War of Words Escalates Over Susan Rice

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Jean Marie Brown
November 18, 2012

Today’s common conversation includes talk about the attacks on Susan Rice, statements by Marco Rubio and the allegations against Kevin Clash . . .

Is the Senate debate about U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s qualifications developing into a face-off between angry white men against women of color?

. . . Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is emerging as a GOP star – but don’t ask him how old the Earth is:

. . . The senator is pushing a strategy “to make poor people richer” ... And, his music tastes trend toward NWA and Tupac.

. . .  TMZ reports that  the man who recanted allegations of an underage relationship with Kevin Clash, and reportedly received a $125,000 payment, now says the relationship happened as he first claimed:

. . . In other news, a recount showed Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) losing by even more than first reported:

. . . Minorities aren’t sold on the GOP’s efforts at inclusiveness:

. . . HuffPost links to Paul Krugman’s column on men who wish for the good old days:

. . . The Daily Beast examines how Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. won re-election.

. . . MC Hammer appeared with Gangnam star PSY at the American Music Awards:

. . . Some Buddhists of color in the Seattle area have separated from white members of the faith.

. . . The Lakota people are remembered.

Another point of view . . .

The ethnic report includes an update on Dominique Dawes, speculation on the President’s approval rating, and a report on Alabama’s policy of segregating prisoners with HIV . . .

Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes turns 36 on Tuesday.

. . . President Obama’s approval rating is expected to rise.

. . . A judge is expected to rule on Alabama’s policy of segregating prisoners with HIV.

. . . Angela Basset is expected to co-produce and star in “Vanishing Point” on NBC.

. . . Sherrilyn Ifill is the new head of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund:

. . . Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says the GOP strategy should be to like all people.

. . . Texas is looking for ways to close the racial achievement gap.

. . . Large black populations are at the root of much modern slang:

. . . New poverty figures revise the Latino numbers upward.


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