Hurricane Impact in New Jersey Continues to Reverberate

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Jean Marie Brown
November 15, 2012

New Jersey’s hurricane recovery efforts and the role of politics in the Garden State are trending on mainstream and ethnic sites. Also, debate about the next Secretary of State is still brewing, there was another fight on a bus, and Rihanna and Chris Brown likely have a hit song . . .

Governor Chris Christie’s tour of storm damage in New Jersey didn’t include a stop in Atlantic City and the city’s mayor is miffed.
. . . Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been too busy cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy to decide if he’ll run for governor:

. . . Christie isn’t standing by Mitt Romney’s theory that President Obama won re-election by bribing the electorate with entitlement programs.

. . .  Magic Johnson can’t figure out why the Lakers didn’t hire Phil Jackson to coach the flailing team.

. . . Soledad O’Brien had trouble understanding the point that Rep. Joe Heck (R-Nev.) was trying to make about why he opposed U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice as Secretary of State.

. . . Is Sen. John McCain threatening to block a Rice nomination because he’s still sore about losing to the President in 2008?

. . . Who would make a better Secretary of State? Susan Rice or Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.)

. . . Whoopi Goldberg said it was reasonable to ask Ann Romney why Mitt never served in the military.

. . . A bus driver in Baltimore has been suspended for fighting with a passenger. The videotaped melee went viral, of course.

. . . Reporters have unearthed more details about the man who recanted claims that he had an underage sexual relationship with Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo:

. . . Will the erroneous charges hurt Clash?

. . . Selena and Justin had a hookup.

. . .  “Nobody’s Business,” Rihanna’s and Chris Brown’s manifesto, will likely be a hit.

. . . TSA patted down Solange Knowles’ hair and she was not happy:

. . . Has hip-hop consumerism gone too far above its audience?

Another point of view . . .

The ethnic sites are reporting on the President’s meeting with black leaders to talk about the fiscal cliff. And Happy Birthday to Ruby Dee!

Black civic leaders met with the President to talk deficit reduction.

. . . Deion Sanders is taking exception to media criticism of his charter school’s recruitment efforts.

. . . Ruby Dee is celebrating her 90th birthday.

. . . Defeated Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), isn’t interested in running for office in Georgia.

. . . The Root is suggesting the President is “an angry black man.” Would the site’s editors object to a mainstream outlet making that characterization?

. . . Note to Jay-Z: Robert DeNiro likes having his calls returned.


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