNN and other News Outlets would look for professional journalists from a wide array of ethnicities. There are so many "educationally trained" journalists, many who are black, for these news shows to choose from. Instead, these so-called news outlets go to "opinionistas's" — and don't have the professional demeanor of a journalist. I'm really tired of opinion makers who go on air to promote a viewpoint or propaganda. It not only gets tiresome, but it is a disservice to the American public and a violation of the principles of the Fourth Estate. This propaganda-style news is exactly what Bush/Cheney used to get this country into the Iraq War.  

And CNN needs to get rid of Carol Costello who is truly awful and embarassing as anything.

Senator1906 likes this.   weighed-in Roland Martin, in my opinion, is not a real journalist, he is loud unprofessional and has a tendency to run his mouth about issues he knows nothing about. Many times he is just reacting to question or making uninformed comments which make it obvious he has not done the research. He tried to make up for his incompetence, by becoming a character, Hence, the ascot, What a joke. Roland Martin is a C list commentatory / reporter, at best and a well intentioned clown at worst. CNN may be purging its Minority members, (I watch MSNBC anyway), but Martin, in my opinion is no big loss. There are reasons Martin has been fired so many times and his contracts do not get renewed, he is very much a token in a very small pool of African American Male journalists, it is only because of his token status that he has lasted this long. I hope he finds his niche. He seems better suited for comedy than serious journalism. I am not surprised and neither is he, that he was fired, I mean who goes into a job and says, "I'm gonna get fired anyway" . I am a Black man and I love my people, but Martin is an embarrassnment. Hey Martin, I heard Comedy Central is hiring. E Mey likes this. E Mey As long as Martin's contract is in force, he is getting paid. He should think of his non-appearances on CNN as paid vacation. There are consequences when an employee embarrasses his employer (CNN) with perceived homophobic remarks.    QuietThoughtsII likes this. Namor Drake Oh yes! So it wasn't just my imagination almost a year ago...CNN has been turning into a FOX network! It begin to switch ASAP! I hope the ratings go as fast too. Everybody is gone that had anything of value to say and the ONE token that's left... Is bleaching his skin and getting work done at an alarming rate! I stopped watching back then.

Cross-postings from

johnny m

March 25, 2013 at 9:48 am

Like I said in my tweet to Roland a few weeks back: he said things without sugar-coating. And CNN executives were probably told by politicians to get rid of him. “keeping them honest” my sweet Greek a*s. Everybody reporting on CNN was always so restrained and neutral – it pisszed me off. When Roland was on the show, it really felt like CNN’s collar might become a bit looser, but noooooo let’s be neutral robots and only have talking heads on the show!! Dumb a***s. I hope Roland is hired by rival network just to get under Zucker’s skin.


March 25, 2013 at 9:34 am

While this is a free country and we are free to say and do what we want, Roland is waayyy too vocal on his FB, twitter and blogs which is why he was suspended by CNN last year! There are much younger, pretty, taller, and less experienced talent out there who will take a pay cut JUST to be in Roland’s shoes. He is not getting ANY younger or more attractive, so he is not doing himself ANY justice by announcing how he’s going to “fight to the last hour, last minute, last second, for what is right.” I’m in the business and TV is a VERY competitive. There will ALWAYS be someone to take your place, no matter HOW much experience one thinks they have and African Americans suffer the brunt of it. He needs to REMEMBER that before he posts on his website, doing so is not only a reflection of him, but the news organization he works for and ADVERTISERS WON’T stand for it and will take their business elsewhere. Roland: Do what you want, but KNOW there are ALWAYS consequences to those actions.

Corrector Reply

March 25, 2013 at 9:20 am

Custer, not Custard

Harold Reply

March 25, 2013 at 9:05 am

TerryJ; separation, I guess. Maybe oil and water are not supposed to be mixed.

