Gerald Garcia Jr.

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Gerald Garcia Jr.
Friday, September 23, 2011

Gerald Garcia got his start in journalism in 1964 at the Brenham Banner-Press in Brenham, Texas. Garcia rose through the journalism ranks during his career, becoming the editor or publisher of several newspapers including the Tucson Citizen, the New Britain Herald, The Knoxville Journal, the Houston Post and the San Bernardino County Sun.

In the late 1970s, Garcia was one of a handful of Hispanics with executive-level experience at an English-language news operation. His leadership and ability to secure financial support were crucial to NAHJ’s creation in 1984 and its early survival. At the time of the association’s formation, Garcia was working for Gannett as publisher of the Tucson Citizen and became NAHJ’s first president later that year.

In 1974, Garcia became the director of Cap Cities’ minority training program, the first of its kind which was responsible for launching the careers of many Latino journalists and editors.