Details Trickle Out On Whitney’s Funeral

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Jean Marie Brown
February 16, 2012

Kevin Costner is expected to speak at Whitney Houston’s funeral and Westboro Baptist is supposed to picket. There’s lots of coverage linked to Saturday’s services:

Is forgiveness in the cards for Chris Brown?

The Huffington Post reports on a pick-up line a woman says Chris Brown used. . . 

Slate has a post on why the singer hasn’t reached the point of redemption . . . 

The Grio points out domestic violence is a bigger issue than Chris Brown and Rihanna.  

In other news . . . 

The Daily Beast and Loop21 have updates on the New York Knick’s Jeremy Lin.

HuffPost and The Grio can’t resist the tale of the naked 300-pound man stealing socks in Walmart.  

Slate writes about William Faulkner and Eugene Hoskins, a black man from Mississippi who was autistic and who may have inspired the author. . .  There’s also a look at a documentary on a hard-luck football team.

Another point of view . . .

The Root has a post on apps that black people might like to download . . . MSNBC cuts Pat Buchanan loose. . .   

The saga over black hair moves on to Marvel Comics.  

The Grio and Mario Wire take another look at interracial marriage . . .   

Mario Wire also looks at efforts to allow tuition breaks for undocumented students.


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