On the Campaign Trail: Politicizing Big Bird

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Jean Marie Brown
October 8, 2012

People of color must be taking an extended holiday. They are all but missing from the mainstream homepages, except in political coverage. . . 

Big Bird is campaigning for the President:

. . . But not with Sesame Street’s blessing:

. . . N.Y. Giant Victor Cruz is trying to get out the Latino vote for Obama.

. . . Tracee Ellis Ross is urging everyone to vote.

. . . The President is courting the vote of new citizens.

. . . The Grio picks up the New York Times report that matters of state kept interrupting the President’s debate prep.

. . . Mitt Romney’s poll numbers are rising:

. . . One blogger argues that the problem wasn’t the President’s performance, but the critique that followed.

. . . Is the President doomed?

. . . Bundling paid off for the Obama campaign:

. . . Slate pans Romney’s speech on foreign policy.

. . . Jim Lehrer is standing by his performance:

Another point of view . . .

But the ethnic sites have found plenty to post about . . .

Hollywood, Fla.,  officers used a taser on a man who was having convulsions.

. . . Oprah is staying out of Chris Brown’s and Rihanna’s business  . . . But Essence magazine isn’t.

. . . Meanwhile, there’s a piece questioning why some women are shamed for their choices.

. . . Arkansas wins no sensitivity awards after a lawmaker argues slavery was a blessing for blacks and a town is divided on whether hazing a black football player with a makeshift noose was just horseplay:

. . .  Religion continues to be a part of American life, although more people report no religious affiliation:

. . . The Root previews this week’s discussion over affirmative action and the University of Texas.


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