Pennsylvania Judge Stops Voter ID Law

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Jean Marie Brown
October 1, 2012

Pennsylvania’s voter ID saga makes headlines as a judge orders state officials not to enforce it in November. Campaign ads, Wednesday’s debate and immigration policy are also part of the presidential campaign story on both mainstream and ethnic sites.

A state judge has ordered Pennsylvania not to enforce its tough new law requiring voter IDs for November’s general election . . .

 . . . Forget Joe the Plumber, Democrats have launched an ad featuring the man whose garbage collection route includes Mitt Romney’s La Jolla, Calif., mansion:

. . . Some black and Latino pastors are working to get voters registered and to the polls.

. . . Mario Wire reports that Mexican band Maná has endorsed the President.

. . . The President’s debating skills are considered on the eve of the first debate with his GOP opponent.

. . . The Root has a column from comedian W. Kamau Bell on how to read the candidates.

. . . There’s a look at seven racist political ads.

. . . Romney says he would keep the President’s deferred-action immigration plan for young people whose parents circumvented immigration laws when they came to this country:

. . . The President continues to attack Romney’s role with Bain Capital.

. . . The Daily Beast looks at how Romney can turn things around.

. . . and Salon has him on the ropes.

. . . Romney’s views on the Mormon stance toward women are considered.

. . . Lies from both camps are reviewed.

. . . Both candidates are prepping for Wednesday’s debate in Denver.

. . . Some in the GOP don’t believe the polls.

. . . Slate looks at the role of the Electoral College.

In other news . . .

Meanwhile, The Grio reports that Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) doesn’t believe the polls that show his opponent in the lead.

. . . HuffPost notes that a letter West wrote to his wife about their sex life has become campaign fodder.

. . . The mainstream sites are also focused on Arizona, where one border patrol agent was killed and another was injured in a shooting:

. . . Beyond that, it’s celebrity as usual.  There’s an update on Robin Roberts.

. . . Rihanna is supposed to perform during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

. . . Jennifer Lopez was out with her daughter in Paris.

. . . Jay-Z performed in Brooklyn.

. . . Pulitzer winner Junot Díaz is among the latest round of MacArthur genius grant recipients:

Another point of view . . .

Teen moms and reality television, Chicago gang violence, Ole Miss, and black consumers are part of the ethnic report.

Three of the teen moms from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” are pregnant again.

. . . A Chicago gang member says killing is the only solution to the violence choking that city.

. . . The Nielsen Company is taking notice of black consumers.

. . . The University of Mississippi marks the 50th anniversary of James Meredith desegregating the university.

. . . A new study suggests African-American and low-income children are exposed to more background television than their peers.

. . . Usher has given his ex-wife two months’ notice that he’s selling the house she’s living in.

. . . Oprah took a cut in pay when she stopped doing her syndicated television show.

. . . The indy movie, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” can’t compete for a Screen Actors Guild award.


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