In the News: Zimmerman Is Charged and Rep. West Sees Communists

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Jean Marie Brown
April 11, 2012

The prosecution of George Zimmerman, another shake-up at the National Review, Rep. Allen West’s comments about Communists and lots of celebrity news make up the mainstream’s homepage representation of people of color.

The National Review continues to clean house. This time, University of Illinois professor emeritus Robert Weissberg is out. The magazine’s editor says Weissberg advocated creating “Whitopias” and maintaining whiteness during a recent conference . . . The Root has this too . . . The Grio suggests that the National Review needs to do more than clean house.

There’s more on Rep. Allen West’s (R-Fla.) rants about Communists in the House . . . This also made The Root . . . And, the Congressman thinks the President is afraid of him.

Ozzie Guillen’s suspension is still making news.

. . . The gunman in the Oikos University shooting is sorry. . . Slate has a post on R.J. Smith, who wrote about the life of James Brown . . . Snoop Dogg’s latest book, you might say, isn’t e-book friendly.

. . . There’s also a link to a Stylist piece on fashion icons – Nicki Minaj, J. Lo, Lil’ Kim and Whoopi all made the cut.

. . . Melody Thornton showed up at ELLE’s Women in Music event nearly naked.

. . . And, is LeBron a selfish player? He makes the cut of the Bleacher Report’s top 10 and HuffPost has the link.

The latest on Trayvon Martin

The decision to charge George Zimmerman with second-degree murder gets full coverage.

. . . The Daily Beast reviews the events leading up to the charges.

. . . Zimmerman has a new lawyer . . . And he’s due in court.

. . . Zimmerman’s defense fund is still accepting donations

. . . There’s a link from Slate to The Root’s piece on white-on-white crime.

. . . Slate also ponders the mental state of a person who’s killed someone. . .

. . . Trayvon Martin’s mom thinks things got out of control the night her son was killed and that the shooting was accidental.

. . . And, finally, what will it take to win a conviction in the case?

Another point of view . . .

Some of the victims in the Tulsa shooting apparently knew the alleged gunman.

. . . Was Al Sharpton right to link the Tulsa shootings to Trayvon Martin’s death? . . . Is the President expecting a lift with Hispanic voters after the Summit of the Americas? . . . A CDC report found that Hispanics are more likely than other groups to become parents  . . . Antonio Villaraigosa is critical of Mitt Romney’s views on immigration . . . There’s money in immigrant detention . . . Marquis Alexander is the first black commander to lead the Texas A&M cadets . . . Q-Tip is releasing an album on Kanye’s label.

Today’s Scorecard

The mainstream view: A raving politician, a selfish athlete, celebrity women dressing outrageously, a “sorry” baseball coach and a dead soul singer are the dominant homepage stories featuring people of color.

The ethnic perspective: The profits of immigration enforcement, a first at Texas A&M, the President’s efforts with Latino voters and Hispanics as parents are considered on The Root, The Grio, Loop21 and MarioWire.


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