In the News: GOP Leaders, a Florida Shooting -- and NeNe

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Jean Marie Brown
November 27, 2012

GOP leadership in the House of Representatives is examined on ethnic and mainstream sites. There’s also a common thread in a fatal shooting involving an unarmed black teen and a white man . . .

In the next Congress, the GOP House leadership will be all-white and all-male:

. . . A gun enthusiast is being held without bail in Florida after shooting an unarmed teenager during an argument over loud music. The shooter says his felt threatened:

The mainstream sites also feature plenty of celebrity news. . .

Ebony magazine is still being criticized for featuring reality star NeNe Leakes on the cover.

. . . Mark Consuelos talks about his role on “American Horror Story: Asylum.”

. . . What’s wrong with the Washington Wizards?

. . . Slate features a report asking whether blackface is always offensive.

. . . Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons – as in Run DMC – has lost 22 pounds to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

. . . Some rappers go to college for classes, not just concerts.

Another point of view . . .

Susan Rice’s presidential prospects are considered, the Tawana Brawley case is remembered and Florida A&M’s hazing case is updated . . .

The Root wonders whether U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice could emerge as a presidential contender some day.

. . . Is race a factor in the continued criticism of Chris Brown?

. . . Black folks can be nerds too.

. . . The Tawana Brawley case is considered 25 years later.

. . . Florida A&M is arguing that it shouldn’t be held liable for the hazing death of Robert Champion.

. . . Tavis Smiley is planning to host a conference on poverty prior to the President’s inauguration.

. . . Republicans in the Senate have introduced an immigration bill that has similarities with the DREAM Act.


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