Immigration Law Hearing Gets Widespread Coverage

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Jean Marie Brown
April 25, 2012

The Supreme Court’s hearing on Arizona’s immigration law catches the attention of several mainstream sites and Mario Wire. But much of the coverage is crystal ball speculation on what the justices’ questions meant and how they might vote. The exception is The Daily Beast, which critiques the performance of the solicitor general.

Otherwise, people of color remain on hiatus. Their stories can be found on The Huffington Post and Salon, but most offerings are the standard celebrity/politician fare:

HuffPost reports that George Zimmerman’s website was taken down at the direction of his attorney . . . I guess it’s a big deal that for her most beautiful woman “People” cover Beyoncé wore the same borrowed jewelry – the set costs a $1 million – that Heidi Klum sported a few months ago.

. . . Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) continues his tirade against the President; this time he calls tax hikes “weapons of mass destruction”  . . . In the premiere issue of “Cosmopolitan for Latinas,” Zoe Saldana explains why she gave up ballet as a teen . . . And, FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn is said to be the swing vote in Friday’s decision on whether TV stations have to post political advertising information online.

Another point of view . . .

The ethnic sites continue to try and figure out what Brian McKnight was thinking and to discuss Allen West and the NAACP. There’s also a walkup to the NFL draft.

The Root ponders Brian McKnight’s vulgar mixtape and Twitter meltdown . . . And, since misery loves company, the site rounded up 11 other celebs who crashed in the spotlight . . . There’s also a post urging the NAACP to let Florida Rep. Allen West speak.

Meanwhile, The Grio celebrates the idea that Robert Griffin III will be drafted by Washington, but balances the glee with a cautionary post on the short-lived career of JaMarcus Russell . . .

Jaleel White will host a game show on the Syfy network, and he doesn’t like reality TV  . . . There’s also footage of Whitney Houston’s performance in “Sparkle” . . .

Finally, Sen. Ben Cardin, who sponsored Senate hearings on the disenfranchisement of felons, says he doesn’t expect his colleagues to grant felons the right to vote anytime soon.


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