Eclectic Roundup Includes Olympics Protest, Wrongful Convictions and Loud Relatives

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Jean Marie Brown
June 7, 2012

Stressed teens, wrongful convictions, student debt, military suicides and the famous protest at the 1968 Olympics are all part of the mainstream report today. Celebrities and crime news help round out the rest. Here’s a look: The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post report on a spike in military suicides . . . Former Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos are still waiting for sportscaster Brent Musburger to apologize for referring to them as “black-skinned storm troopers” after they raised their fists during a medal ceremony at the 1968 Olympics . . . Meditation might help black teens manage their stress and blood pressure . . . Jacques Rivera is suing the Chicago police department; he was exonerated after spending 21
years in prison for a murder charge . . . A woman is upset that a photo of her murdered son was featured in a political ad aimed at
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s opponent . . . The drug believed to have prompted a man to maul the face of another man has been freaking
people out for years . . . Salon looks at how the student loan situation got so bad, while HuffPost notes the clock is ticking . . . And on the lighter side, HuffPost likes Alicia Keyes in a bikini. . . but doesn’t think much of Lisa Bonet’s recent attire frumpy . . . Prince marks his 54th birthday. . . And, you can celebrate Kanye West’s birthday by reviewing some his wisest tweets . . . 50 Cent is included in a roundup of stars who have had their teeth fixed. . . The Beast is awaiting the release of several albums this summer, including the latest from Usher, Chris Brown and 2 Chainz.

There’s a link to EW. . .

Another point of view . . .

The ethnic sites have a strong dose of issue coverage as well, and several go beyond the first day story, including: The Grio looks at the latest controversy involving graduates’ relatives – loud relatives: A
mother was jailed for disorderly conduct because she cheered too much at her child’s high school graduation  . . . And in a separate incident, a graduate was denied his diploma because his family was loud. . . Malcolm X’s childhood home and Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood neighborhood
are considered endangered . . . Sherri Shepherd is pursuing charges against the person who tweeted that she should be raped
. . . Officials from the Department of Justice and New York are discussing the “stop and frisk” policy . . . Loop21 has a post that wonders if “stop and frisk” would have prevented the shooting of a high school football player . . . Diddy supports President Obama and, therefore, he should reject the scholarship UCLA offered his son, according to the world of Bill O’Reilly . . . Mario Wire reports on how Latino communities can lower dropout rates by reducing teen pregnancies . . . Dreamers are occupying the President’s Denver campaign headquarters . . . The diversity of Latino politicians is discussed . . . The governor of Florida wants to press on the voter registration purge, but local officials aren’t cooperating.


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