Julia Coates

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Julia Coates
Sunday, November 11, 2012

Julia Cotes serves as an advisory member on the Cherokee Nation Community Association board and the Cherokee Nation Foundation (formerly the Cherokee Nation Education Corporation) board

Developed the model of community organizing of At Large groups that she has employed in conjunction with COTTA personnel to help 24 At Large satellite community organizations establish and be recognized as official communities of the Cherokee Nation. She was a founding member of the Cherokee Southwest Township of Albuquerque, NM

Taught over fifty sessions of thirty-two hours each of the Cherokee Nation History Course to At Large communities in states throughout the country

Has trained the Cherokee Teacher Enrichment program participants in Cherokee history, as well as the Board of Cherokee Nation Businesses, almost 2000 employees of the Cherokee Nation, UNC/NSU’s Study Abroad in the Cherokee Nation program, and many regional communities in northeastern Oklahoma

Has worked tirelessly and traveled extensively over the past fifteen years to understand the concerns and the desires of At Large Cherokee Nation citizens and to help develop stronger relationships between those citizens and the Cherokee government and communities in northeastern Oklahoma.