Sites Share Interest in Affirmative Action Case and Actress’s Endorsement

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Jean Marie Brown
October 10, 2012

Affirmative action arguments and Stacey Dash’s support for Mitt Romney are common threads on the homepages of mainstream and ethnic sites. . . 

The Supreme Court justices had lots of questions about the use of race in the University of Texas’s admission policies.

. . . The Root disputes the notion that minorities have an unfair advantage.

. . . The backlash against actress Stacey Dash for supporting the GOP presidential nominee gets as much attention as her endorsement:

. . . The Root wonders why some black Republicans are popular, while others are not. (Slate links to this.)

In other news, Slate suggests that the September jobs picture is better than reported.

. . . The Huffington Post reports on Robin Roberts’s release from the hospital.

 . . . And on second thought, Stevie Nicks says she wouldn’t have strangled Nicki Minaj.  . . . The Grio had this too.

Another point of view . . .

The ethnic sites are also following the latest ruling on voter ID laws, reaction to the wedding video of two black men, comments from George Zimmerman’s brother and  news of another celebrity reality series . . .

A three-judge panel ruled that South Carolina’s voter ID law can’t go into effect until 2013:

. . . The Grio considers black women as a voting block.

. . .  A same-sex wedding in which one of the grooms is  a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity has gone viral:

. . . Robert Zimmerman Jr., George’s brother, has some harsh words for one of the lawyers representing Trayvon Martin’s family.

. . . The Arkansas legislator who wrote that slavery was a blessing in disguise for the descendants of slaves says he’s standing by his comments.

. . . There’s an update on The Grio about Conrad Murray.

. . . Whitney Houston’s kin have a new TV show.


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