Ethnic Sites Cast Wide Net to Cover Important Issues

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Jean Marie Brown
May 29, 2012

The mainstream’s skewed view of life for people of color wouldn’t be so objectionable if a clear alternative wasn’t obvious.  The aggregation that supports online coverage proves the point.  The ethnic sites do a good job of pulling in stories that capture issues affecting people of color, rather than just seeking out stories about the famous or infamous. 

Here’s a look at the mainstream view:

There are strong follows – though somewhat sensationalized – on that gruesome attack in Miami, as The Huffington Post reveals the identity of the 65-year-old man whose face was severely bitten . . . The Daily Beast has a post on the drug that could have prompted the attack.

. . . After that we’re talking the usual celebrity suspects. This just in, Gabrielle Union was spotted on Miami Beach wearing a teeny bikini . . . Director Lee Daniels explains that Nicole Kidman urinates on Zach Efron in “The Paperboy” to lessen the effects of a jellyfish sting . . .There are photos of Andre 3000 dressed as Jimi Hendrix for the biopic of the legendary guitarist . . . The Indoor Football League didn’t want to put up with Terrell Owens either . . . Dennis Rodman was sentenced to community service for not paying child support . . . Barry Bonds is back, and he could work for the Giants again someday  . . . Serena Williams got knocked out in the first round of the French Open . . . 

 . . . Lionel Ritchie is homepage news for the second consecutive day – though it’s the same story from yesterday 

. . . A photo of J. Lo and Marc Anthony illustrates a post on divorce . . . Salon notes that Beyoncé is the latest celebrity mom slimming down; she stayed on the treadmill and ate lettuce to shed 60 pounds.

Another point of view . . . 

It’s not that the ethnic sites ignore celebrities, but rather that they attempt to go beyond personalities and look at issues: 

Donald Trump’s continued attacks about the President’s birthplace prompt The Grio to consider whether Trump is a bigot trying to hide behind the black celebrities who appear on “Celebrity Apprentice.”   . . . The suicide of a 7-year-old in Detroit still hasn’t made the mainstream radar. The child’s identity hasn’t been released, but the stock photo with The Grio’s post is of a young black boy. The boy apparently was upset over being bullied and his parents’ separation . . . The role of blacks and Latinos in the Civil War, as well as the death toll, are being reconsidered by some historians . . . The freshmen and sophomores in the starting lineup of the University of Kentucky basketball team had a combined GPA of 3.1 for the spring semester  . . . Louis Farrakhan objects to same-sex marriage . . . The Root makes note of this too . . .  The site also wonders if Mitt Romney can really understand black people . . . The Congressional Black Caucus wants black clergy to get involved with the fight against voter ID laws  . . . Loop21 reports that black pilots are suing United Airlines for discrimination . . . Tanya Young Williams talks about what it was like to be on “Basketball Wives.” She says the black women weren’t in control   . . . Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Rhode Island no longer have to meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind. A total of 19 states have been exempted to date  . . . Colin Powell is talking immigration reform . . . A Latino 3rd grader was given a “Catastrophe” award for most excuses about homework  . . . The Texas Senate race could set back GOP relations with Latinos.


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