The Day After Mother’s Day, Where Are the Women of Color?

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Jean Marie Brown
May 13, 2012

It’s the day after Mother’s Day and representations of women of color are scarce on the mainstream sites. The only notable post includes that of Eva Longoria and her run on “Desperate Housewives,” where she was  a smart and savvy Latina…who slept with the teen-age gardener. Men of color don’t fare much better; they’re overpaid struggling athletes, or entertainers.   Children of color are considered in terms of political decisions like reapportionment of Congressional representation and government spending. 

What’s the message here? A photo of the Cubs’s Alfonso Soriano appears under The Huffington Post headline “The Most Shockingly Overpaid People in Sports.” There’s a link to Bleacher Report’s post and slideshow. Of the athletes shown, only two – Dale Earnhardt Jr. and St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford – are white. The rest are of men of color. White men are represented as sports anchors and a coach . . . 

Jay-Z is headlining and curating the first Budweiser Made in America Music Festival in Philadelphia  . . .This also made news on Loop21 . . . Tiger Woods is still struggling. It would be news if he were not  – right? . . . The political implications of the Latino birth rate are considered . . .  “Desperate Housewives” showcased Latino talent . . . Newark Mayor Cory Booker is featured in Salon’s report on Andra Gillespie’s book about the latest generation of black politicians . . . Slate looks at the outcomes of government spending for programs that aid children.

Another point of view . . . 

But the ethnic sites aren’t at a loss for issues -- unemployment, race in presidential politics, the military’s decision to conduct “urban training” complete with black helicopters, the death of a man at the hands of Border Patrol officers and the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen in Pasadena are all considered.

The Root reminds us why lower unemployment rates aren’t necessarily a harbinger of good news . . . A study from the University of Washington says race is still a big issue in presidential politics . . . Another post considers the role gay activism played in shaping the President’s decision on same-sex marriage . . . Marissa Alexander’s 20-year sentence for firing a gun during a confrontation with her husband is still trending on Loop21 . . . The military is conducting “urban training” in Miami – but no real bullets were used . . . People in their 60s are still paying student loan debt Mario Wire links to a post that questions the idea that the President will receive overwhelming support from Latinos . . . The site also picks up a Daily Beast piece that offers advice on what the GOP can learn from N.M. Gov. Susana Martinez . . .Mario Wire also plays up a HuffPost post on 16 members of Congress calling for an investigation into the death of a man who was beaten and tased by Border Patrol officers . . . The Grio looks at how black churches are reacting to the President’s decision to support same-sex marriage . . . Kendrec McDade, the unarmed college student who was fatally shot by Pasadena police in March, was struck by seven bullets.  


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