Trayvon Martin Documents and Images Get Close Scrutiny

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Jean Marie Brown
May 17, 2012

Evidence from the investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin dominates the day’s homepages.  There’s also more coverage of Donna Summer’s death. 

The Florida State Attorney’s Office has released video of Trayvon at the 7-Eleven, his girlfriend’s statement, photos of George Zimmerman’s injuries and the autopsy report.   

The Huffington Post looks at the evidence from the investigation.

. . . Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend headlines the Beast’s video offerings.

There’s surveillance video showing Trayvon buying Skittles . . . And, there’s an overview of the evidence

. . . Slate focuses on Zimmerman’s medical report . . . and considers whether or not he was fighting for his life.   

. . . Loop21 highlights the evidence. . .

. . . The Root has the 7-Eleven video. . .

. . . The Grio focuses on the investigators . . . and the autopsy report.  

Salon notes that Donna Summer was more than a Disco Queen.

. . . HuffPost focuses on blacks and lung cancer. . .

. . . The Beast looks back at her career. . .

. . . The Grio reports on the funeral arrangements.

. . . The Root pays tribute

Beyond that, there’s news about Republicans refusing to allow Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) to speak at a subcommittee hearing on an abortion bill and a report that Dr. Christian Head has accused  UCLA’s medical school of racial discrimination

Then it’s on to the usual suspects:  

Will Smith smacks a reporter. That’s on Huffington Post and The Grio . . . Raven Symone’s sexuality is news on HuffPost and Loop21 . . . Joan Rivers made a bad joke about Whitney Houston  

. . . Rihanna illustrates HuffPost’s critique of “Battleship” . . . Compare this to The Grio’s coverage of Col. Greg Gadson – a double amputee from wounds sustained in Iraq – who’s considered the breakout star of “Battleship

. . . There’s also a post of Rihanna talking about her role. 

Another point of view . . . 

Consider these other interesting topics: 

Has a lengthy legal battle left the estate of Rosa Parks in the red? 

. . .  Singer Keri Hilson talks about why she’s joining the fight against HIV/AIDS.

. . . Did neighbors refuse to help the children of the Florida woman who fatally shot her four children before killing herself? 

. . . The Grio goes for the provocative headline “911 tape: Confusion at home where mom shot kids” ease in hate groups.

. . . An Alabama county’s challenge of the Voting Rights Act was rebuffed by a federal appeals court.

. . . House Democrats are trying to thwart state voter ID laws with federal legislation 

. . . Drake and Chris Brown are accused of “slut-shaming” Rihanna; The Root has a link to the full story in Ebony magazine 

. . . Is Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) the latest incumbent in the crosshairs of a GOP super PAC?

. . . Alabama has revised its immigration law. The bill awaiting the governor’s signature is said to be harsher than the original.

. . . Protesters plan to gather at George Washington University to object to the honorary degree for Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.


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