Election Fallout Continues as Some Voters Petition to Secede

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Jean Marie Brown
November 12, 2012

Talk of secession from the United States and emails between Elmo’s Kevin Clash and a young man are trending on both mainstream and ethnic sites . . .

The President’s re-election has prompted petition drives and talk of secession:

. . . One petition for Texas to secede claims 27,000 signatures and asks the White House to let the state go peacefully.

. . . But Gov. Rick Perry isn’t ready to go.

. . . E-mails between Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, and the man who says he had a sexual relationship with Clash when the man was under 18 have been released. They are dated after the man turned 18.

. . . Other popular topics in the mainstream include the Affordable Care Act, enforcement of illegal immigration laws and Selena without Justin . . .

The Applebee’s restaurant chain is facing a backlash after a franchisee said he was thinking of laying off employees, blaming the Affordable Care Act.

. . . Salon reviews factors that influence policing policies around illegal immigration.

. . . Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is the latest Republican to criticize the GOP.

. . . Sandi Jackson, the wife of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), may be part of the investigation into how campaign funds were spent.

. . . Selena Gomez is moving on without Justin Bieber.

. . . Rihanna barely has her bits covered in the latest edition of GQ.

Another point of view . . .

On the ethnic sites, Donald Trump faces more criticism and Michael Steele draws speculation about his next role with the GOP . . .

Moveon.org has 400,000 cyber petitions encouraging Macy’s to break ties with Donald Trump.

. . . Is Michael Steele considering taking the helm again at the RNC? 

. . . Will criticism of the President from blacks intensify in the second term?

. . . The President is considering Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) for Defense Secretary.

. . . Daniel Craig thinks Rihanna would be a better Bond girl than Beyoncé.


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