Justices Take On Affirmative Action Case

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Jean Marie Brown
February 20, 2012

The Supreme Court has agreed to revisit affirmative action. The case revolves around a white student who was denied admission at the University of Texas.

In other news, Chris and RiRi . . .

Salon and The Root have the latest on Rihanna and Chris Brown. They’ve collaborated on two remixes.

The Huffington Post looks at the best paid athletes . . . The Daily Beast dishes on dates for Jeremy Lin . . . HuffPost links to the Stylelist’s post on Kanye wearing women’s wear at London fashion week.

Another point of view . . .

The Root explains how groups like ColorofChange.org fought against Pat Buchanan . . .

George Derek Musgrave examines the treatment of black officials in the post-civil rights era.

The Grio wonders where all the black models are.

Loop21 declares this the healthiest Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition in years . . . The site also looks at transgender blacks . . . Do black people find Key & Peele funny?

Comcast’s plans for a Latino-themed children’s channel is touted on Mario Wire . . . And, Don King is KO’d for using a slur against Mexicans.

On the campaign trail . . .

The President’s faith is up for debate . . . But Rick Santorum is denying that he compared the President to Hitler . . .

Santorum is rising in the polls . . . Mitt Romney is burning through his campaign cash . . . Ron Paul could learn a few things from Jesse Jackson . . .  And, Latino Mormons aren’t backing Romney.


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