What’s Super About Tuesday?

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Jean Marie Brown
March 4, 2012

Super Tuesday voting, the horse race, the delegates and the drama unfolding around Rush Limbaugh dominate The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Salon and Slate. The Grio, The Root and Loop21 take a broader view into news that affects the lives of minorities, including a report about an odd Disney promotion. Here they come spinning out of the turn.

. . . Has all the campaign chatter about birth control, separation of church and state, and Mitt Romney’s bank account drowned out the voice of the poor? . . . Former First Lady Barbara Bush isn’t happy about the lack of civility in the campaign . . . Is Ohio a must win for Rick Santorum? . . . Santorum and Romney make one last sweep . . . How long could this go on? . . . Salon draws parallels between this GOP primary season and Bill Clinton’s quest for the nomination  . . . Will today’s red states be blue come November? . . . And, on The Root: Can the GOP tap the black conservative vote?

The latest on Limbaugh . . .

It’s not just advertisers dropping Rush Limbaugh; two radio stations are no longer willing to air his show . . . And, the list of former advertisers is growing. . . Sandra Fluke isn’t impressed with his mea culpa . . . Is he hurting the GOP?  . . . And yes, he played the “rap” card.

In other news . . . Rep. Donald Payne, (D-N.J.) has died of cancer

The latest federal data on education suggests some reasons behind the education gap . . . If you’re in a school lunch line: Pass the pink slime, please . . . The Daily Beast explores when edgy becomes racist on magazine covers  Gotta love Aretha finally explaining that hat!

Another point of view . . .

Did Disney really think it was a good idea to use Princess Tiana (she’s the black one) to hawk watermelon-flavored candy?  . . . Do reports of bounties for bodily harm weaken NFL players’ arguments about the dangers of play? . . . The latest march from Selma to Montgomery is important . . .The Grio also looks at the education report examining the treatment of and opportunities for minority students . . . There’s an interesting story on two white men who learned late in life that their fathers were black . . . HuffPost links to a story about a black male student who was suspended for being disruptive – he was wearing heels. . . The Montana judge who sent the racist email about the President plans to send Obama an apology  . . . A former employee, who’s white, is suing Paula Deen, alleging racism and sexism  . . . Are Latinos benefiting from the improving job market?  And finally . . . Yes, LeBron James carries a “murse”


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