Romney Recants “47 Percent” Comment

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Jean Marie Brown
October 4, 2012

Politics and the presidential election continue to dominate mainstream and ethnic sites. Topics include Mitt Romney and the 47 percent, the black vote, white women voters and the jobless rate.

About that 47 percent he slammed as victims, Romney now says he was wrong:

. . . The role of black voters in November is a topic on The Grio.

. . . The Root reminds the President not to discount white women.

. . . Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu thinks the President is lazy:

. . . Mario Wire reports on a new poll that indicates Latino voters aren’t impressed with outreach from the GOP.

. . . The jobless rate is down:

. . . But Romney’s not impressed.

. . . Romney’s poll numbers are up.

. . . LeVar Burton is defending PBS after Romney’s vow to cut funding.

In other news, HuffPost reports that Rapper T.I. is credited with saving Scott Stapp’s life after the Creed singer attempted suicide.

 . . . Salon and Slate find it noteworthy that the latest version of “Wuthering Heights” casts James Howson, who is of Afro-Caribbean descent, as Heathcliff.

Another point of view . . .

The ethnic sites are reporting on  next week’s Supreme Court hearing on affirmative action, Latinos and healthcare, the impact of free birth control  and the relationship between straight and gay blacks.

There’s a look at affirmative action as the Supreme Court prepares for oral arguments in Fisher v. The University of Texas.

. . . When free birth control is available, poor women have fewer unintended pregnancies, according to a new study.

. . . The Root posts on support for gays from straight blacks.

. . . Mario Wire re-posts a Huffington Post piece about why it’s important for Latino students to succeed.

. . . New studies examine how Latinos are accessing healthcare.

. . . Jay-Z is planning to stream a concert free on his YouTube channel:

. . . Rosario Dawson suggests people stop criticizing Rihanna for renewing her relationship with Chris Brown:

. . . “Steel Magnolias” debuts on Lifetime with an all-black cast.

. . . There’s another chapter in the Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey fued – this one includes Barbara Walters.


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