Minorities in Media: test your knowledge

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An INTERACTIVE Timeline of Minorities in the News Industry

Read about the people and key events that shaped the media landscape of the United States in the past century. This interactive timeline allows you to browse by decade and year for specific information, or simply explore the century for stories of minority involvement in the news industry.

Test Your Media Knowledge

Can you identify the individuals at the top of the page? Here are some clues for the images, from left to right (answers below):

Photo 1: An educator, philosopher and writer, he was the founding editor of the Crisis, the official NAACP publication.

Photo 2: This print and broadcast journalist, who wrote a column for the Los Angeles Times devoted to the concerns of the Latino community, was killed in 1970 while covering a National Chicano Moratorium march in Los Angeles.

Photo 3: In 2004, he was named anchor/correspondent for ABC News Live, a 24-hour news network for broadband subscribers. Prior to this, he reported on technology news at San Francisco-based CNET.

Photo 4: Considered the first photography art critic, he created the critical model for the emerging art form of photography. He cautioned against retouching photographs, espoused the "straight negative" and predicted that photography would become a popular art form.

Photo 5: He was the foremost journalist to write about gay life and the AIDS epidemic and wrote book "And the Band Played On" which examined the making of the epidemic.

Photo 6: Born in 1876 on the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota, this writer and editor used her literary talent as a tool for Native American activism and published "The Indian's Awakening."

Photo 7: This influential Native American activist, writer and publisher published the monthly magazine Wassaja, in which he addressed injustices facing Native Americans.

1. W.E.B. Dubois
2. Ruben Salazar
3. Hari Sreenivasan
4. Carl Sadakichi Hartman
5. Randy Shilts
6. Gertrude Simmons Bonnin
7. Carlos Montezuma