The L.A. Riots: 20 Years Later

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Jean Marie Brown
April 26, 2012

Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of the acquittal of four Los Angeles police officers charged with assaulting Rodney King. The jury’s verdict sparked six days of rioting. The ethnic sites and The Daily Beast are among those marking the occasion. Here’s a sampling:

On the Trayvon Martin front, attorneys for the prosecution, defense and media were in court. The media attorney was arguing for disclosure of information that the prosecution has shared with the defense. The other topic of the day was George Zimmerman’s finances.

Once you move away from the dominant stories, the narrative reverts to the same old characters, with few surprises:

The Huffington Post picks up on the story of a New York man who was struck and killed by a police cruiser. The family and the Rev. Al Sharpton want an investigation  . . .  Chris Brown, who’s listed at “C. Brown” on the homepage, is criticized for breeding and selling pit bull puppies . . . I’m still not sure what the fascination is with Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.),  but his rants continue to make news on HuffPost . . . Meanwhile, Salon likens West to Joseph McCarthy . . .  Detroit Tiger Delmon Young was arrested after a fight in New York. He allegedly made anti-Semitic remarks and could be facing hate crime charges  . . . 

A real estate data company is apologizing for a website that delved into neighborhood demographics and included racial and ethnic stereotypes . . .  . . . The Beast updates the case of the missing Cuban actor. . . and it looks at actresses whose dresses left little to the imagination  . . . Slate looks at Lifetime’s new series on sex, and wonders if it’s a little over the top (insert 7 days) . . .  Slate also analyzes which pro league has the most meaningful season  . . . And, the GOP’s struggles with women and minorities is considered.  

Another point of view . . . 

Definitions of beauty, the Dream ACT and how big money might influence black voters are all part of today’s narrative on ethnic sites. 

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is moving ahead with plans for an alternative to the Dream ACT  . . . Can Mitt Romney win over Latino voters?

The Root examines criticism of HBO’s “Girls”  . . . Was Beyoncé “looking white” on the “People” magazine cover? . . . What does all that super PAC money mean to minority votes? . . .  Racist comments from hockey fans about Washington Capitals's Joel Ward, who is black, are discussed . . . 

The Grio asks: Is there anything redeeming about “Basketball Wives”? . . . And, a child who kicked and threatened the principal was arrested.


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