Florence Resident Kicks Sugar

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Mallory Pickering
June 3, 2012

Around two years ago, Victoria Rayburn experienced a mild shock when she stood on the scale at her doctor’s office.  She weighed in at 196 pounds. “I couldn’t believe it,” Victoria says, thinking back on the moment. Starting that day, Victoria made a drastic change to her diet: she cut out all carbonated drinks and tea, even those made with artificial sweeteners. The weight began to fall off.

Victoria hasn’t drunk anything besides water, lemonade, and the occasional orange juice in two years. Victoria’s net weight loss up until this point has been 26 pounds. She went from wearing a size 18 to now wearing a size 12. Before enacting her soft drink ban, Victoria had been drinking one or two sodas per day. She says the main benefit of quitting soft drinks has not just been a drop in pants size but the fact that she feels so much better. Right after she quit, Victoria suffered from headaches related to caffeine withdrawal for a couple of weeks, but she persevered and she has been more energetic ever since.

While eliminating soft drinks from her diet has been the most significant change Victoria has made, she has also gradually made healthier choices overall. Growing up, Victoria’s family ate healthy food, and she says that junk food was a “holiday” for her family. She cites that as a potential reason she over-indulged in sweets and other junk food when she left the nest. But recently, Victoria has traded in the chips and cookies for granola bars, and when she eats out, she opts for soup and a salad from McAlister’s Deli instead of a burger and fries from a fast food place.

Ideally, Victoria would like to lose 20 more pounds. The Florence resident thinks she has enough nutritious food available to her in her area but notes cost as a detractor from eating healthy. “For example,” she says, “different types of nuts are healthy, but they’re so expensive.”

A couple of months ago, after noticing a little weight beginning to creep back on, Victoria decided to take another big step: she cut out sweets entirely. That is, except for the rare special occasion. “I might have a small piece of cake at a baby shower,” she says, but in everyday life, Victoria plans to continue her sugar fast.

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