Richard Prince's Journal-isms™ 2011

A CBS Pioneer Regrets Stalled Progress

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Producer Bernard Seabrooks, first hired in '55, retires; AP stories prompt Muslims to boycott Bloomberg breakfast; intern's apparent suicide leaves paper in a quandary; Sun-Times readers chip in to send teen to college; Ethiopian court gives Swedish journalists 11 years; Essence hires Dawnie Walton as M.E. of website; Herbert Nipson, 95, was Ebony's executive editor (12/30/11)


Sam Logan Dies, Michigan Chronicle Publisher

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Detroit newsman worked with paper nearly four decades; D.C. service for Ofield Dukes moved to Jan. 13 (12/28/11)


Diversity's Greatest Hits, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A year in the quest for a news media that looks like America (12/28/11)


They Made a List, but Who Checked It Twice?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

No blacks, Latinos on Forbes under-30 media list; Hollywood Reporter, where are the other "power" Latinas?; same-sex homecoming kiss makes three front pages; CNN correspondent Sara Sidner: "It's good to be brown"; black journalists and media compared with bad marriage; Syria torturing journalists, forcing false statements; racist attitudes passed down to Mexico's children; Don Lemon: daytime cable news is like a game show; FCC plan loosens ban on newspaper, TV cross-ownership (12/23/11)


Russ Mitchell Leaves CBS News for Cleveland

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Managing editor title comes with move to local station; ASNE adds "multiracial" category to diversity survey; Al Jazeera English wins first DuPont-Columbia award; T.J. Holmes sees job as pushing BET on news; editor resigns over use of N-word to describe Rihanna; N. Korean leader was "great teacher of journalists"; Ethiopian court convicts Swedish journalists of terrorism; columnist's got a brand new bag (12/21/11)


Op-Ed Brings Fear of Cops to Life

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Young black man describes living under "stop-and-frisk"; Philly Mayor Michael Nutter, editorial cartoonist; reporter found N. Korea "as mysterious as it is brutal"; Syracuse's Newhouse School voted tops in poll; in North Carolina, "the last man to die for a mistake"?; Dutch magazine apologizes for calling Rihanna the n-word; African praises Hitchens as critic of superstition (12/19/11)


Time Losing Only Black Correspondent

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steven Gray of Washington bureau announces his exit; Reuters expands journalism trainee program; NBC News to launch website targeting Latinos; Facebook followers turn on anchor over puppy auction; recalling when Christopher Hitchens debated Al Sharpton; N.Y. Times style book closer to ruling out "illegals"; a columnist's gift to readers; Fla. group bullied Lowe's into "Islamophobic hate"; most say country not divided into “haves,” “have-nots”; Wynton Marsalis joins CBS News as cultural correspondent (12/16/11)


Heart & Soul Makes Plans to Re-Emerge

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

George Curry, partners seek to own women's magazine; African American Film Critics group picks "Tree of Life"; was advice to "poor black kid" deliberately offensive?; online travel firm pulls ads from "All-American Muslim"; N.Y. Times denies gays supplant blacks on wedding page; filmmakers win round against plantation owners; tweet something today to commemorate Bill of Rights (12/14/11)


J-Students Say Author-Professor Is AWOL

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Isabel Wilkerson cites "miscommunication," will take leave; Davan Maharaj named editor of Los Angeles Times; Geraldo Rivera to host his first daily radio show; Saturday's GOP debate was most watched this season; D.C. buzzes with social events as holidays approach; hazed himself, columnist decries "conspiracy of silence"; Jose Antonio Vargas escorted out of Mitt Romney rally; Sharpton parodied on SNL — money problems denied; "Slavery by Another Name" in PBS black history lineup; Perry Bacon Jr. leaving Washington Post for theGrio, MSNBC (12/12/11 and 12/13/11)


Oprah's OWN Weighs Targeting Black Viewers

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Sweetie Pie's" reality show is network's most highly rated; T.J. Holmes foresees "huge role" in news coverage at BET; Cosmo aims "Cosmopolitan Latina" at bilingual women; number of imprisoned journalists highest since mid-1990s; Steve Kroft interviews Obama again for "60 Minutes"; Cain says "doors are open" to radio and TV; reporter grills team CEO using fake transcript; blacks more sympathetic than whites on immigration (12/9/11)