With Buzz About Booker, Rice and “Thriller,” Politicians and Celebs Reign

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Jean Marie Brown
November 29, 2012

Celebrity and politics continue to represent for people of color. Michael Jackson, Susan Rice and Cory Booker are trending on mainstream and ethnic sites . . .

“Thriller” fans celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album’s  release:

. . . Michael Jackson’s life and career are the focus of  “Untouchable.”

. . . The role of race and gender are factored into the criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

. . . Newark Mayor Cory Booker is being touted as a U.S. Senate hopeful.

. . . Is Chris Christie’s post-Sandy popularity too strong for Booker to challenge?

Beyond that, Ken Burns’s latest documentary is notable, the GOP addresses its latest problem with women, and Cee Lo Green has a Christmas special . . .

Salon looks at “The Central Park Five.”

. . . House Republicans have added a woman to the leadership group

. . . Senator-elect Ted Cruz (R-Texas) gives his take on the Latino vote.

. . . GOP strategists have dissected the numbers to show that Mitt Romney won the white vote.

 . . . The Huffington Post links to BusinessWeek’s analysis of why Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) lost.

. . . Slate predicts that Toks Olagundoye of “The Neighbors” will be a breakout star.

. . . The TV Guide Network will feature a Cee Lo Christmas special.

. . . Can’t seem to go a day without a post on Rihanna and/or Chris Brown.

Another point of view . . .

George Zimmerman’s fundraising efforts, the death penalty and Joe Jackson are all relevant on ethnic sites . . .

Trayvon Martin’s shooter is selling autographs to raise money for his legal defense.

. . . Joe Jackson suffered a mild stroke:

. . . The NAACP wants the death penalty overturned in Maryland.

. . . The Rev. Jesse Jackson is worried about his son.

. . . The latest Atlanta-based reality show focuses on preachers’ wives.

. . . Michael Jordan got kicked out of a Miami country club for not conforming to the dress code.

. . . Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey have settled the latest round.

. . . Country singer Trace Adkins says he meant no offense when he wore an earpiece decorated with the Confederate flag.

. . . Lonette McKee talks about racism, Hollywood and Spike Lee.


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