Politics and Celebrity Define Coverage of People of Color -- Again

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Jean Marie Brown
November 26, 2012

People of color continue to thrive in the worlds of politics and celebrity on the mainstream sites, and there’s some crossover with the ethnic sites . . .

The former head of the Florida GOP says the state’s voting laws were tailored to suppress minority voters.

. . . Solange Knowles has a new album.

. . . Happy Birthday, Jimi Hendrix.

After those items, there are common threads on Susan Rice and the GOP, Chris Brown, Kevin Clash and Rihanna . . .

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is meeting with her GOP critics:

. . . It’s time to move on from Chris Brown and Rihanna:

. . . Another man has come forward and accused Kevin Clash of an underage sexual relationship:

. . . Rihanna says she didn’t have time to schmooze with journalists and fans trailing her 777 tour – she’s working:

Another point of view . . .

Poverty and a special election in Illinois are among the posts on the ethnic sites . . .

Is there a connection between immigration status and poverty?

. . . A special election has been set for February to fill the Congressional seat vacated by Jesse Jackson Jr.:

. . . Gabriel Aubry is claiming that Halle Berry’s new guy attacked first.

. . . Jada Pinkett Smith said she didn’t let Willow cut her hair.


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