Maynard Media Academy at Nieman Foundation at Harvard University

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 January 14 - January 18, 2013

March 18 - March 22, 2013

* Participants attend both sessions.

Nobody was born a successful media titan. They developed a set of skills that allowed them to succeed.

The Maynard Media Academy is a performance-driven immersion program in entrepreneurial leadership and management.

Run in partnership with the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University, the Academy has a track record of helping media managers and entrepreneurs across all platforms - editorial, sales, product development and production - achieve success in competitive, evolving environments.

Faculty includes top media leaders as well as professors from the Harvard Business School. Teaching methods include the proven Harvard Business School case study method, small-group work and collaboration with high-achieving peers.

Training includes two weeklong on-site seminars at Harvard and a self-directed online component developed by the Maynard Institute and hosted by Poynter Institute's News University.

The training focuses on three areas critical to taking a news organization to the next level:

Management tools: communication, conflict resolution and performance management.

Entrepreneurship: business plans, product development, marketing and strategy.

Leadership: vision, judgment, drive and focus.

Ethical decision-making and valuing diversity are taught across all topics.

All participants receive an in-depth managerial assessment. The report is based on a detailed survey taken before they arrive for their first on-site seminar. Their report lists strengths - with suggestions on how to reinforce those assets - and suggests solutions for improvement areas. Areas of assessment include adapting to change, customer focus, judgment, planning, relationship management and how to coach others.

Who should apply: Media managers who want to sharpen their leadership, entrepreneurial and management skills.

Costs: $3,500 tuition, or upgrade to the full experience: tuition, room and board for just $5,000

Application Deadline: December 31, 2012 

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“The Maynard Media Academy transformed my entire understanding of my business.  From my personal leadership style to the organization of my team to evaluating my market, the Media Academy was a vital part of my evolution as an entrepreneur.” 
Latoya Peterson, Racialicious Editor and owner

"The skills I learned during Maynard's Media Academy without a doubt led to my becoming the editor of The Oakland Tribune. The tools I acquired were essential to taking the next step in my career and have continued to serve me as I embarked on this new, innovative position. It was like getting a mini-MBA.” 
Martin Reynolds, Senior Editor of Community Engagement, Bay Area News Group

"The Maynard Media Academy allowed me to connect with people I might never have met. They gave me a mentor: veteran editor Glenn Proctor. From that first meeting until today, he has been there through every professional challenge and success. He encouraged me at every step along the way. I would encourage anyone who wants to move into…leadership to attend the Maynard Media Academy. The connections they make will be invaluable and last a lifetime." 
Marisa Porto, Vice President of Content/Daily Press Media Group.

"I am deeply grateful for my time with the Maynard Academy. From analyzing facts to articulating opinion, the skills I'd learned with Maynard have easily carried over into a new environment. One of the greatest skills I began to learn from Maynard's experts, managing different personalities and egos, translates seamlessly from a newsroom to a film studio. I often get nostalgic about my first career in print journalism, but thanks to my transferred skills learned at the Maynard Academy, I never feel as though I've thrown my experience away."
Victoria Manley Thompson, Director's Assistant and former Script Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios

“Perhaps the program’s most enduring quality will prove the simple act of gathering peers from all over the nation, and indeed the world, to build relationships that will continue to produce benefits across companies, markets and cultures.”
Joaquin Fernandez, Video Producer, The State

“The Maynard Media Academy has not only re-energized my faith and love for what I do, but also given me new perspective on the business of business. I’m looking forward to putting the skills I’ve learned to use in my newsroom and with my team members.”
Kathy Lu, Neighbors Editor, Roanoke (Va.) Times

“I confess I started the program fearing I would just hear a lot of corporate-speak and not a whole lot of practical information. After just one session, I realized I had already learned a wealth of valuable lessons for confronting situations in my newsroom.”
Harold Goodridge, City Editor, Stevens Point (Wis.) Journal


Over the years, the following members of Harvard University’s Faculty have contributed generously to the Maynard Institute Media Academy program:

James Aisner | The Harvard Case Study Method
Director, Media Relations/Senior Editor

Francisco de Asis Martinez-Jerez | Motivation
Associate Professor of Business Administration

Max Bazerman | Negotiation
Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration
Member of the Faculty at the John F. Kennedy School of Government

Thomas DeLong | Common Mistakes of New Managers, Motivation
Philip J. Stomberg Professor of Management Practice
Organizational Behavior Area, Harvard Business School

Rohit Deshpande | Marketing
Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing, Harvard Business School

Anita Elberse | Marketing
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

Bob Giles | Ethics, Leadership Lessons: Leading in Tough Times
Former Curator, Neiman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University

Suzanne Glazer | Team Building
Learning Development Specialist, Harvard Business School

Boris Groysberg | Organizational Behavior
Thomas S. Murphy Associate Professor of Business Administration

Myra M. Hart | Work-Life Balance
MBA Class of 1961 Professor of Management Practice, Retired
Harvard Business School

James L. Heskett | Strategy
UPS Foundation Professor of Business Logistics, Emeritus
Harvard Business School

Nancy F. Koehn | Ethics, Strategy
James E. Robison Professor of Business Administration

Linda Hill | Leadership
Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration

Joseph Lassiter III | Business Plans
Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

Jay Lorsch | Strategy
Louis Kirstein Professor of Human Relations
Harvard Business School

Deepak Malhotra | Negotiation
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

Kathleen McGinn | Negotiation
Cahners-Rabb Professor of Business Administration
Senior Associate Dean, Director of of Faculty Development
Harvard Business School

Laura L. Nash | Work-Life Balance
Senior Research Fellow, Harvard Business School

Thomas R. Piper | Corporate Accountability, Ethics
Lawrence E. Fouraker Professor of Business Administration Emeritus
Harvard Business School

Henry B. Reiling | Ethics
Baker Foundation Professor
Eli Goldston Professor of Business Administration Emeritus
Harvard Business School

Jan W. Rivkin | Strategy
Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

Laura Morgan Roberts | Organizational Behavior
Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

Michael Roberto | Decision Making
Professor, Harvard Business School

Michael J. Roberts | Business Plans
Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Guhan Subramanian | Negotiation
Joseph Flom Professor of Law and Business, Harvard Law School
H. Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law, Harvard Business School

David Thomas | Organizational Behavior
Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School

John Wells | Strategy
Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School