Drudge Slams Obama Speech From ’07 As Expectations Grow for First Debate

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Jean Marie Brown
October 2, 2012

A video of President Obama talking at Hampton University in 2007 -- before he was elected president -- is making the rounds again.  Matt Drudge, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are promoting his comments as divisive; Juan Williams is dismissing them.  Other buzz from the campaign trail focuses on expectations about the first presidential debate and the latest polling information . . . 

. . . There are lots of posts about the first debate between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney . . .

. . .  The Huffington Post reports that the gap between the two candidates is narrowing.

. . . Mario Wire looks at the polls and Romney’s plans for immigration reform.

. . . The Grio offers tips for watching tonight’s debate.

In other political news, The Grio reports that some Romney supporters want the President to return to Kenya

. . . Paul Ryan shares his thoughts about a welfare state.

. . . Details of Romney’s tax plan are pending.

. . . Romney apparently pushed for counter-terrorism centers that have proved ineffective.

. . . Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) talks about Vice President Biden.

In other news . . .

The Daily Beast has a follow on the shooting death of a border patrol agent.

. . . Slate wants to hear readers’ “affirmative action” stories.

. . . Disney star Brenda Song was seen wearing a T-shirt with what appeared to be a Nazi image.

. . . And, Chris Brown and Rihanna reportedly were together in New York.

Another point of view . . .

Mayor Mia Long’s family, long-term unemployment and economic implications of the DREAM Act are among the reports on the ethnic sites.
The Grio reports that Republican Mia Long, who’s running for Congress in Utah, is facing speculation that she was an anchor baby – conceived so that her Haitian parents could stay in this country.

. . . A new study suggests that race doesn’t have to be factored into the college admission process.

. . . Mario Wire reports on a study looking at the economic impact of passing the DREAM Act.

. . .  The site also considers the influence Latinos could have in shifting Colorado toward the Democratic party.

. . . Long-term unemployment makes it harder to find a job, according to a new study.

. . . “Won’t Back Down” starring Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal set a record for worst opening of a widely distributed film.

. . . Discussion continues on the status of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.).

. . . Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is denying he sent his wife a letter outlining his sexual expectations.

. . . Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are feuding:



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