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MIJE Staff
December 3, 2012

Nobody was born a successful media titan. They developed a set of skills that allowed them to succeed.

Do you want to learn the critical thinking skills necessary to build a successful enterprise? Do you want to learn how to properly assess the business climate and to negotiate better deals?

"The skills I learned during Maynard's Media Academy without a doubt led to my becoming the editor of The Oakland Tribune. The tools I acquired were essential to taking the next step in my career and have continued to serve me as I embarked on this new, innovative position. It was like getting a mini-MBA,” said Martin Reynolds, Senior Editor of Community Engagement, Bay Area News Group.

Attend the Maynard Institute Media Academy where we train media leaders to not only survive in today’s tough economic climate, but to thrive.

Held at the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University, the Media Academy prepares our participants to do more than simply lead their organizations forward; it prepares them to lead the media forward.

It starts in the classroom, where participants are taught by the same case study method used at Harvard Business School. Entrepreneurs come in and share their lessons and you are given a personalized assessment of your managerial skills that reveals your strengths and provides guidance on where you can improve.

“The Maynard Media Academy transformed my entire understanding of my business.  From my personal leadership style to the organization of my team to evaluating my market, the Media Academy was a vital part of my evolution as an entrepreneur,” said Latoya Peterson, Racialicious Editor and owner.

But it doesn’t end there. The Maynard family network is a lifelong connection that provides insight, support and inspiration.

"The Maynard Media Academy allowed me to connect with people I might never have met. They gave me a mentor: veteran editor Glenn Proctor. From that first meeting until today, he has been there through every professional challenge and success. He encouraged me at every step along the way. I would encourage anyone who wants to move into…leadership to attend the Maynard Media Academy. The connections they make will be invaluable and last a lifetime," said Marisa Porto, Vice President of Content/Daily Press Media Group.

Media Academy a $100,000 experience for $5,000. For media entrepreneurs ready to take it to the next level

Apply Today

Dates*: January 14 - January 18, 20 & March 18 - March 22, 2013

*Participants attend both sessions.

Costs: $3,500 tuition, or upgrade to the full experience: tuition, room and board for just $5,000

To apply and get more information, visit



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