Photographers of Color 2012

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For the month of August 2012, The Maynard Institute for Journalism Education highlights the work of 31 photographers of color.

Photography has taken center stage as a story telling tool with the rise of web-based multi-media. Each of the photographers profiled in our feature bear witness through their work to the enduring power of the photograph to both capture our imagination and challenge our conventions.

The curated list of photographers chosen for our feature is worthy of celebration and further study, which our short profiles hope to encourage.

This is by no means a definitive or exhaustive listing. It’s a starting point for learning, comment and discussion centered around the contributions that photographers make to our understanding of the images we have of ourselves and of others. Be heard. Tell us what you think and what we can learn by sending a message to!

Dugan Aguilar
July 31, 2012
Dugan Aguilar (Paiute/Maidu/Pit River) was born in Susanville, California and educated at CSU-Fresno, where, in 1973, he earned a degree in industrial technology and design, as well as the distinction of becoming the first member of his family to... more »
Gordon Parks
August 1, 2012
Gordon Parks, the photographer, filmmaker, writer and composer used his prodigious, largely self-taught talents to chronicle the African-American experience and to retell his own personal history.He developed a large following as a photographer for... more »
James Presley Ball
August 2, 2012
James Presley Ball, Sr. was a prominent African-American photographer, abolitionist, and businessman.He learned daguerreotype photography from John B. Bailey of Boston, who like Ball was "a freeman of color." Ball opened a one-room daguerreotype... more »
Charles Harris
August 3, 2012
Charles Harris was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and began photographing in the early 1930s.He opened a photography studio in his home city with $350 he borrowed from his brother. In 1936 he joined the staff of thePittsburgh Courier, one of the... more »
Shaminder Dulai
August 4, 2012
Shaminder Dulai is a multimedia producer, documentary and commercial photographer and independent filmmaker with a penchant for uncovering the story behind places, people and things.With his work Shaminder strives to create images that live beyond... more »
Tamara Orozco
August 5, 2012
Tamara Orozco is a photographer based in Oakland, California. She has documented political, artistic, and cultural movements in Cuba, Mexico, and New York City.Her work on the Indigenous Gathering of the Americas in Vícam, Sonora, Mexico, as well as... more »
August 6, 2012
Frank Espada was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico in 1930, grew up in New York City and now lives in San Francisco where he teaches photography. Last year he published a book of his photographs from 1970 to 1985 that chronicle the lives and stories of... more »
Keba Armand Konte
August 7, 2012
Meaning “Father Storyteller”, Keba Armand Konte has certainly made it his life work to tell the stories of some of the most important moments and influential people in recent history through his incredibly deep photo montages. Using wood and other... more »
Chandra McCormick
August 8, 2012
Chandra McCormick is a documentary photographer who chronicles the sociocultural aspects of human life. Born in New Orleans in 1957, her career background includes photography, activism, and history, which has given her a unique capability to focus... more »
Paul Kitagaki, Jr.
August 9, 2012
Sacramento Bee senior photographer Paul Kitagaki Jr. has been searching since 2005 for the identities of Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans whose images of forced relocation in 1942 were captured by acclaimed documentary photographer... more »