Obama’s Immigration Decision Makes Headlines, While Coverage Remains Skewed

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Jean Marie Brown
June 14, 2012

There’s breaking news this morning with the announcement that the Obama administration will stop deporting some young undocumented immigrants and instead provide them with work permits.   Here are the highlights from The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast and Mario Wire:  

Beyond that, Latinos are represented through J.Lo’s tan lines and the suicide of a gay teen in El Paso. Meanwhile, black men are brawling, golfing and tweeting.

HuffPost links to Stylist’s coverage of J.Lo’s tan lines . . . Tiger Woods starts strong at the U.S. Open . . . HuffPost’s behind-the-scenes photos of the Obamas are anchored on Black Voices. I thought he was President of the United States, not just of black people . . . Also, note that the link to the Washington Post piece on the President’s quest for racial identity, written by biographer David Maraniss, is an independent post on the homepage. . .  Loop21 also posts on the book President’s racial identity. . . Justin Simien talks about his Twitter posts and  “Dear White People” film script  . . . Some members in the Houston family object to Cissy writing a tell-all about Whitney; there’s a link to post on Bossip . . . 

. . . What really happened during Wednesday night’s brawl involving Drake’s people and Chris Brown’s people? According to the police report, Drake had left the New York club by the time the fight started.

Slate, however, reports that Drake threw a bottle at Brown.

. . . Then there’s the “parents behaving badly” video of a brawl at a preschool graduation.

. . . A gay teen in El Paso committed suicide.

. . . Arsenio Hall says he’s been MIA the past 12 years because he’s been raising his son . . . The Beast links to EW’s post on Chris Rock and other stars talking about their “must lists” for the summer.

. . . Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) defends his remarks that compared immigrants to dogs and says people who are offended probably don’t belong in this country. . . Mitt Romney’s short list for VP might include Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio)

. . . A father who co-signed his son’s student loans is still paying them back even though his son died . . . links to The Root’s post from the son of a retired N.Y. police officer, who says his father explained the necessity of “stop and frisk” to him

. . . Ice T has a new documentary about rap . . . The use of the n-word by black people is confounding, too.  

Another point of view . . . 

The ethnic sites have a range of posts beyond celebrity, including items on New York’s “stop and frisk” policy, the President’s fatherhood initiative, and the need for foreign language skills. 

The Root has multiple posts regarding “stop and frisk

. . . The Grio reports that Giancarlo Esposito says he was “stopped and frisked”  . . . There’s a look at the President’s fatherhood initiative.

. . . A post on the Root declares that black women have the right to wear their hair however they like, and the hair police should step off . . .  Did the Emancipation Proclamation really end slavery? . . . The Grio notes that a lack of foreign language skills might be hurting blacks in the job market . . . A new report dispels the notion that black men aren’t involved fathers.

. . . Is there a causal link between childhood obesity and poor math performance?

. . . A Tea Party board member used a racist joke as an ice-breaker  . . .Oops, the Republican National Committee’s Latino site includes stock images of children of Asian descent  . . . Meanwhile, Loop21 reports that the GOP has grown older, whiter and more conservative.


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