Martin Case Continues to Shape Dialogue on Race

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Jean Marie Brown
April 9, 2012

The mainstream’s conversation about race continues to be framed around the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and its aftermath. White privilege, the criminality of black folks and definitions of race are among today’s topics.  

The Huffington Post reports on efforts to raise money for George Zimmerman’s defense. . .  Hackers changed an electronic highway sign in Michigan to call Martin the n-word 

 . . . The Daily Beast links to a Newsweek missive by travel writer Paul Theroux criticizing the President’s “if I had a son” remarks . . . Walter Mosley discusses the fallacy of racial identity 

 . . .Salon considers a post from Tucker Carlson’s site in which the writer doesn’t feel guilty about black people anymore because he suspects someone black stole his bike 

 . . . There’s a post on violence against black males 

 . . . Salon also reports that even though the National Review bounced John Derbyshire for his advice to white children, the publication is far from innocent when it comes to making inflammatory statements  

The ethnic sites have a dialogue around this issue too, but they cast a wider net. 

 . . . And, Trayvon’s family reacts to the grand jury cancellation . . .  

Sanford residents are divided in their support of the police chief 

. . .   Loop21 looks at black males and their relationship with American society 

. . . The Root challenges the notion of black-on-black crime 

. . . The Root also links to a Time piece explaining why the race of your friends can be problematic  . . .  

Finally, there’s a link to a piece in Ebony magazine by a white professor discussing white privilege

 In other news . . .  

The Beast writes about health care and California inmates . . . 

I know Tiger Woods is a serial adulterer, but Salon’s likening him to Mike Tyson and O.J. Simpson -- and referring to all of them as “lost boys” -- is beyond hyperbole 

. . .  Slate has more on  “Mad Men.”  It’s  just a television show, right? 

Another point of view . . . 

. . . The latest report from Pew looks at the diversity of Hispanics . . .The Grio wonders if a black man, aside from the President, can get elected . . . 

The Tulsa shootings prompts The Root to look back on the Tulsa riots of 1921 

. . . There’s also a piece pondering if black men care enough about sexual assault



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