2011 Multimedia Editing Program - Online Application

Send by email

In addition to filling out this online form, please email a color photo of yourself in jpeg format and two essays (more info below) directly to Elisabeth Pinio at epinio@maynardije.org.

We will furthermore require a letter of reference from your supervisor (please mail a hard copy to Elisabeth Pinio, Maynard Insitute, 663 Thirteenth St., Ste 200, Oakland, CA 94612). This letter should be a statement of support for your participation in the program. We would also like your supervisor to state how you will be able to apply the skills you will learn in the program to your job.

About the essays:

The first essay should be about 500 words long. In this essay, please discuss your professional career to date. Describe your most significant accomplishments. Also describe how participation in the Multimedia Editing Program will assist you in achieving your career goals.

The second essay should be 750 to 1,000 words long analysis of the paper/website you work for. Please describe how well, according to you, the paper/website covers the needs of its community.


The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation has made fellowships to the Multimedia Editing Program available to journalists who work at U.S.-based newspapers with circulation of 50,000 and below. Journalists who work for online operations of such newspapers are welcome to apply.
Please enter Name of Institution, Dates of Attendance, Degree or Diploma (including month and year awarded), and Major.
Please enter Name and Address of Employers (most recent first), Title, and Dates worked.
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Multimedia Editing Program

Training in this program is badly needed for many of us. Thanks to your organization for offering opportunies to journalists as they think and ponder new media and the 21st century.