Charles Ward


Mr. Martin leans way Left, but he is a good brother. If you watch TV-1 you know that he allows all points of view, even republicans, they just won’t come on the show with the exception of a few, like Ken Blackwell! This treatment of Martin is coming from the Left, the very ones who claim to love equality when it comes to minorities! Yea, right! Liberals are liars, plain and simple. the proof is in the pudding!They don’t mean a thing they say, it’s all bull-sh–T! I just hope the brother saved for a rainy day because it is about to start pouring! What troubles me further is that they will ‘blackball’ Mr. Martin, yet they profess to being ‘fair’ and giving everybody an equal ‘shot’! Ha! When you ruin a man’s livelihood because you don’t like his opinion, that is the Liberals payback for refusing to bow to their d**n beliefs! As a black man, I am not surprised or shocked at what has happened here, but I am sad! I pray for my brother!

Terry Jackson

March 25, 2013 at 12:44 am

Education has failed to Unify us. Religion has failed to Unify us. Politics has failed to Unify us. What does it take? Poverty has failed to Unify us. Crime has failed to Unify us. Even the Prison Industrial Complex has failed to Unify us. Again, I ask what will it take? High Unemployment has not been painful enough for us to create our own. What will it take? High Death rates of our Youth has yet to Unify us. What will it take?

Deanna Lewis

this is why I stopped watching CNN after the super bowl thing. I was like nope nope nope nope. switched over to msnbc. best decision I made in regards to tv in quite some time.

Darryl Forbes Auto Mechanic at Tallahassee Ford Lincoln Mercury

It has become obvious that CNN is trying to become FOX lite. But it won't work. The Fox people will NOT switch to cnn. And the more moderate crew will be turned off too. I used to see CNN as a more balanced crew who tried to be fair. But not any more. Now they are just BORING. I can't FULLY embrace MSNBC either because they are too far on the OTHER side of the spectrum. I just wish that someone would show a REAL balanced view in their talking head shows. Roland was balanced. But now he's gone. Well, I guess I'll watch him on TV-1

James Morton · University of Houston

When you are employed by someone you run the risk of being fired by someone.

Darryl Forbes · Auto Mechanic at Tallahassee Ford Lincoln Mercury

They were finished with him anyway, and he knew it. Even if he had said nothing, they were not going to put him on the air anymore. Roland is no black militant. But it seems that even a black moderate is too much for CNN.

Lynne Ross · Works at UNEMPLOYED!!!!!

He is Anti American and I think CNN is waking up. I thought Jeff Zucker would embrace the liberals but he is kicking them to the curb. First Solidad now him wow. What else will come their way. Deanna Lewis

so tired of folks screaming someone is anti american anti white people blah blah blah just because they dont agree with everything on fox news or everything the government does. get a life

Darryl Forbes · Auto Mechanic at Tallahassee Ford Lincoln Mercury

Lynne Ross, you are wrong about Roland. In fact , he's VERY American. And he's not simply a liberal as many assume. He is VERY traditional when it comes to raising children. And he is conservative on the issue of school choice. This might be of interest to you. But he was suspended from CNN about a year or so ago because he made a so-called "homophobic" statement. I can't think of even ONE anti-American statement that he has made. But he brings a FRESH viewpoint that is not often heard on mainstream media. Now he's gone (for now).

Diane Battle

wow not surprise.........he tired of playing the game.

Bettye Jackson ·  Savannah, Georgia

Wake up black America, when you sat back and do nothing, like the Christmas mess with Roland, they will always treat us like animals. Start speaking up and stop watching all of this racist crap and hit them were it hurt. When you don't watch, their rating go down.

Earl Henry

WOW! Black people! last hired...first fired. They got rid of our girl Soledad too.

Catherine Green

Exactly and I'm getting rid of them.

Bettye Jackson · Top Commenter · Savannah, Georgia

Nothing these haters do surprise me. Roland knew what time it was when he went to work for them.

Dante Carter · Wilberforce

I don't view Roland as a moderate. Too me he actually leans rather far left than middle left. Maybe he's not what CNN wants or maybe he wasn't bringing in the ratings they needed. I wish him luck on his future endeavors, perhaps, he should start his own studio and create his own show?


Grace Okhiulu ·

No surprise. Remember Bernard Shaw? Popular, classy, well-liked, professional, all the good things. Was still treated like garbage. Reply · 1 ·

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