Shyanne Beatty

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Shyanne Beatty
Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shyanne Beatty is Hangwichin Athabascan and grew up in a subsistence lifestyle in Eagle, Alaska where the Yukon River meets the Alaska/Canadian border.  Growing up in a remote community radio provided her a connection to the rest of the state. That influence as well as being a singer was a natural match for a career in radio.

Shyanne began that career in 1999 as a Production Assistant fellow for Koahnic Broadcast Corporation.  As a fellow she worked as production assistant for the call-in program Friday Wellness Edition.   She also worked on Native Word of the Day, Stories of Our People and produced various feature stories.  After leaving Koahnic she headed to Seattle, Washington to pursue an education in audio production and graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with an Associate of Arts Degree.

She rejoined the Koahnic family as a media instructor and traveled to rural areas of Alaska with the goal to introduce possible careers in radio broadcasting to Alaskan Natives and American Indians.  Shyanne also blended a daily four hour music show on 90.3 KNBA when she wasn't traveling.  She now focuses her time on the daily music show as well as hosting and producing Earthsongs.