From Nicki Minaj to Dr. King, Sites Offer an Eclectic Mix

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Jean Marie Brown
April 3, 2012

A day in the mainstream includes posts on Nicki Minaj, Jaleel White and CNN’s Don Lemon, as well as questions about what the court case against George Zimmerman might be and how Martin Luther King Jr. would have shaped the labor movement.  

The Huffington Post has an item on Lemon, who wants people to stop tweeting hate about the coverage of Trayvon Martin’s death . . . Was O.J. covering his son? That’s the claim in a new book . . . HuffPost also looks at Nicki Minaj’s lyrics – some are really bad . . . The Justice Department says Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t negotiating in good faith . . . Would black people still support the President if he said he was gay? Van Jones thinks so. . . 

Slate asks: What’s the evidence against George Zimmerman? . . . There’s more on Nicki . . .  To mark the anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination, Slate examines how the labor movement might have benefitted from Dr. King’s leadership

Another point of view . . .

The ethnic sites touch on some of those topics as well as the killing of Jennifer Hudson’s family members,  the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s rejection of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s appeal and a study about early puberty in black girls.   

Mario Wire reports that more  than 3,000 convicted criminals and illegal re-entrants were rounded up in six days . . . Mitt Romney is accusing the President of falling short of his promised overhaul of immigration laws . . .   ESPN unveils an ad that’s in Spanish . . .   

Loop21 looks at the early puberty signs in some black girls . . . Have college graduation rates improved? And, both Loop21 and The Grio want to know why Burger King pulled the Mary J. Blige ad.   




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