Mayor Booker and Governor Christie Star in Video Spoof

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Jean Marie Brown
May 15, 2012

People of color are all but absent this morning from the mainstream sites. Cory Booker is kidding with Chris Christie, Usher’s custody battle is news, an innocent man reportedly was executed in Texas, and Mindy Kaling and Vanessa Williams have new shows.

The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast have the video of Newark Mayor Cory Booker and N.J. Gov. Chris Christie spoofing each other in a Seinfeldesque skit . . .

HuffPost is reporting that a long-shot candidate who is a white supremacist didn’t win in an Idaho sheriff’s race. How is this national news? The nastiness continues in the child custody battle between Usher and his ex  . . . Meanwhile, the Beast looks at a new book which makes the case that Carlos DeLuna was wrongfully executed . . . Salon and Slate take notice of Mindy Kaling’s new sitcom . . . Slate also notes that Vanessa Williams is returning to series television in “666 Park Avenue.”  

Another point of view . . . 

But there are more issues to report on. Consider these offerings from the ethnic sites:

The Root has an opinion piece urging black Christian voters to “get over” the President’s support of single-sex marriage . . . The Supreme Court will meet next week to weigh whether three Seattle police officers used excessive force when they used a Taser on woman who was seven months pregnant. There’s also a link to Damon Young’s piece on when white people are allowed to criticize blacks  . . . The Grio has a wide-ranging interview with Chuck D . . . Shonda Rhimes talks about “Scandal,” which ABC picked up for a second season  . . . There’s a piece reminding people that civil rights icon Bayard Rustin was openly gay  . . . Could efforts to reduce the budget hurt blacks disproportionately? . . . Mario Wire has a post on White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz accusing the GOP of stalling on immigration reform . . . Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes has died . . .  HuffPost didn’t put this on its homepage, but Mario Wire likes the piece looking at what the President’s immigration record means for Democrats . . . Loop 21 has the latest on a home HIV test that’s waiting FDA approval . . . Finally, a judge disagrees with the Florida Department of Education’s decision to ban Luther Campbell (remember 2 Live Crew) from coaching football at local schools.


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