Religion, Politics and Reproductive Rights

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Jean Marie Brown
February 21, 2012

Michigan’s primary is six days away. The campaign chatter is dominated by discussion of religion, including whether or not the President is religious, as well as more reaction to Rick Santorum’s recent pronouncements on birth control and abortion.

The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Slate, Salon, The Root and The Grio feature a variety of pieces on faith issues:

HuffPost and Salon also have substantial posts on the latest poll numbers

Mario Wire is touting the merits of a Latino on the GOP ticket . . .  And, the latest iteration of @#$% people say looks at politicians’ promises to Latinos.

In the rest of the world . . .

The release of the Beyonce and Blue Ivy photo on Tumblr is the latest example of celebs tweeting photos rather than selling them to a magazine  . . . It’s date night for Jay-Z and Beyonce . . .

Also in the news: The creep accused of stomping on a woman so hard that her breast implant.

Another point of view . . .

Leadership among blacks is considered on The Root . . . The Root and Loop21 report on the Supreme Court’s decision to consider the University of Texas’ affirmative action policy . . .

Bobby Brown broke the rules at Whitney’s funeral, according to a family lawyer . . . Loop21 looks at how black journalists covered Whitney’s death and reports that a drug counselor has Bobbi Kristina Brown on lockdown.  . . .

The latest on Rihanna and Chris Brown is news on The Grio.

The two teens who thought it was OK to post a racist video on YouTube are pleading stupidity and begging forgiveness.

Finally, Mario Wire looks at the use of smartphones by low-income youths.


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